Wheels and Wings: OpenText and Jaguar TCS Racing Accelerate into the Future

Dive into the future with OpenText & Jaguar TCS Racing, where data & AI drive innovation on and off the track!

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May 8, 20243 minute read

In the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship series, the partnership between OpenText and Jaguar TCS Racing represents a fusion of innovation, speed, and technology. It shows how advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence are not just shaping the future of motorsports and electric mobility, but also driving forward digital and AI transformation across industries.

Data takes flight in Formula E

At the heart of this partnership are OpenText™ Vertica™ and OpenText™ IDOL™, two cutting-edge solutions that Jaguar TCS Racing harnesses to analyze vast amounts of data—from vehicle performance metrics to environmental conditions. Vertica’s unparalleled data analytics capabilities enable the team to make swift, informed decisions during races, optimizing strategies for speed and efficiency. Similarly, IDOL’s sophisticated data processing tools offer deep insights into unstructured data, enhancing the team’s competitive edge through advanced intelligence and decision-making.

The upcoming Formula E Race, set against the historic backdrop of Berlin Tempelhof Airport on May 11 and 12, promises to be a spectacle of high-speed competition and technological prowess. The venue, a symbol of innovation and resilience, provides the perfect setting for introducing another transformative technology shaping our world—generative AI.

Generative AI: The next frontier in innovation

While the team prepares to fly around the track in Berlin, let’s take a quick break to look at another OpenText solution, not used by Jaguar TCS Racing, but one of the hottest topics many of our other customers are discussing – generative AI.

OpenText Aviator is our family of generative AI capabilities across our portfolios that leverage large language models (LLMs) and private data sets to surface insights and solve problems that are unique to organizations. They can help simplify complex processes, connect disparate data points, and enable businesses to embrace automation. In a world inundated with information, Aviator helps organizations navigate through the noise, offering tailored AI-driven solutions that power and protect critical data, elevating operational efficiency and innovation. Get an overview of OpenText Aviator to see how it could help your business.

Looking ahead: Shanghai awaits

The excitement doesn’t end in Berlin. The Formula E circuit moves to Shanghai on May 25 and 26, promising another thrilling showcase of speed, strategy, and sustainability. As the teams prepare for this next challenge, there’s a unique opportunity for fans and technology enthusiasts alike to get an inside look at the cutting-edge world of Formula E racing.

On May 23, OpenText and Jaguar TCS Racing invite you to an exclusive Virtual Garage Tour. This immersive experience offers unprecedented access to the team’s garage, providing insights into the technologies and strategies that power their success on the track. It’s a rare glimpse into the future of racing, driven by data, analytics, and AI.

Fly around the track with OpenText and Jaguar TCS Racing

As we gear up for the races in Berlin and Shanghai, the partnership between OpenText and Jaguar TCS Racing stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence. Whether it’s leveraging data analytics for a competitive edge, exploring the potential of generative AI, or offering a behind-the-scenes look at the pinnacle of electric motorsports, this partnership is all about pushing boundaries and setting new standards.

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