Boost service desk agent productivity with GenAI that suggests solutions

OpenText IT Operations Aviator helps service desk agents quickly assess incoming tickets and resolve them faster.

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April 15, 20243 minute read

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With the release of 24.2, OpenText has expanded the capabilities of IT Operations Aviator (our private generative AI virtual agent) to service desk agents using SMAX, the OpenText IT service management (ITSM) solution. Now, both employees and service desk agents can engage with Aviator in human-like conversational language to find the answers they need for higher productivity.

GenAI excels at synthesizing, summarizing, and closing knowledge gaps. It’s no surprise that IT leaders are turning to GenAI to tackle persistent IT challenges that include nonoptimal user experiences, technical debt, skilled staff shortages, and limited budgets.

But how will GenAI impact ITSM processes? How will the role of humans shift? And how can IT organizations pivot to reap GenAI benefits?

I recently hosted a webinar with Pink Elephant, “What’s the role of humans when ITSM adopts disruptive technologies like GenAI” to discuss these questions. GenAI is already transforming Tier 1 service experiences by empowering employees to self-resolve issues. Leveling up service desk agents from friendly responders to problem solvers, and from knowledge holders to knowledge curators, adds to the impact.  

GenAI benefits for ITSM

The smart virtual agent Aviator, unlike the traditional bots of the past, is equipped with both context and knowledge. It’s also embedded in SMAX, which means you don’t need to worry about integrating your ITSM with external generative AI services or building and maintaining your own generative AI tool. Together with SMAX, Aviator helps you:

  • Elevate experiences by empowering users to resolve support and service requests on their own.
  • Decrease support costs by reducing the burden on service desk agents.
  • Increase service desk efficiency by providing agents with contextual information about incoming tickets, thereby mitigating skilled staff shortages.
  • Safeguard proprietary data and mitigate hallucinations with a private large language model (LLM) that works with curated, domain-specific enterprise knowledge through retrieval augmented generation (RAG).
  • Provide safe support with built-in LLM guardrails that include toxicity filtering and stop words.

GenAI ITSM use cases

With the 24.2 release, SMAX and Aviator support employee and service desk use cases that include:

  • Answering common IT and non-IT questions and guiding employees through automated service offerings.
  • Summarizing cases and suggesting solutions for service agents.
  • Retrieving knowledge from enterprise repositories, such as news, knowledge articles, catalog offerings, HR intranet pages, and external third-party pages such as Microsoft Support.
OpenText SMAX Aviator chat with agent screen
Service desk agents can converse with Aviator in natural language and ask for case summarizations and suggested solutions with a click of a button.

To learn more about Aviator and SMAX, visit our website. Be sure to access our ITSM use cases click-through demo and read about the newest features in the latest SMAX release.

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Travis is the Sr. Director of Product Marketing for OpenText IT Operations Management solutions. He began his career as a US Naval Officer but switched to running data centers and managing IT operations in 2000, gaining Expert certification in ITIL. He joined OpenText in 2005, and has been published in Security Week Magazine, InfoWorld and Forbes, while speaking at Interop, RSA, itSMF and Gartner events among dozens of others.

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