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OpenText™ Content Services help connect content to digital business to accelerate productivity, improve governance and drive digital transformation. With solutions ranging from intelligent capture to…

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November 12, 20198 minute read

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OpenText™ Content Services help connect content to digital business to accelerate productivity, improve governance and drive digital transformation. With solutions ranging from intelligent capture to records management and archiving, OpenText enterprise content services are available on-premises and in private and public clouds.

With the announcement of Release 16 Enhancement Pack 7 (EP7), OpenText brings modernized deployment and management, advancements in user experience, and expanded integrations with ecosystem applications.

Release 16 EP7 includes enhancements to OpenText™ Documentum™, OpenText™ Extended ECM, OpenText™ Content Suite, OpenText™ eDOCS, OpenText™ InfoArchive, and several Ecosystems applications.

What’s new in OpenText Documentum EP7

OpenText™ Documentum™ is a content services platform that enables companies to manage their critical content and enhance business processes. Two focus areas for EP7 are making it faster and easier to deploy and maintain Documentum cloud implementations, and end-user productivity.

Some notable EP7 enhancements include:

  • OpenText Documentum Server: Further simplification of deployments by building on containerization, orchestration and Docker automation for private cloud, public cloud infrastructure, or on-premises deployments. Additional enhancements to Cloud storage, reducing TCO and expanding scalability for compliant content solutions.
  • OpenText Documentum D2: Now enables users to create documents faster by using new preset and recent configuration profiles. Users can also upload entire folders – or folder structures – of documents by dragging and dropping into the Smart View user interface. It is also much easier to share files or a set of files using OpenText Core Share.
  • Documentum D2 Mobile: A new Documentum D2 Mobile app which is now available on both iOS and Android. Documentum D2 Mobile delivers the same look and feel as Documentum D2 Smart View to provide a uniform experience, simplifying access to content and reducing training requirements for end-users. Documentum D2 also scales responsively to mobile screen sizes, enabling users to quickly access content managed in Documentum, even without the native mobile apps.
  • OpenText Content Connect: For Office users, Content Connect now supports Documentum D2 configurations to streamline new content import, custom search facets to narrow search results, and the ability to quickly select and save multiple email messages into Documentum. For enterprise implementations, Content Connect now supports offline installation, which is critical for government implementations or other environments with internet restrictions.
  • Documentum xCP: To address accessibility requirements, Documentum xCP adds Accessibility compliance to 508 and WCAG standards, adding keyboard navigation to provide users with an alternative method of performing steps normally achieved using a mouse. Similar to many other products within the Documentum portfolio, Documentum xCP also delivers increased readiness for cloud deployments using Docker containers, Kubernetes and Helm charts.
  • OpenText™ Documentum™ for Life Sciences: EP7 brings streamlined and flexible collaboration while maintaining business process controls, adhering to compliance requirements. Users can now co-author documents in a truly collaborative fashion with real-time feedback and review, allowing simultaneous updates by multiple contributors.  Users work in a familiar, friendly environment with Microsoft Word and Microsoft SharePoint while connected to controlled OpenText™ Documentum™ repository.

Learn more in the OpenText Documentum EP7 blog.

What’s new in OpenText Content Suite EP7 and OpenText Extended ECM Platform EP7

OpenText Content Suite manages the flow of information from capture through archiving and disposition. OpenText Extended ECM builds on OpenText Content Suite to transparently integrate content management to lead applications.

OpenText™ Content Suite Release 16 EP7 and OpenText™ Extended ECM Release 16 EP7 are both now cloud-native and fully containerized for modernized deployment and management. In addition, new Smart View enhancements give the user a more intuitive experience, resulting in increased productivity and better collaboration. While important advancements in intelligent automation continue to eliminate manual configuration and streamline business processes.

Some notable enhancements include:

User experience and productivity enhancements to Smart View

  • Expanded capabilities for Smart View regarding user experience, productivity and collaboration. We continue to close the gap between the capabilities and features of the Classic UI and the Smart View, including re-designing features and processes to be more intuitive, providing a better user experience.
  • Faster browse performance and display of Business Workspace.
  • Advanced search now supports pattern searches for email addresses, user mentions and hashtags in full text.

