Announcing OpenText Content Services 16 EP4

Fueling advances in automation and integration

The adoption and consumption of content services are fueling advances in automation and integration. Together, they’re changing the way we work, the way we design business processes, and the way we measure success in managing content.

Even better news: it can be achieved by building on your current infrastructure.

Here’s how the new release of OpenText Content Services EP4 makes it easier for enterprises to generate more value and productivity from the information they control.

Beginning with the release of Content Suite 16 two years ago, OpenText Content Services have been continually improved to help manage the content lifecycle across two distinct, but intertwined use cases.

The digital workplace

Ensuring users have access to digital tools that optimize their productivity and provide rapid access to information when, where, and how it’s needed:

  • Users need simple tools for content creation and ad-hoc collaboration within their enterprise and with stakeholders and partners outside the organization.
  • Flipping from application to application to access needed information is a time-sink. Productivity skyrockets when users can stay within tools they’re most comfortable with—like Microsoft® Office 365®—and the information comes to them.
  • Discovery, compliance, and security have always struggled with the silos and ever-evolving tools creating this high-volume, mostly transient content. Effective governance is essential.

The digital business

Digital transformation has the potential to create even more silos within process applications such ERP, CRM, HCM, SCM, and more:

  • Enterprises need an integration layer between these applications—bridging silos and facilitating information flows across processes.
  • Governance of massive amounts of process-generated data can no longer be a manual, hit-or-miss task. It needs to be automated, comprehensive, and consistent.

Each organization’s—and even each department’s—framework for success in these areas looks different. The traditional approach of blanketing the entire enterprise with a complex ECM platform no longer works. Enterprises are now embracing simple, lightweight solutions, using content services that nimbly address varied and specific productivity and governance issues. These targeted applications can be in the cloud or on-premises and, like blocks in a foundation, build on each other to result in optimal, cross-enterprise ECM coverage.

With the release of Content Services EP4, OpenText expands on the simplified user experiences delivered in R16, and further deepens integrations with leading process applications to drive productivity, strengthen compliance with automated creation and capture of metadata, and enhance cloud readiness.

Let’s take look at what’s new in OpenText Content Services EP4

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See some of the new capabilities in OpenText Content Services EP4 releases

What’s new in OpenText Content Suite

OpenText Content Suite 16 EP4, expands on the revolutionary capabilities of Content Suite with new features to help you evolve and tailor the user experience for increased productivity and simplified system administration.

  • The Smart View has been expanded, adding the ability create easy-to-edit HTML tiles, track workflow progress, and many other improvements to support casual and power users.
  • Perspective Manager expands integrations with Content Server, Content Intelligence, and Records Management for tailoring of the UI.
  • Records Management in the Smart View has evolved to simplify the management of digital and physical records.
  • Content Server Mobile now enables users to act on workflows and view, edit, and add content directly from mobile productivity applications, including Microsoft Word® and Excel®.
  • Connected Workspaces adds reminders, for improved productivity. An optional integration with OpenText Exstream enables the design and delivery of ultra-personalized, consistent, compliant communications.
  • Enterprise Connect EP4 adds Microsoft Edge® extension capabilities.
  • External file sharing with OpenText™ Core enables secure sharing of content with users outside of the firewall.
  • Content Suite moves toward continuous innovation and product delivery with streamlined installation and upgrade processes.

Learn more about what’s new in  OpenText Content Suite EP4 or watch some demo videos on the many great features in OpenText Content Suite 16.

Visual Dashboard for Records Managers
OpenText Content Suite visual dashboard for Records Managers

What’s new in OpenText Ecosystem EP4

The EP4 release for our Ecosystem solutions is focused on enhancements to previous R16 releases, adding functionality to support customers using the applications, and to streamline deployment and management for customers moving into the cloud. We have EP4 product releases for the SAP®, Microsoft®, and Salesforce® solution families to help extend and elevate the usage of content in the context of the relevant business processes. A few highlights:

  • OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions has numerous Smart View enhancements including workflow, follow-up actions, and document templates. EP4 also brings improved Fiori® support, support for the latest versions of SAP S/4HANA, and the ability to integrate CMIS standards.
  • OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors® adds CMIS support to enable standards-based integration to SuccessFactors modules.
  • OpenText Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions adds support for the latest capabilities of the SAP Hybris platforms, including editing assets from SAP Hybris Commerce Product Cockpit and support for the C4C Mobile applications.

