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What’s new in OpenText InfoArchive Release 16 EP7

Advanced enterprise archiving with cloud deployment and compliance dashboard

As customers move to the cloud and standardize their infrastructure in a containerized environment, the need for applications that work seamlessly in these environments is critical in maintaining a cost-effective IT infrastructure. That’s why OpenText continues to invest heavily in improved cloud offerings and deployment models for customers looking to accelerate their digital transformation efforts.

Likewise, enabling more centralized oversight of archive-level regulatory and records compliance — while improving end-user access to that data — has been a clear requirement from organizations looking to break down silos and create an information advantage for their organization.

OpenText™ InfoArchive Release 16 EP7 provides important advances in all these areas and more. With this release, InfoArchive gives customers a fully containerized application based on Docker and Kubernetes. It expands the storage options for large-scale content archiving to Google Cloud™ and NetApp StorageGRID and adds a new compliance dashboard and cross-application searching capabilities.

Containerized cloud deployment model for InfoArchive

Customers can now deploy InfoArchive as a Docker container with Kubernetes. This allows faster deployment and seamless upgrades into Docker-enabled environments, including private cloud deployments, on-premises containerized infrastructure, and even OpenText’s own Cloud Edition. This brings the efficiency of standardized Kubernetes orchestration and faster upgrade cycles as well. With the new deployment model, InfoArchive can be deployed in minutes on cloud infrastructure such as Google Cloud.

New storage options for content

InfoArchive Release 16 EP7 adds two new storage options for efficient, secure and compliant storage of archived content. Specifically, Google Cloud Storage and NetApp StorageGrid are now supported.

Compliance Dashboard keeps administrators up to date

A new compliance dashboard provides an overview of content in the archive, showing administrators and management how much content meets compliance requirements while giving you additional visibility into risk areas in your archiving strategy.


Microsoft OneDrive and OCR Support for OpenText File Intelligence

File Intelligence introduces a number of new improvements, available to customers as part of the InfoArchive Platform Bundle. In particular, a new Microsoft® OneDrive® connector is available.  Also, OCR support is now available for indexing and policy-enforcement on image files.

To learn more about OpenText InfoArchive and read our latest whitepaper, visit our InfoArchive product page.

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Mike Safar

Mike Safar leads product marketing for OpenText information governance products and serves as a subject matter expert on information governance solutions and best practices. Mike's previous experience has been in product management and marketing of leading information governance products for over 25 years, starting with integrated document management, records systems, and most recently intelligent content analytics solutions. His past experience includes positions at Interwoven, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and PC DOCS Group.

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