Intelligent automation

  • Workflow steps can now be used to create Business Workspaces.
  • New Events (from SAP® SuccessFactors®): Hire & Rehire, Add Global Assignment.
  • DocuSign®, a third-party service, is now available as a workflow step.

Cloud readiness for modern deployment and management

  • Sample Docker images and deployment scripts are now provided to help customers develop their own Kubernetes and Docker deployment procedures.
  • Deployment automation coverage has been extended to allow over 500 configuration settings to be exported, imported and scripted.
  • System Center now supports synchronization of updates, patches and language packs across managed environments.

Learn more in the EP7 blog for OpenText™ Content Suite and OpenText™ Extended ECM Platform.

What’s new in OpenText Ecosystem EP7

OpenText ecosystem solutions are designed to work with lead applications such as SAP®, Salesforce®, Oracle®, and Microsoft®. The main focus in EP7 is improved usability and greater flexibility in deployment. A few highlights:

  • OpenText™ Extended ECM Documentum for SAP® Solutions: Additional capabilities for workspace creation and management, using templates to automate the process of creating workspaces and synchronizing permissions between SAP and OpenText.
  • OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® SuccessFactors®: Automated document assignment to route SAP SuccessFactors documents by type to the corresponding folder in Extended ECM. Additional SAP SuccessFactors events such as Employee Hire and Change in Employee Location in the Event action center to automate tasks and letter generation.
  • OpenText™ Core Capture for SAP® solutions: Now includes templates for a large number of common document types, such as Delivery Notes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders, HR letters and many more.
  • OpenText™ Business Center for SAP®: New capabilities to prompt or automatically handle corrections based on previous interactions in order to save time when manually processing corrections.
  • OpenText™ Vendor Invoice Management for SAP®: Now integrated with OpenText Core Capture for SAP Solutions. This is a full cloud capture solution that offers the benefits of OpenText’s machine learning and OCR technologies while reducing off-cloud footprints and increasing productivity.

Learn more in the OpenText Ecosystem EP7 blog.

What’s new in OpenText eDOCS 

OpenText™ eDOCS is a proven enterprise content management solution for legal professionals which provides intuitive ways to manage, secure and quickly access work product.

Some enhancements in EP7 include:

  • MindServer, an AI-powered search engine, provides quick and automatic search models to find the most relevant information available, including related matters and authors. MindServer securely crawls and indexes information from inside eDOCS, saving legal teams valuable time while gaining more complete case, project and client knowledge.
  • InfoCenter now integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office business applications (i.e. Word, Excel and PowerPoint). New personalization capabilities increase productivity by allowing users to remain inside their favorite Microsoft authoring application while managing content from eDOCS–with just a single click.
  • The new eDOCS InfoCenter for Web provides end users with the same functionality offered in the InfoCenter desktop application. Users benefit from quickly creating customized work dashboards and arranging prioritized project tiles in the UI easily without coding.

Learn more in the OpenText eDOCS blog (coming soon).

What’s new in OpenText InfoArchive EP7

OpenText InfoArchive allows data and content to be archived, managed in accordance with compliance policies, and remain accessible to users.

Some highlights InfoArchive EP7 include:

  • Customers can now deploy InfoArchive as a Docker container with Kubernetes. This allows faster deployment and seamless upgrades into Docker-enabled environments for private cloud deployments, on-premises containerized infrastructure, and even for OpenText’s own Cloud Edition.  This brings the efficiency of standardized Kubernetes orchestration and faster upgrade cycles as well.
  • InfoArchive Release 16 EP7 adds two new storage options for efficient, secure, and compliant storage of your archived content. Specifically, Google Cloud Storage and NetApp StorageGrid are now supported.
  • File Intelligence brings a number of new improvements, available to customers as part of the InfoArchive Platform Bundle. In particular, two new connectors expand the indexing, classification, archiving and compliance options for customers with support for both Microsoft OneDrive and Google Cloud Storage.

Learn more in the OpenText InfoArchive EP7 blog.

Additional resources for OpenText Content Services Release 16

Learn more:

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