Embrace the cognitive era with OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 23.4

In the technology industry, change is inevitable. But sometimes this change is so revolutionary, organizations can struggle to keep up and understand exactly how to…

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October 11, 202314 minutes read

In the technology industry, change is inevitable. But sometimes this change is so revolutionary, organizations can struggle to keep up and understand exactly how to apply it to their business.  

Our opentext.ai strategy, introduced in August, builds on our decade-plus experience in applying machine learning and AI to our information management solutions to empower our customers to solve their most complex information challenges using artificial intelligence (AI) and large language model (LLM) capabilities.  

To start, we launched OpenText™ Aviator, a family of practical and trusted generative AI capabilities to create more efficient, effective, and personalized interactions across diverse functions. OpenText Aviator helps our customers make a seamless pivot to AI, implement new customer engagement strategies, and enable smarter decision making for their business.  

In fact, we believe the advancement of AI technology is so important, we dedicated our entire information management conference, OpenText World 2023, to the topic this week. If you’re not already onsite with us, you can still register to join virtually.  

And as part of OpenText World 2023, I am thrilled to introduce the latest Cloud Editions (CE) 23.4 release as we shepherd forward a new world focused on maximizing the opportunities presented by the union of AI and information management. This CE 23.4 update realizes the collective power of both, as we start to embed AI across all of our solutions to help customers work smarter.  

Aside from AI, we also continued with our innovations across our OpenText business cloud solutions.  

Let’s dive in.  

Introducing OpenText™ Aviator 

The first batch of OpenText Aviator capabilities launched in this update work harmoniously with several of our trusted information management clouds: 

OpenText™ Content Aviator: Enterprise search can be difficult to scale across large volumes and diverse content formats. It’s not uncommon for employees to waste valuable time and resource simply locating the information they need to do their jobs.    

OpenText Content Aviator transforms work by gifting back valuable time and empowering every user with simple conversational search to find the information they need, faster. Leaning into generative-AI capabilities, this intelligent assistant eliminates the need to rely on search terms, allowing users to interact with a chat interface that generates relevant answers to natural language questions.  

The result? A boost in user productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction. 

In this blog, discover how to work smarter with intelligent assistance. 

OpenText™ Experience Aviator: It’s never been more important for businesses to create content that supports the customer journey from start to finish. However, many businesses struggle to create diverse, scalable content while accurately understanding customer behavior for effective targeting which leads to missed opportunities and suboptimal decisions.  

With OpenText Experience Aviator, marketing, communications and customer service support teams can produce well-formed and relevant materials faster than ever, boosting development, creativity and productivity while expressing simplicity, understanding, and empathy towards customers. All this while speaking in one, unified brand voice in line with the business’ unique brand story.  

Discover more about how OpenText Experience Aviator works with the OpenText Experience Cloud products, including OpenText™ Exstream™ and OpenText™ Media Management, in this blog.  

OpenText™ Business Network Aviator: Connecting people, systems, and things across business ecosystems is critical for business success.  

Our AI-led innovation OpenText™ Business Network Aviator™ accelerates the identification and onboarding of new suppliers to supply chain operations. Procurement teams and supply chain leaders can quickly search for new suppliers based on specific risk-based criteria and initiate an onboarding process to establish a B2B connection. Leveraging a conversational AI-based interface, users will be able to accelerate and automate traditional supplier onboarding activities by having access to the right information at the right time to make more informed decisions. 

Learn more in this blog

OpenText™ IT Operations Aviator: We continue to reimagine the IT service management (ITSM) self-service experience by adding OpenText Aviator capabilities to OpenText™ Service Management Automation X (SMAX).  

OpenText Aviator connects enterprise content to deliver human-like, contextually relevant responses to user requests. With OpenText’s secure and private LLM, customers can be reassured that confidential and intellectual property stays inside their own network; customer data is safeguarded, and answers generated from the virtual agent can be trusted. Moreover, users can get the answers they need when they need them. 

Discover more in this blog.  

OpenText™ Cybersecurity Aviator: The security space is extremely challenging and maintaining security posture often relies on traditional approaches that are brittle and easy to bypass.  

OpenText Cybersecurity Aviator provides an agile, AI-led threat detection model that advances efficacy across all cybersecurity portfolios. It implements a rapid deployment approach which allows new threat detection models to be in place within hours, to protect an organization from diverse, sophisticated, and evolving threats. Customers benefit from effective and efficient threat detection that adapts automatically, improving security posture and equips them against adversaries of all types. 

Learn how OpenText Cybersecurity Aviator can help protect your organization in this blog

OpenText™ DevOps Aviator: Decision-makers trying to modernize quality and delivery practices often struggle with technology that provides insufficient visibility and actionable insights needed for efficient testing.  

