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What’s new in OpenText Core Capture

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OpenText™ offers several SaaS information capture applications that leverage continuous machine learning to enable intelligent document processing and accelerate information routing to the right users and systems: OpenText™ Core Capture, OpenText™ Core Capture for Salesforce® and OpenText™ Core Capture for SAP® Solutions.

Check out the latest OpenText of Cloud Editions (CE) announcement to learn more about the most recent release. 

April 2023: What’s new in OpenText Core Capture CE 23.2

OpenText™ Core Capture

Integration to Documentum with REST services

  • For seamless integration, there is a new REST-based exporter so that OpenText™ Documentum™ users no longer need to use the generic CMIS export to send documents and metadata from Core Capture to Documentum. 
  • To help speed-up process automation, the new exporter is compatible with OpenText™ Documentum™ D2 and can trigger Documentum D2 workflows.

PDF compression added to Core Capture API

  • To increase efficiency in the cloud, there is a new Core Capture profile to help compress the size of PDF files, particularly full color PDFs. Users may experience compressions ranging from 2x to 10x reduction in file size*.

* Compression results are impacted by multiple factors; results may vary.    

Hebrew support: UI localization, capture and extraction

  • To improve the user experience for employees who are responsible for administration or data validation, the Core Capture user interface is now localized for Hebrew.
  • To expand the documents that can be classified and extracted, Hebrew is fully supported, including the creation of text-searchable PDF files and document classification/data extraction.

OpenText™ Core Capture for Salesforce®

Recently we launched OpenText™ Core Capture for Salesforce® which is custom built for Salesforce to capture documents and data to accelerate Salesforce processes.

Automated data processing for Salesforce document capture

  • To provide a central configuration point so that Salesforce business Admins will not need to manually configure the mapping of a returned data field to a field in Salesforce for each Flow, the enhanced Data Mapper and Data Inserter provides automated extracted data processing integrated into Salesforce Flows
Screen shot shows the enhanced central configuration of Add/Remove FieldMappings.
 In this example, the screenshot shows the enhanced central configuration of Add/Remove FieldMappings.

OpenText™ Core Capture for SAP® Solutions

Machine learning for semi-structured content  

  • To increase AP productivity, new machine learning capabilities with improved data matching algorithms provide higher out-of-the-box recognition for business entity determination.

Validation team collaboration

  • For better user experience,the Fiori Validation allows flexible document processing according to user filter and order settings with the ability to save and share views with validation team members (requires OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions CE 23.2).

Smart configuration per business partner

  • To increase performance, the new feature enables customers to skip line-item extraction for an IES profile (requires OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions CE 23.2). Per business partner, a smart algorithm automatically determines if line-items are required depending on invoice type.

For more information about OpenText CE 23.2, check out the release notes on OpenText MySupport.

OpenText Content Cloud Team

The OpenText Content Cloud offers a broad and deep suite of content management products, providing end-to-end solutions that help organizations maximize the value and minimize the risk of their information. OpenText Content Services platforms and applications support diverse business and industry needs through extensive integration capabilities, full lifecycle management and intelligent automation.

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