Announcing OpenText Content Services Release 16 EP5

Content services are a key part of any information management strategy, connecting information from across the organization with the people and systems that need it….

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November 9, 20189 minute read

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Content services are a key part of any information management strategy, connecting information from across the organization with the people and systems that need it. OpenText™ Content Services are leveraged by businesses and government organizations to:

  • Fuel the digital workplace: Leverage enterprise content management tools that ensure rapid access to information when, where and how it is needed for content creation and ad-hoc collaboration across the enterprise and with external stakeholders.
  • Provide content in context: Work in other lead applications while retaining access to relevant information from across the organization.
  • Mitigate compliance risk: Manage information based on value and risk without end-user intervention and automatically apply retention policies and governance compliance mandates.
  • Unlock the value of content: Classify and manage content from multiple sources throughout the enterprise to glean new insights.

Let’s take look at what’s new in OpenText Content Services Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5)

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What’s new in OpenText Content Suite EP5

OpenText Content Suite enables organisations to integrate content into business processes and manage it as a critical business asset. With the initial release of OpenText Content Suite 16 in 2016, and each subsequent release since, OpenText has focused on delivering improved usability enhancements, simplification and Cloud readiness. With the launch of EP5, here’s how OpenText Content Suite delivers even more business value.

EP5 improves the ability to tailor the user experience for increased productivity.

  • Smart View: The Smart View is now WCAG 2.0 AA and BITV compliant, making content more accessible to people with disabilities. In addition, Smart View now can edit permissions on objects, provide access to the Perspectives Editor and more.
  • Connected Workspaces: Extensive performance enhancements speed up the creation of workspaces. Quickly retrieve workspaces while working in Microsoft® Outlook® to look up contextual information. Access Connected Workspaces on the go from Content Server Mobile.
  • Records Management: A redesign of the Classifications workspace and the ability to grant permissions to the Business Administrator for management of common RM administration tasks help simplify the control of content throughout its lifecycle.

More savings in total cost of ownership with simplified upgrades, administration and cloud readiness.

  • Configuration Scripting: New features allow the import and export of configuration settings, helping reduce the cost and time associated with installations and upgrades.
  • System Center: System Center is now the standard tool for defining a Content Suite system, downloading components, upgrading and patching.
  • NEW! Syndication: Content Server Syndication, the successor to Remote Cache, is a new feature that allows a subset of content to be synchronized with secondary Content Server installations.

 Enhanced security and compliance.

  • With the introduction of a new Privacy-supporting search feature, the discovery of documents containing phone, credit card, and Social Security numbers is greatly simplified.
  • Records Management Disposition Export supports more options for metadata (security clearance, offsite storage ID for Physical Records, email metadata)

Learn more in the OpenText Content Suite EP5 blog or watch these demo videos on the many great features in OpenText Content Suite 16.

What’s new in OpenText Extended ECM Platform EP5

The OpenText™ Extended ECM Platform bridges content silos and connects content with the people and processes across the enterprise. The new release of OpenText Extended ECM EP5 continues to push the boundaries on how content can be used to elevate process-driven business systems.

Empower mobile workers to engage in business processes on-the-go.

 Intelligent automation places more control in the hands of business owners.

  • Using the newly developed Event Action Center, business administrators can now automate process tasks, combining events with data-based rules to generate documents, update workspaces and start workflows.
  • Also, action plans can be configured to automatically kick off events that are initiated from lead business applications or via an internal Extended ECM system.

Accelerate Extended ECM deployments by rolling out business workspaces up to 20 times faster.

  • With Extended ECM EP5, the time needed for the initial load and bulk import has been drastically reduced via new, simplified administration.
  • EP5 provides a new workspace bulk creation framework to accelerate business workspace creation, using the Transport Warehouse tool to export and import the entire Extended ECM configuration in just one step.

Learn more in the OpenText Extended ECM Platform EP5 blog or this recent blog about OpenText Extended ECM.

What’s new in OpenText Ecosystem EP5

The EP5 release of our Ecosystem solutions is focused on helping to extend and elevate the usage of content in the context of the relevant business processes. A few highlights:

  • The new OpenText™ Information Extraction Service for SAP® Solutions provides a single intelligent capture application for SAP Business Center and Invoice Processing. Patent-pending machine learning algorithms deliver fast results.
  • The new OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® Dynamics® solution enables OpenText Business Workspace content to be surfaced in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 user interface. Content capabilities include drag-and-drop, edit and filter content.
  • OpenText Extended ECM becomes available in the Public Cloud—leveraging the new OpenText™ OT2 multi-tenant SaaS platform.
  • OpenText Extended ECM for SAP® supports new Data Privacy Requirements—for example, automatically reacting to internal and external requests such as“right to be forgotten” mandates within GDPR.
  • Enhancements to OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft® Office 365™ such as (co)authoring of documents in Office Online, integrating Extended ECM in Outlook Online and Microsoft Teams, using Office 365 collaboration tools in Extended ECM Smart UI and archiving for SharePoint Online.
  • Several Enhancements to OpenText™ Business Center for SAP® Solutions, including supporting SAP Fiori and SAP GUI user interfaces, sending email without leaving the processing screen and more.

