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AI: Elevating human potential

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April 15, 20245 minute read

Over the course of the last six months, much has shifted in the technology landscape, and much has advanced at OpenText. At our premiere information management conference OpenText World Europe 2024 this week, the attention is focused on new innovations that meet new customer needs.    

Information management elevates human potential

There is no doubt that the AI revolution is here. For most businesses, AI has introduced a new mindset, a new way to think, a new appreciation for trust and data, and a new outlook on how to unleash human potential.

Throughout the conference–held in London today and moving to Munich then Paris this week–dozens of examples of how automation and AI acts as a force multiplier to empower people are being shared. In each of these instances, AI is not the destination, rather the promise of error-proof processing, and better creativity and efficiency are the ultimate goals. Letting “machines do the work” is finding new meaning:

  • Banking and financial institutions can use OpenText™ Aviator to reimagine their business support help desks.  Help-desk employees can now find very specific, summarized answers from a deep repository of private, secured, semi-structured information in minutes instead of days.
  • Automotive and manufacturing companies can use OpenText Aviator to reimagine their business intelligence and process automation. Operations and engineering employees can now search across legal, procurement, patent, safety procedure, and contractual documents to accurately summarize information and take next recommended actions.
  • High tech, healthcare, and retail organizations can use OpenText Aviator to automate the process for searching and summarizing customer-related information scattered across many applications. Whether to resolve and settle claims or to support disputes, employees can now help businesses avoid unnecessary risks.

In the AI-first world, information management has become even more essential.

When the ultimate promise for humans is frictionless decision making and artificial general intelligence, information automation and AI are inseparable. Yet conference attendees who are ready to take flight with AI have questions: Where is the data? Is it ready to run models? How do we engage with information differently to find what we need? Can the results be trusted? And more.

Luckily, OpenText can help.

What’s new at OpenText

Last year at OpenText World Europe, we had just closed our acquisition of Micro Focus. A year later, we have delivered on our promise. We have accelerated our portfolio into cloud, and we’ve placed strategic emphasis on key integrations–notably embedding security and intelligence everywhere. The acquisition brought together experts to accelerate the strategy and bring forth a roadmap of innovations that is meaningful to our customers.  

As a result, Titanium X is our strategic roadmap to be delivered by our CE 25.2 release next year. Our three areas of innovation to meet customers’ next needs are:

  • Business clouds: Knowledge with security can be a competitive advantage for our customers in modern work and business fabrics. OpenText sets out to elevate everyone, from engineers to IT, with integrated and secure technology to drive meaningful simplification and efficiencies.
  • Business AI: Data governance, compliance, and authentication are table stakes today. OpenText is applying generative AI to power customers to get more out of their IP. With AI assistants that run across large private data sets, the right people get the right information.
  • Business technology: Connected data is an imperative and prerequisite as workloads continue to shift to cloud. OpenText is focused on bringing customers enterprise-strength data platforms deployed anywhere in anyway–private cloud, public cloud, or through APIs.     

Throughout the OpenText World conference, we are showcasing solutions across all our categories to demonstrate how customers can uniquely benefit from working with OpenText.  Some of the common themes include:

  • Automation + AI: OpenText applications already handle capturing, organizing, processing, and analyzing data, so applying AI for productivity gains is simple. You don’t need to move the data, and the data doesn’t get stagnant so AI can be always-on, always productive.  
  • Governance first: OpenText has a track record of security and trust. OpenText Aviator runs on top of governed, curated, organized data and workspaces – so permissions and compliance stay intact as generative AI is applied.
  • Data diversity: Many AI business problems requires data from multiple sources, multiple operating systems, multiple clouds, with multiple access restrictions. OpenText Aviator Platforms can ingest all types of data from applications and devices to power AI.

As both OpenText CEO & CTO Mark J. Barrenechea and OpenText CPO Muhi Majzoub commented in their opening keynotes this morning, there is no one answer to achieving business transformation through IT modernization.  OpenText sits at the center of connected ecosystems, the internet of clouds, and we play a critical role as our customers adapt cloud, security, and AI.  Whether it’s helping business clouds to go faster, business AI to be smarter, or business technology to scale, OpenText is here to assist customers on their AI journey.

5 takeaways from OpenText World Europe 2024

  • Adopt an AI mindset Embrace the destination of frictionless decision making. Learn autonomic decisions to reimagine your business.
  • Unlock productivity Ensure automation and AI are not separated. Automate the information and then prompt it with the right questions. Never waste anything.
  • Prioritize trust Secure and govern data. Be specific for the domains and compliance standards you solve for, so you can trust the outcomes of AI-driven decisions.
  • Let the machines do the work Strive for error-proof processing by removing human errors and aiding humans overwhelmed by data, as well as those using and creating software. 
  • Elevate human potential Empower people through a new mindset, new levels of productivity, and new trust in autonomous decisions. Simplify to raise creativity, efficiency, and imagination.   

Find out more about what’s happening at OpenText World Europe 2024, including live demos of our new Aviator releases, by watching the on-demand keynotes. Read about our solution innovations in today’s CE 24.2 launch. And visit our website.

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