Learn more about what’s new in the OpenText Ecosystem EP4.

What’s new in OpenText Documentum EP4

With the release of OpenText Documentum 16.4, Documentum delivers value across the entire platform, with nearly every component being updated. Key themes for this release:

  • TCO Reduction–new tools and options that simplify and reduce the costs of deploying and administering Documentum implementations.
  • User Productivity–enabling end users to be more productive working with Documentum and content stored within Documentum.
  • Mobility–newly rebranded tools and integrations that enable you to access Documentum content and participate in associated workflows.
  • Integrations–adding new capabilities and delivering new value by taking advantage of OpenText technologies.

Learn more about what’s new in OpenText Documentum EP4.

Learn about the Documentum Connector for OpenText Core.

Access your content from anywhere with OpenText D2 Mobile

Access your content from anywhere with OpenText D2 Mobile

What’s New in OpenText InfoArchive and OpenText File Intelligence

OpenText InfoArchive EP4 expands its ability to support the needs of GDPR compliance. With personal information ingested from multiple applications and managed in InfoArchive, users can now search with granularity across multiple data sets for an individual’s personal information and aggregate the results in a commonly readable format.

In addition to a range of productivity enhancements to the OpenText InfoArchive platform, EP4 also features new solution accelerators for:

  • OpenText File Intelligence (OTFI): Enables organizations to quickly gain visibility and control over their unmanaged content by automatically searching, analyzing, and reviewing terabytes of unstructured data from information sources on their network.
  • OpenText InfoArchive Output Transformation Solution: Also known as InfoArchive Xenos Solution Accelerator, this solution enables enterprises to transform Print Stream AFP files or PDF bursts into segmented PDF files and ingest them into InfoArchive.
  • InfoArchive xECM Integration: The xECM accelerator enables customers to have a single point of access to active and archived business content for the end user. xECM utilizes the Smart UI widget to access InfoArchive content within xECM.

Learn more about what’s new in OpenText Documentum EP4.

What’s new in OpenText Captiva

For many enterprise customers, successful digital transformation means moving capture into a robust platform that can meet existing, and future, capture needs—while providing an efficient and largely automated experience for end users.

For the new release of OpenText Captiva 7.7, the focus has been on expanding the ease of use across the enterprise and enhancing the ability of our capture platform to be fully integrated into an enterprise information management strategy. For those new to Captiva, it excels at capturing and processing documents from a variety of sources, including scanners, fax servers, email servers, file systems, web services, and via RESTful web services. With Captiva 7.7, OpenText continues to focus on building intelligent products that meet enterprise capture needs.

Learn more in the OpenText Captiva EP4 Blog.

What’s new in OpenText Capture Center

As OpenText Capture Center (OCC) continues to evolve to meet customer needs, there are four areas that stand out in this new release:

  • Capture anywhere: OCC 16.4 has enhanced the web client and mobile capabilities.
  • Automated and efficient: In order to facilitate capture anywhere, we have enhanced the automated recognition of document classification.
  • Integrated and scalable: Increased automation and efficient document handling go hand-in-hand with the expanded API support and increased document and data relationships that can be supported in the OpenText Process Suite connector.
  • Centralized administration: As part of the expansion of capabilities for OCC users, EP4 features an extensive list of administrative improvements for managing user permissions and system settings.

Learn more in the OpenText Capture Center EP4 Blog.

Additional resources for OpenText Content Services Release 16

For information on the past three Enhancement Packs for Content Services, visit the following blogs:

EP3: November 2017

EP2: May 2017

R16: May 2016

To see EP4 in action, join us in Toronto, Canada for Enterprise World, July 10-12, 2018.
To see EP4 in action, join us in Toronto, Canada for Enterprise World, July 10-12, 2018.

Alison Clarke

Alison is Director, Product Marketing for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM. Alison and her team are passionate about helping organizations use content services technologies to distill more value from information, supporting the needs of individuals and teams to improve productivity and strengthen information governance for the organization with content services-enabled solutions.

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