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Latest innovations revealed at OpenText World Europe 2024

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April 15, 202410 minute read

We, at OpenText, lead groundbreaking digital transformations, providing our customers with essential tools to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape. Information holds unparalleled power, however, with AI, change is imperative, and success will favor those who swiftly embrace, accelerate, and reimagine work. 

The next generation of innovation will be driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and firmly rooted in effective information management. This is the focal point of this week’s OpenText World Europe 2024 conference (April 15-18). If you’re not already onsite with us in London, Paris, or Munich, you can still register to join virtually

As part of OpenText World Europe 2024, I am pleased to introduce the latest Cloud Editions (CE) 24.2. This release marks the next step in our Titanium X initiative which was first announced in 2022. Titanium X represents our strategic product roadmap to provide a common platform for consuming all OpenText software and services, delivered by CE 25.2.  

With this in mind, CE 24.2 reaffirms AI as a force multiplier for human potential, enhancing our robust OpenText™ Aviator suite of AI-driven solutions. We continue to integrate cutting-edge AI directly into our products, creating solutions that are not only responsive but anticipator as we revolutionize the very essence of work. Most notable in this release, we delve into how information management plays a crucial role in powering and safeguarding data – a pre-requisite for maximizing AI’s potential to solve tomorrow’s most complex problems.  

And, as always, we continue to deliver against our 90-day innovation cycles to bring advancements in our Business Clouds, Business AI, and Business Technology. 

As you’ve likely seen in our announcement today, there’s always so much more to our Cloud Editions releases. Let’s explore these world-class innovations further: 

Innovations in OpenText Aviator 

OpenText™ Aviator Platform: The metamorphic impact of AI and analytics cannot be overstated. While the productivity gains and broad benefits are limitless, the transition from a concept to integrating AI and analytics into every product and service begins with harnessing our most strategic asset – data. With this principle in mind, in CE 24.2, our OpenText Aviator platform revolutionizes the AI and eDiscovery market by refocusing attention on the crucial role of robust information management in extracting business value from data with the following innovations: 

  • OpenText™ Core Analytics Database: Our new enterprise-level data lakehouse seamlessly combines the robustness of OpenText™ Vertica™ market-leading analytical database with the increased flexibility provided by SaaS. This scalable solution not only powers analytics at lower costs but it also has a positive environmental impact with 50% fewer servers needed. 
  • OpenText™ Aviator Search: We have introduced a generative-AI chat user interface (UI) with referenced knowledge discovery for our unstructured data analytics solution, OpenText™ IDOL™, leveraging generative-AI and large language models (LLMs) for knowledge gathering, without replication or relocation. By smartly expanding upon foundational AI, this innovation adopts the latest in conversational capabilities so teams can access the answers they need in real-time in a far more intuitive and digestible way.  
  • OpenText™ Axcelerate™ with Aviator: We have bolstered our flagship legal platform by embedding generative-AI capabilities to improve the summarization of key documents and concept groups for investigations and document review. As a result, legal practitioners and teams can quickly comprehend crucial content and concepts within large datasets – faster than ever – to gain a strategic advantage with the goal to ultimately work smarter.  

OpenText™ DevOps Cloud Aviator: We’re dedicated to supporting software engineers and testers in delivering applications swiftly and with greater ease, eliminating the need for technical jargon. To achieve this goal, we’ve enhanced our OpenText DevOps Cloud Aviator with an “ask me anything” smart assistant powered by AI and LLMs, and embedded with conversational search. With this tool, teams can effortlessly seek information about technical features – systems, tasks, and tests, for example – presented in user-friendly language. This minimizes risks and rework by providing developers with easily understandable and relevant feedback, valuable insights, and more, right from the start. 

OpenText™ Content Aviator for Documentum: We’ve expanded the integration of our generative AI-powered intelligent assistant, OpenText Content Aviator, across all our Content Cloud platforms. In this release, we’ve strengthened OpenText™ Documentum to meet the growing demand for speed and automation, enabling users to quickly find the information they need to perform their tasks more efficiently. With an interactive, conversational interface, OpenText Content Aviator streamlines document and folder analysis, summarization, and translation, empowering teams to prioritize high-value tasks. Combining generative-AI with the information management capabilities of OpenText Documentum, ensures users receive the best and most relevant responses based on their tasks, roles, and permissions.  

OpenText™ Aviator IoT: In this release, we’re introducing OpenText Aviator IOT, aimed at revolutionizing autonomous supply chain networks and enhancing asset management operations for business networks. This end-to-end IoT platform, integrated into our OpenText Aviator product suite, offers a range of features tailored for forward-thinking enterprises focused on supply chain resilience.  

Early features in this release include high-quality message processing and orchestration, intuitive drag-and-drop business intelligence and visualizations, and predictive AI analytics. And this is only the start. 

OpenText™ Experience Aviator: We’ve transformed how enterprises engage with customers across the entire customer journey, from initial purchase to advocacy, to maximize lifetime value. To integrate AI into many of our core cloud offerings – such as OpenText™ Exstream™ (to boost personalized communications for individuals) and OpenText™ TeamSite™ (our single interface content management solution) – we’ve introduced OpenText Experience Aviator. This powerful platform offers a wide range of innovative generative-AI capabilities that are now accessible across various authoring environments and channels. With OpenText Experience Aviator, users can effortlessly create personalized content, leveraging generative-AI to rapidly generate relevant material to enhance content creation across different experiences and communication tools. 

OpenText™ IT Operations Aviator: In this release, OpenText IT Operations Aviator strengthens our AIOps offering and enhances ITSM functions by equipping both OpenText™ Operations Bridge and OpenText™ Service Management Automation X (SMAX) with intelligent generative-AI capabilities.  

