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OpenText real-time data analytics powers Jaguar TCS Racing

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April 25, 20244 minute read

Image of race track at Monaco.

In the glamorous and historic heart of Monaco, the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship Monaco E-Prix unfolds, a spectacle that captivates the world. This event is more than just a race. It’s a testament to the power of technology—specifically software—in shaping the future. The partnership between OpenText and Jaguar TCS Racing is a collaboration that embodies the fusion of historic elegance and modern speed, powered by the transformative capabilities of real-time data analytics.

Historic track, modern technology

The track, known for its demanding corners and breathtaking scenery, requires more than just speed. It demands precision, adaptability, and strategic foresight. This is where OpenText’s expertise in information management becomes crucial. By harnessing vast streams of data generated during the race, we provide Jaguar TCS Racing with a dynamic competitive edge.

Our real-time data analytics platform OpenText™ Vertica™ and our unstructured data analytics platform, OpenText™ IDOL ™ ,enable the team to make informed decisions in the heat of the moment. Every fraction of a second counts on the Monaco circuit, and the speed of analytics can mean the difference between points, podiums, and victories. Whether it’s adjusting strategies to account for changing weather conditions or optimizing energy usage to capitalize on overtaking opportunities, OpenText technology ensures that Jaguar TCS Racing is equipped to excel.

But our impact extends beyond the immediacy of race day decisions. The insights gleaned from our analytics drive continuous improvement, allowing the team to refine their approaches with each lap. This cycle of analysis, adaptation, and advancement is emblematic of the OpenText commitment to innovation and our determination to overcome challenges through expertise.

More than glamour, it’s trust and transparency

In this partnership, OpenText also embodies trustworthiness and transparency. We provide Jaguar TCS Racing with the tools to navigate the complexities of Formula E with confidence, knowing that the data they rely on is accurate, secure, and timely. This reliability is paramount in a sport where the smallest margins can have significant consequences, not just for the race at hand, but for the future of automotive technology and environmental sustainability.

Moreover, the collaboration between OpenText and Jaguar TCS Racing at the Monaco E-Prix showcases our shared competitive spirit. In the face of one of motorsport’s greatest challenges, we stand together, united in our pursuit of excellence and innovation. Our technology does not merely support the team; it is an integral part of their journey, driving them toward success.

As we look to the horizon, the Monaco E-Prix is more than just a moment in time—it’s a beacon of what’s possible when technology and ambition converge. OpenText is proud to be at the heart of this convergence, providing Jaguar TCS Racing with the data analytics capabilities they need to navigate the future, both on and off the track.

Monaco and beyond

Our journey doesn’t end with the Monaco E-Prix. The race toward innovation continues, and we’re excited to extend an exclusive invitation to all our enthusiasts, partners, and customers to delve deeper into the world of Jaguar TCS Racing and OpenText. Join us for a Virtual Garage Tour on May 23 ahead of the race in Shanghai, where you’ll get an insider’s look at the cutting-edge technology and strategies propelling our partnership forward.

This virtual event promises a glimpse into the heart of Jaguar TCS Racing operations. You’ll experience firsthand the intertwining of data and analytics, the relentless pursuit of performance optimization, and the spirit of collaboration that drives our team to new heights. It’s an opportunity to witness the intersection of technology and racing excellence, to ask questions, and to engage with the minds behind the machines.

Register now to secure your spot for the OpenText and Jaguar TCS Racing Virtual Garage Tour on May 23. Discover the power of partnership, the thrill of Formula E racing, and the innovative technologies that are driving us towards a brighter, faster, and greener future. We look forward to welcoming you to our world, powered by the unparalleled capabilities of OpenText’s real-time data analytics. Join us, and be part of the race towards innovation.

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