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Manual fax processing isn’t scalable

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July 11, 20244 minute read

Picture this: A bustling corporation with a team of employees tirelessly processing incoming faxes by hand. The sheer volume leads to significant delays—sometimes taking days or even months to manage. Staff turnover, absences, and fluctuating schedules make it a constant struggle to keep up. What’s the solution to this inefficiency?

The answer: automate your fax processes 

Manual fax processing simply isn’t scalable. Research shows that it takes about 90 seconds to process a single page, which means an employee can only handle 40 pages per hour. With the average entry-level clerk earning $18 per hour, the cost is approximately 45 cents per page. For high-volume needs, such as processing 100,000 pages, the labor costs skyrocket to $45,000. As your fax volumes grow, so do these costs. 

Time to reimagine workflows 

Faxes often contain vital data—financial information, insurance policies, or private account setups—that drive critical business operations. Automating data entry allows you to quickly, reliably, and efficiently unlock this crucial information with minimal human intervention. 

Empower employees amidst the great resignation 

The Great Resignation has highlighted the necessity for businesses to empower their workforce. Forbes predicts that 70% of U.S. workers plan to leave their jobs in 2023, with productivity declining at unprecedented rates as debates over returning to the office continue. HR and organizational leaders must face a hard truth: work is never going back to the way it was. 

By automating data-entry tasks, employers can redeploy their workers to more mission-critical roles. Employees are more likely to stay when they feel connected to their organization and see their contributions valued. 

Managing information end-to-end with fax automation 

A typical fax capture workflow involves multiple stages: 

  1. Capture: Handling scanned, faxed, or emailed documents. 
  1. Quality Control: Enhancing images, rotating pages, removing blank pages, and flagging errors. 
  1. Indexing: Data entry, either manually or with semi-automated tools like rubber band or zonal OCR. 
  1. Release: Sending the processed fax to the appropriate recipient or system. 

Automated capture solutions efficiently manage these stages, transforming incoming faxes into actionable data and streamlining business processes. 

Unleash the power of data contained in faxes 

Does your company handle high fax volumes? Automated capture solutions can streamline fax data processing, working seamlessly in the background and allowing employees to focus on more important tasks such as customer service, patient care, client management, and revenue generation. 

How it works 

Faxes flow directly from an input technology into the capture system. Intelligent Capture tools ingest these images, perform the capture process, and send the image and data to the correct workflow based on the document type. For your company, it’s all automated: faxes are identified and processed, with image and data outputs that enhance business speed and reduce time to revenue. Benefits include improved data quality, better information sharing, and increased accuracy with less business risk. 

Gain efficiency with automation 

Companies like Hawksford faced challenges with manual paper-based data processing and error-prone data entry. “It would routinely take upwards of two days before an actual bill would be available to send to a customer. The process automation capabilities of OpenText have reduced this timeline to less than two hours.” They’ve accelerated business decisions through automation and redeployed employees to more critical tasks. 

Transform pixels into actionable information 

Discover how automated capture solutions can transform your inbound fax data, accelerate workflow processes, and convert fax information into business-ready data.  

Discover how OpenText™ will allow you to modernize operations, increase productivity, and reduce costs across all industries by automating your fax processes today and unleashing the full potential of your data. 
Learn more today! 

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