  • OpenText Service Management Automation X (SMAX): SMAX customers can now benefit from enhanced user accessibility as service desk agents can leverage a smart, intuitive chatbot for faster issue resolution and information retrieval, regardless of their on-cloud or off-cloud work environment.  
  • OpenText™ Operations Bridge: Our AIOps platform has been enhanced with gen-AI capabilities to facilitate more efficient IT troubleshooting and root cause identification for IT operations. Powered by a private and intelligent LLM-infused assistant, it empowers all operators and administrators to tap into the most relevant answers and solutions while ensuring data privacy. 

OpenText™ Thrust Studio: CE 24.2 marks the official launch of an early access version of the OpenText Thrust Studio, a real-time digital assistant designed to provide developers with seamless and instant access to the support they need. By offering quick access to relevant code samples and API documentation within their Visual Studio environment, OpenText Thrust Studio accelerates application development, ensuring developers can work faster and smarter to meet project deadlines. 

Needless to say, the way we work is changing, and OpenText is here to help keep you ahead of the curve. Are you ready to unlock the potential of AI and earn your wings? Learn more about our AI strategy and explore our suite of OpenText Aviator solutions for business and technologists at opentext.ai

New innovations in Cloud Editions 24.2 

Innovations in OpenText™ Cybersecurity Cloud 

OpenText™ Cybersecurity Cloud empowers proactive organizations with thorough and timely threat intelligence, facilitating prompt risk mitigation. 

In this update, we extend our support to organizations responsible for analyzing digital devices to uncover evidence of cybercrime. These organizations often encounter challenges in swiftly and accurately acquiring and analyzing evidence from diverse digital sources, including computers, cloud platforms, IoT devices, and mobile devices. 

To address this, we are thrilled to introduce a pioneering artifacts-first workflow to OpenText™ EnCase, our suite of digital forensic investigation solutions. This innovative tool streamlines the investigation process, saving time and enhancing reliability in achieving accurate investigative conclusions.  

By automatically organizing artifacts into easily identifiable categories via a modern workflow and user interface, investigators can quickly gain access to relevant information. Combined with the deep-dive investigative capabilities for which EnCase is well-known, digital forensic investigators for public safety, government agencies and corporate enterprises can depend on a single tool to seamlessly gain insight into their investigation, empowering them to promptly obtain actionable intelligence and expedite case resolutions. 

Innovations in OpenText™ Experience Cloud 

OpenText™ Experience Cloud is instrumental in helping customers maintain lifelong relationships through the cultivation of intelligent customer experiences and communications. 

In this release, we’ve introduced OpenText™ Core Experience Insights, a cloud-based SaaS application aimed at enhancing customer experiences. Tailored for customer success leaders seeking to optimize positive customer interactions, OpenText Experience Core Journey features a comprehensive, insight-driven interface. This empowers users to seamlessly create, monitor, and analyze diverse customer journeys, while generating insights and orchestrating follow-up actions based on customers’ previous behavior or status. It’s an invaluable tool for leaders aiming to address unique customer needs and offer personalized actions, unconstrained by traditional linear approaches. 

Additionally, innovations to OpenText™ Exstream have streamlined customer printing processes and accelerated the production of complex documents at speeds of up to 10 million pages per hour. Controlled from a single unified interface, this release boasts two major innovations: first, the optimization of high-volume printing capabilities, enabling the production of personalized documents at unprecedented speeds while supporting a wider range of formats; second, the acceleration of modernization to OpenText Exstream Cloud Native, offering critical advanced print features necessary for high-fidelity outputs. These enhancements empower customers to achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings in the production and delivery of personalized communications, as well as facilitating a smooth transition to a modern cloud-native platform over time. 

Innovations in OpenText™ IT Operations Cloud  

OpenText™ IT Operations Cloud raises the bar for IT service performance despite cloud complexity, cost constraints and staff shortages. 

Finally in CE 24.2, we are further supporting individuals encountering challenges in application observability, whether stemming from inadequate support for cloud-native applications or high costs associated with existing providers, can now depend on OpenText™ Application Observability for enhanced assistance. 

The newest inclusion in our IT Operations solution suite provides comprehensive insights into application performance by leveraging OpenTelemetry, departing from outdated proprietary methods, and enabling insights across various applications. Users can quickly identify key performance indicators at the code level and employ guided workflows for more effective problem isolation. Representing a notable advancement in the application performance management (APM) industry, this tool provides a modern, user-friendly solution that underscores OpenText’s commitment to the APM and Observability market. Seamlessly integrating with our AIOps and ITSM platforms, it provides a holistic approach to ensuring the reliability of modern applications. 

Looking for more?  

For more on all the CE 24.2 innovations, visit our blog as our subject matter experts guide you on the right solutions for your business as you continue to digitally transform in the cloud. 

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Muhi S. Majzoub is the Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer for OpenText. Joining the company in 2012, Muhi has held various senior executive positions. He currently leads the development organization to define the vision and strategy for OpenText products and their transition to the cloud. Prior to OpenText, Muhi was Chief of Products for NorthgateArinso, where he was responsible for defining the company’s product vision, strategy and the development life cycle. He focused on consolidating the late software portfolio and developing new product capabilities for both cloud and on-premises solutions. Muhi has also held the position of Senior Vice President of Product Development for CA, Inc., where he was responsible for the development of the common technology platform and components and integration strategy. Prior to CA, Muhi was Vice President of Product Development at Oracle Corporation. During his tenure at Oracle, he was responsible for the delivery of the Sales Automation Suite, including Sales Online TeleSales, Sales Compensation, Sales Intelligence and many other Internet technology projects, such as Oracle Store, Oracle.com and the MetaLink TAR system. Muhi attended San Francisco State University.

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