With OpenText DevOps Aviator, these issues stop here. Now, development managers, software engineers and PMOs can utilize OpenText’s private, generative-AI capabilities to confidently predict the time it takes to deliver features and prevent issues from leaking into production, improve test coverage and build tests intelligently with less coding, and gain state-of-the-art visibility to achieve faster velocity. 

Read this blog to learn more about OpenText DevOps Aviator’s full capabilities.  

New Innovations in Cloud Editions 23.4 

Innovations in OpenText™ Business Network Cloud 

As the world becomes increasingly connected, OpenText™ Business Network Cloud provides smarter connections to people, systems and things to support the evolving needs of today’s dynamic business environment. 

In this CE 23.4, we have consolidated and contextualized environmental, social, and government (ESG), and financial risk metrics into a single pane view.  

By integrating OpenText™ Active Risk Monitor with OpenText™ Lens™ customers can identify, evaluate and monitor suppliers on an ongoing basis for ESG compliance purposes. Teams can study the data flows between enterprise applications and connected systems, customers, suppliers, and trading partners in the context of business activity to help users better understand the risk implications. 

As a result, customers are empowered to drive more purposeful and consistent actions to enforce policies and address ESG issues to build a more sustainable supply chain. 

Innovations in OpenText™ Content Cloud™ 

OpenText™ Content Cloud™ empowers businesses to work smarter by connecting people to the content they need, when and wherever they require it.   

Innovations included in this update include: 

  • OpenText Extended ECM procurement business scenario: Extended ECM customers can now leverage a new pre-configured business scenario, purpose-built, to fast-track workflows and workspaces for procurement, at no additional cost. 
  • OpenText™ Documentum™ Microsoft 365 integration: A critical integration with Microsoft Teams allows users to securely collaborate on content stored in OpenText Documentum from directly within the Teams application, removing the need to work and switch between multiple systems.  
  • OpenText™ Core Capture for SAP® has been expanded to allow frictionless automation of business-critical information, such as work orders and HR documents, directly into OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP Solutions and OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors

Innovations in OpenText™ Cybersecurity Cloud 

OpenText™ Cybersecurity Cloud delivers cyber-savvy businesses with resilient, real-time contextual threat intelligence to manage their risk. 

In this CE 23.4 release, we further support customers who are concerned about securing their applications spanning various developer toolsets across their organization by equipping our leading security (AppSec) platform, OpenText™ Fortify™ Insight, with a new enterprise dashboard. This ‘single pane view’ removes the need to switch between dispersed, siloed data sets allowing application security management and compliance teams to benefit from a streamlined and more intuitive user experience. Now, businesses can analyze their data in a more meaningful way and scrutinize actionable insights alongside trending and tangible metrics. 

New innovations to our trusted cloud data security platform also allow enterprises to manage and protect the lifecycle of their data with an emphasis on financial and privacy compliance risk. Using OpenText™ Voltage Fusion, businesses can discover and classify data for potential risk anywhere – from cloud data warehouses, to databases, applications, and file shares with end-to-end data protection. OpenText Voltage Fusion is a powerful platform that is ideal for data security and compliance teams in need of a solution that acts as a trusted extension of their existing team during a time of critical skills shortages.  

Innovations in OpenText™ Developer Cloud 

OpenText™ Developer Cloud lets developers act smarter by bringing their ideas to life using powerful, developer-trusted APIs quickly and cost effectively. 

With CE 23.4, we focused on supplying developers with the right tools to communicate clearly and efficiently with clients by launching a set of notification APIs. Developers can add notification services such as push, SMS, outbound fax functionalities, and email into existing and new applications, in a matter of minutes, without the need of lengthy coding.  

This set of APIs allow developers to centralize and better manage client communications and customer engagement strategies via a singular platform; ideal for verticals such as banking, healthcare, insurance, and others in daily communication – managing appointments, for example – with clients. 

Innovations in OpenText™ DevOps Cloud 

With OpenText™ DevOps Cloud, we continue to push boundaries to advance smarter application delivery management by empowering organizations to craft and deploy software effectively, in the cloud, and at a preferred pace. 

Our end-to-end, AI-driven DevOps and value stream management platform, OpenText™ ValueEdge, has been bolstered with the addition of roadmap visualization, giving users the freedom to better plan product workflows. Coupled with OpenText™ ALM Octane, product managers and project owners get enhanced visibility and control of created roadmaps to enable improved integrated planning, integration, test management, and software delivery. Customers will now have a razor-sharp, high-quality view of the entire digital value stream – from start to finish.  

Innovations in OpenText™ Experience Cloud 

OpenText™ Experience Cloud is our highly insightful platform that enables organizations to seamlessly personalize experiences and communications, deliver relevant engagement and optimize the customer journey.  

In addition to its integration with OpenText Aviator, OpenText™ Exstream™ has undergone a further expansion to support customer experience excellence by replacing complex HTML coding traditionally required to create compelling customer communications with low (or no-code) HTML design for digital-first communications.  