Learn more in the OpenText Ecosystem EP5 blog.

What’s new in OpenText Documentum EP5

OpenText™ Documentum™ excels at enabling companies to maintain control over their critical content and leverage the content to enhance their critical business processes. With EP5, Documentum is even more powerful for customers.

Documentum D2:

  • The new Smart View UI makes it easier to customize the Documentum user experience for specific use cases and adds consistency across the OpenText product line.
  • Enhanced support for customizations across patches and upgrades.
  • Improved image viewing with integration of HTML5-based OpenText™ Brava! viewer.
  • Support for OpenText™ Directory Server.

Documentum for the Cloud:

  • Numerous enhancements to make it easier to implement Documentum on several cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services and Azure.
  • Specific enhancements include: Certifications for RHEL, PostgreSQL and Cloud Foundry to ensure support for cloud deployment; and automated Docker builds and Kubernetes scripts to speed deployment.

Additional Documentum portfolio enhancements:

  • APxCelerator: support for cXML invoice standard, validation user interface improvements and enhanced status and reporting.
  • Content Bridge has new support for OpenText Content Suite and improved support for moving content to InfoArchive.

Learn more in the OpenText Documentum EP5 blog (coming soon).

What’s new in OpenText™ InfoArchive EP5

With EP5, InfoArchive provides improved integration and compliance features for a more unified archiving experience. Some highlights of the release include:

  • OpenText InfoArchive Cloud Edition as standardized Enterprise Managed Services cloud offering.
  • Support for OpenText Archive Center as storage layer for InfoArchive.
  • A new Smart UI widget for OpenText Extended ECM and OpenText Content Suite allows users to have unified view of active and archived content.
  • InfoArchive introduces new integrations with OpenText™ File Intelligence and OpenText Content Bridge.

Learn more in the OpenText InfoArchive EP5 blog.

What’s new in OpenText™ Captiva EP5

For OpenText Captiva, EP5 enables a successful digital transformation by providing a more efficient and automated experience for end users.

  • New capabilities available to customers with OpenText™ Information Hub (iHub): Ability to leverage the pre-configured dashboard or create a new dashboard using iHub to access operational statistics for Captiva and other OpenText solutions.
  • Secure all in-transit capture data: Web clients are secured with TLS 1.2. Thick client communications are secured by encryption, using a choice of CryptoAPI service providers and methods.
  • Automate business processes with capture services: Create text-searchable PDFs using Capture Recognition Engine for higher accuracy. The classification API returns “pre-indexing” data values that can also be used for additional document separation. The extraction API can return both field-level and character-level OCR confidence values.
  • Deploy capture in the cloud: EP5 brings support for Microsoft Azure deployments. Also, more granular cloud scalability for Captiva Real-Time RESTful capture services.
  • Simplify the capture workspace by filtering available capture profiles by department.

Learn more in the OpenText Captiva EP5 blog.

What’s new in OpenText™ Core™ 18.4

For Content Suite, Extended ECM, OpenText™ eDOCS and Documentum customers – Core extends secure sharing of content and collaboration beyond the confines of the corporate firewall. Combining the flexibility of Core, built on the OT2 Platform, with the stability and power of ECM back-office processing, users can collaborate more easily and work more efficiently.

With 18.4, Core becomes even more capable of securely sharing and collaborating on enterprise content in the cloud.

  • A new favorites function in Core eliminates the need to scroll or search by favoriting content.
  • Additional structure has been added to the document review and approval process—for example, tasks can be used to action workflows.
  • With 18.4, users can create their own embedded application in support of a business process. For example, they can now create embedded “micro-apps” with data stored within Core to structure the collection, ingestion, storage, review and manipulation of data.

Additional resources for OpenText Content Services Release 16

For information on the past four Enhancement Packs for Content Services, visit the following blogs:

EP4: May 2018

EP3: November 2017

EP2: May 2017

 R16: May 2016

Learn more about OpenText Content Services Release 16 EP5 by visiting our website.

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