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What’s new in Enterprise Applications by OpenText EP6

EP6 releases for SAP Solutions

Enterprise Applications from OpenText™ encompass solutions for SAP®, Microsoft®, Salesforce® and Oracle, and are designed to support content-rich business processes, typically managed by a lead application such as SAP S/4HANA, Microsoft Office or Salesforce. Almost every process in these applications is driven by – or can be enhanced by – content. But typically, this content is kept either in separate, disconnected repositories or is managed by native but inferior document management capabilities.

By using content directly within key business processes, customers are able to gain the Information Advantage that OpenText’s solutions provide to achieve measurable business outcomes or drive positive transformation inside their organization.

As part of Release 16 EP6, we are also launching two new products: OpenText™ Extended ECM Documentum for SAP® Solutions brings together the unstructured content in Documentum with the structured data and processes managed by SAP to enable users to work with content in context. The second product launch is OpenText™ Core Capture for SAP® Solutions provides a Cloud-based OCR for SAP that allows customers to fully automate the digitization of incoming SAP-related documents using OCR and machine learning.

OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions

All the Extended ECM products leverage the new capabilities within the xECM platform (for more information on the Extended ECM platform – see here) –  Event Action Center and new Header view.

The Event action center provides a simple wizard-based interface for business users to trigger actions based on events. For example, as part of an Asset Maintenance process, a user uploads a new document to confirm completion of a repair job – this triggers a workflow to notify other business users that a task is complete.

Configuring an Action Plan in the Event Action Center
Configuring an Action Plan in the Event Action Center

The Header widget view is a configurable view of a workspace to show key information at a glance, rather than having to have multiple widgets on the landing page – this aids the user visually to inspect a workspace and can include elements such as notifications, workspace description, latest documents attached, and more.

Header widget showing latest updates
Header widget showing latest updates

For more information on Extended ECM for SAP Solutions on of off-cloud, please see the product page.

OpenText™ Extended ECM for Engineering

With EP6, OpenText™ Extended ECM for Engineering is now available in the OpenText cloud for customers with a cloud-first strategy.

In addition to the Cloud Edition, new reporting capabilities enable Document Controllers and Project managers to quickly identify potential costly delays. Please read the Extended ECM for Engineering blog.

Outstanding document report
Outstanding document report

OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® SuccessFactors®

In Human Resources, the more manual processing that takes place when creating employee letters, the more risk there is of errors. Leveraging the new Event Action center enables the automated generation of HR documents, based on employee or candidate actions. This showcases also how the Event Action Center can trigger actions, not only Extended ECM but in the connected application as well.

Event action center in Extended ECM for SAP SucessFactors
Event action center in Extended ECM for SAP SucessFactors

Click here for more detail on our SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

OpenText™ Business Center for SAP® Solutions

 Business Center for SAP solutions now supports integration not only with Information Extraction Service, launched last year as an on-premise OCR solution, but also supports integration into the new OpenText™ Core Capture for SAP Solutions on the OT2 platform.

Within Business Center itself, we’ve included new SAP Fiori applications for Sales Orders, Quotations and the upload and registration of documents. We’re also leveraging SAP Virus Scan Interface to provide additional security features when documents are uploaded into SAP. Finally, we’ve extended Business Center so that it can be a source of data for SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics, allowing users to view dashboards of information around metrics like Value of Sales Orders received, number of processing days, and more.

Business Center Reporting

To learn more about Business Center and how it can digitize all incoming content, please visit our website.

OpenText™ Vendor Invoice Management for SAP® Solutions

Vendor Invoice Management also supports the new Core Capture for SAP Solutions application for cloud-based OCR requirements. 

The major new feature in Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions addresses the problem of “Maverick” invoices that don’t have any matching purchase orders. A new SAP Fiori application allows users to manage this type of Invoices allowing invoices to be matched to the correct business object or adding the invoice to multiple cost objects (Cost Centers).

Assigning values to multiple cost centers
Assigning values to multiple cost centers

To learn how VIM can save you time and money when processing invoices, please visit our website.

OpenText™ Digital Asset Management for SAP® Solutions

The ability to create digital content easily will transform the way we work with content in the future. Just as content volumes continue to grow, the types of content will change from traditional document-centric content to become more inclusive of rich media content.

The requirement to use these new types of content, but remain in the context of a business process is one of the key features of the EP6 release of Digital Asset Management for SAP solutions. This release features a direct and productized integration to Extended ECM for SAP solutions. Users can now correctly manage video and imagery, whilst remaining in the context of the xECM application, rather than storing rich media on separate applications and not gaining any advantage from the captured media.

Viewing rich assets in Extended ECM Interface
Viewing rich assets in Extended ECM Interface

Supporting a more traditional use case, Digital Asset Management for SAP solutions features a redesigned user interface to improve the speed and usability of using digital assets within the SAP Commerce, Marketing and Customer Clouds.

Associating assets via SAP C/4HANA Product cockpit
Associating assets via SAP C/4HANA Product cockpit

For more information on how Digital Asset Management can assist in delivering immersive customer experiences please visit our website.

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