By simplifying the creation of digital communications marketing, communications, and customer service teams can focus on ideation and creativity. Communicators can steadily engage and captivate audiences while confidently overcome technical and expertise constraints caused by difficult HTML coding. The outcome? An uplift in productivity and imaginative flair.  

Other innovations to the OpenText Experience Cloud in this release include: 

  • Better connectivity and collaboration with OpenText™ TeamSite: OpenText TeamSite has uplevelled existing Experience Studio proficiencies to better create, manage and deploy interactive application practises with a single platform. Powerful, yet easy-to-use, the new platform brings together developers and business users by integrating developer tools with low-code, dynamic experiences in a hybrid environment focused on creation and deployment. 
  • OpenText™ Media Management integration with OpenText™ IDOL™ Media Server: Customers now have the option to add OpenText AI Image Analytics – powered by OpenText IDOL – to OpenText Media Management to help organizations transform their rich media management processes without increasing risk. This seamless integration addresses existing data security concerns by providing secure automatic metadata enrichment with custom model training in a private cloud or on-premises environment.   

Innovations in OpenText™ IT Operations Cloud 

OpenText™ IT Operations Cloud raises the bar for IT service performance despite cloud complexity, cost constraints and staff shortages. 

This CE 23.4 release unites our flagship service management solution, OpenText™ Service Management Automation X (SMAX), with OpenText™ Core, a SaaS content management solution, to give service agents unparalleled access to relevant information that is easy to locate – from HR, to financials, contracts, and corporate records. What’s more, integrating SMAX with a SaaS content management solution safeguards business data in a secure central repository that offers automatic, transparent information governance.  

In addition, several enhancements have been made to the OpenText™ Operations Bridge solution: 

  • Smarter sustainability reporting: Carbon relevant information can now be collected from on-premises infrastructures, such as OneView. This gives customers the information needed to help reduce carbon footprint from IT systems. 
  • New SMAX/EVENT 360 reporting system: The introduction of a new flexible dashboard, based on the OPTIC One UI framework, offers a single pane view of an event, incident, change, and service request data. Consolidated from OpenText Operations Bridge and OpenText SMAX in OPTIC data lake, the 360-view allows teams to proactively assess impact and manage service health from a unified, role-based assessment of the collected data.  

Further innovations included in this CE 23.4 release include: 

  • OpenText™ Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX): The new OpenText FinOps and GreenOps IT carbon footprint dashboard supports informed environmental impact decisions and can help customers make smart trade-offs between cost and carbon. By tracking carbon emissions, identifying opportunities for optimization, and monitoring progress towards sustainability goals, businesses are empowered to make more informed decisions across a multi-cloud ecosystem. We’ve also introduced automated cloud waste cleanup that optimizes AWS and Azure savings plans using smart what-if analyses, presented in a user-friendly UI. 
  • OpenText™ OpScope: OpenText OpScope is an easy-to-use tool for monitoring and troubleshooting cloud application, service and workflow health. Our new solution offers a cost-effective and integrated approach to monitoring apps, cloud services, containers, virtualization, infrastructure, databases, middleware, networks and more, across cloud and off-cloud environments. 
  • OpenText™ Asset Management X: Businesses can now pay closer attention to their carbon footprint and the sustainability of physical infrastructure, such as data centers, with improved carbon emissions tracking capabilities for off-cloud IT hardware.  
  • OpenText™ Network Automation: Drive automated configuration, change, and security compliance with the ability to leverage Github as a version control repository for NA change plans, policies, diagnostics, and OpenText supported Red Hat Ansible integration. 
  • OpenText™ Network Node Manager i (NNMi): Deliver powerful NOCs to manage modern networks with multiple NNMis/NAs sharing the same 0DL. By doing so, this capability reduces total cost of ownership by allowing multiple independent NNMi servers to share a single instance of OPTIC DL.

The legal industry is facing unprecedented change thanks to advancing technology, new business models and evolving client expectations. For example, legal professionals are seeing an increase in the number of audio and video files within their document collection sets due to organizations increasingly relying on digital communication in their daily activities. Such files are not inherently searchable and downloading and manually reviewing them outside of the primary review platform can be time consuming and risky. 

This CE 23.4 release addresses this challenge by implementing seamless audio/video (“A/V”) playback and transcription functionality in our OpenText™ Axcelerate™ and OpenText™ Insight solutions. By combining these solutions, legal teams get the information they need faster and can easily apply textual and conceptual analytics across the entire modern data collection for greater insight. Users can further speed review by using the time-stamped transcription window to navigate to relevant portions of the files. 

The seamless integration of audio/video support in OpenText™ eDiscovery solutions empowers legal professionals to identify patterns, unlock case insights, enable comprehensive data and case analysis, and assessment for modern eDiscovery matters. 

Looking for more? 

For more on all the CE 23.4 innovations, visit our blog as our subject matter experts guide you on the right solutions for your business as you continue to digitally transform in the cloud. 

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