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Customers are at the heart of every thriving business.

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April 15, 20244 minute read

Customers are at the heart of every thriving business. Delving deeper into customer success is like dissecting a watermelon: while the outer layer may seem green, the true inside can be vividly red. Traditional metrics like acquisition, onboarding and loyalty might look okay at first glance, but could be masking underlying issues like high turnover, frustration, and fractured experiences. By focusing only on the surface – particularly on customer acquisition and support resolution – organizations risk overlooking the broader landscape and failing to address the core challenges. 

Instead of optimizing each isolated touchpoint, businesses should embrace a comprehensive view of the customer journey, spanning across all channels. OpenText™ Experience Cloud Edition 24.2 continues to innovate with a holistic approach to customer experiences and customer success. OpenText Experience Cloud goes beyond experiences that focus on acquisition and balances the need for successful onboarding and retention. Depending on the industry, acquiring a customer can be anywhere from five to six times more expensive than to retain an existing one while 70 to 80 percent of a company’s revenue comes from existing customers. 

Personalizing the full customer journey 

OpenText Experience Cloud helps personalize customer experiences and journeys across omnichannel touchpoints – communications, web, digital assets, messaging, contact center and the supporting data in a cohesive platform. In the latest release, OpenText helps organizations drive customer success initiatives with three key innovations: 

  • making it easy yet powerful to approach journey orchestration and management  
  • ensuring omnichannel experiences can meet the demands for high output printing 
  • taking advantage of trusted AI for customer success with new expanded use of OpenText™ Experience Aviator 

OpenText Core Experience Insights 

New user interface and powerful tools for both business and technical users 

In this release, we’ve introduced OpenText™ Core Experience Insights (CXI), a cloud-based SaaS application aimed at enhancing customer experiences. Tailored for customer success leaders seeking to optimize positive customer interactions, Core Experience Insights features a comprehensive, insight-driven interface. This empowers users to seamlessly create, monitor, and analyze diverse customer journeys, while generating insights and orchestrating follow-up actions based on customers’ previous behavior or status. It’s an invaluable tool for leaders aiming to address unique customer needs and offer personalized actions, unconstrained by traditional linear approaches. 

Laptop displays a screenshot of OpenText Core Experience Insights, showing how to visually manage customer journeys.
Activate and manage your customer journeys.

OpenText Exstream 24.2 CE 

New high-output print capabilities to optimize performance and production of personalized documents 

OpenText™ Exstream™ has streamlined customer printing processes and accelerated the production of complex documents at speeds of up to 10 million pages per hour. Controlled from a single unified interface, this release boasts two major innovations: first, the optimization of high-volume printing capabilities, enabling the production of personalized documents at unprecedented speeds while supporting a wider range of formats; second, the acceleration of modernization to OpenText Exstream Cloud Native, offering critical advanced print features necessary for high-fidelity outputs. These enhancements empower customers to achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings in the production and delivery of personalized communications, as well as facilitating a smooth transition to a modern cloud-native platform over time. 

Laptop displays a screenshot of OpenText Exstream.
Print at scale – high volume communications delivered.

OpenText Experience Aviator  

Trusted AI expands to more channels and authoring environments using a platform approach 

To boost customer lifetime value, we’ve integrated our powerful AI platform into OpenText Exstream and OpenText™ TeamSite. OpenText Experience Aviator helps create personalized communications at scale in Exstream and provides dynamic suggestions for content authors building web experiences in TeamSite. With Experience Aviator, users can effortlessly create personalized content, leveraging generative AI to rapidly generate relevant material to enhance content development productivity across different experiences, authoring environments, channels and communication tools.  

Screen displays OpenText Experience Aviator providing content suggestions in OpenText TeamSite.
Take advantage of GenAI at your fingertips.

Go beyond acquisition – elevate customer success 

Take a proactive total experience approach to guiding customers to realizing value through a personalized journey. Drive post-sale customer engagement and success with OpenText Experience Cloud. 

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Janet de Guzman

As Senior Director of Product Marketing for OpenText Experience Cloud, Janet de Guzman works at the intersection of product management, engineering, sales, and marketing. She leads a global team responsible for the development and implementation of marketing, messaging, positioning and go-to-market strategies for our digital experience solutions. Janet has more than 20 years of diverse experience in information management, business development, management consulting and industry marketing.

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