What’s new in Release 16 EP7 for OpenText Documentum

Organizations today are increasingly looking for ways to quickly and easily create, use, and deploy content-centric solutions that drive business value on or off cloud….

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November 12, 20195 minute read

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Organizations today are increasingly looking for ways to quickly and easily create, use, and deploy content-centric solutions that drive business value on or off cloud. In OpenText™ Documentum™ Release 16 EP7, we’ve made it faster and easier than ever to deploy and maintain Documentum implementations on the cloud. We’ve also focused on increasing end-user productivity by delivering modern, configurable user experiences that are easy to use — helping you deliver content in the right context or environment.

This release of Documentum brings numerous enhancements across the entire portfolio. This includes continued improvements that make it easier than ever to deliver containerized Documentum implementation on- and off-cloud, delivering more productive user experiences in Documentum D2 Smart View, Documentum xCP, and Content Connect. This release also makes it easier than ever to share content with users within and beyond corporate firewalls. With the innovations delivered in Documentum EP7, customers can more easily realize business value from their investments in Content Services, Documentum, and OpenText.

OpenText Documentum Server

Over the past year, OpenText™ Documentum™ Server has delivered a number of new features to make it faster and easier to deploy Documentum in cloud deployments. In EP7, Documentum consolidates these enhancements and further simplifies deployment, delivering containerization, orchestration and Docker automation for private cloud, public cloud infrastructure, or on-premises deployments. To further support cloud deployment, Documentum extends its support for Cloud storage, reducing TCO and expanding scalability for compliant content solutions.

OpenText Documentum D2

In Release 16 EP7, OpenText™ Documentum™ D2 continues to extend its Smart View user experience, Documentum’s modern, optimized user interface. With a focus on end-user productivity, Documentum D2 now enables users to create documents faster by using new preset and recent configuration profiles. Users can also upload entire folders – or folder structures – of documents by dragging and dropping into the Smart View user interface. It is also much easier to share files or a set of files using OpenText Core Share.

Documentum D2 Smart View

In addition to delivering user productivity, Documentum D2 aligns with Documentum’s platform-wide support for containerization, making it faster and easier to deploy and maintain Documentum D2-based solutions.

Documentum D2 Mobile

In addition to continued enhancements to the desktop version of Documentum D2, OpenText is delivering a new OpenText™ Documentum™ D2 Mobile app which is now available on both iOS and Android. Documentum D2 Mobile delivers the same look and feel as Documentum D2 Smart View to provide a uniform experience, simplifying access to content and reducing training requirements for end-users. The mobile app provides administrators with tools to control corporate content on BYOD devices and supports remote wipe requirements.

Documentum D2 Mobile, on iOS, Android, and mobile web browsers

In addition to delivering native mobile apps for iOS and Android, Documentum D2 also scales responsively to mobile screen sizes, enabling users to quickly access content managed in Documentum, even without the native mobile apps.

OpenText Content Connect

OpenText™ Content Connect, which OpenText introduced last year as its new integration between Documentum and Microsoft Office 365, continues to be enhanced to support new use cases and to improve user productivity. In EP7, Content Connect includes productivity improvements for Office users, as well as new features to ensure enterprise readiness.

OpenText Content Connect

For Office users, Content Connect now supports Documentum D2 configurations to streamline new content import, custom search facets to narrow search results, and the ability to quickly select and save multiple email messages into Documentum. For enterprise implementations, Content Connect now supports offline installation, which is critical for government implementations or other environments with internet restrictions.

Documentum xCP

Documentum’s development platform for building highly composed case management solutions is also enhanced in EP7. To address accessibility requirements, OpenText™ Documentum™ xCP adds Accessibility compliance to 508 and WCAG standards, including keyboard navigation to provide users with an alternative method of performing steps normally achieved using a mouse. Similar to many other products within the Documentum portfolio, Documentum xCP also delivers increased readiness for cloud deployments using Docker containers, Kubernetes and Helm charts.

In addition, Documentum xCP adds several new features to support solution development. New application themes accelerate solution development and new tasklist queries. In addition, by adding support for the OpenText™ Brava! ™ HTML viewer, users can quickly view, publish, redact, and add or review annotations, directly in the Documentum xCP user interface.

In addition to updates to the Documentum portfolio, OpenText continues to enhance solutions that build on the Documentum platform, including Extended ECM Documentum for SAP Solutions, Documentum for Life Sciences solutions, and Documentum solutions designed for the Energy & Engineering industries.

Learn more about OpenText Documentum by visiting our website.

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