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Introducing Legal Tech Aviator – the central AI nervous system of our smart legal platform

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April 15, 20243 minute read

54% of general counsel say they are looking to AI technologies to free up time and allow them to focus on high-value work

OpenText and the Corporate Counsel Business Journal, Legal Department Innovation Survey: How can AI modernize your practice? 2024

Impact of GenAI on Legal Tech

Generative AI – leveraging the power of large language models (LLMs) to create content – is a high-priority topic for both in-house and law firm legal professionals. As legal practitioners struggle with the increasing volume and complexity of data, shrinking budgets, increasing regulatory scrutiny, and expanded responsibilities in risk management, they have no choice but to leverage technology to help improve outcomes, lower costs, and control risk. The disruptive and lasting impact that generative AI will have on the way that the legal profession will evolve over the next few years cannot be overstated. 

A recent study conducted by OpenText in collaboration with the Corporate Counsel Business Journal confirmed that many legal leaders are planning to apply generative AI to their work activities. The top use case for Gen AI, cited by 42% of respondents, is document summarization.  When asked about eDiscovery-specific tasks, 41% of respondents said they were most comfortable using generative AI to create summaries or narratives to educate reviewers on case details.

Old ways of carrying out legal and related administrative tasks will fall away as forward-thinking practitioners embrace the power of large language models to automate formerly cumbersome and often repetitive low-value tasks, freeing up time to allow them to focus on high-value work. 

A new AI platform for legal practitioners

With CE 24.2, OpenText is thrilled to announce the launch of OpenText Legal Tech Aviator, a platform that brings GenAI to legal practitioners who want to proactively manage risks and costs while delivering better outcomes. The first application of this new technology is in OpenText Axcelerate. OpenText Axcelerate with Aviator will allow users to access AI-generated summaries of key documents to improve document review efficiency and deliver rapid insight into the case.

Users can easily enter the text of a complaint or other key document into the Aviator window within Axcelerate, and then OpenText Axcelerate with Aviator leverages Amazon Bedrock to deliver an easily digestible and verifiable summary of key documents. Armed with the key document summary review teams get a head-start on document review to reduce time and costs and increase accuracy. With CE 24.2, OpenText Axcelerate with Aviator will also generate intuitive plain language summaries of Axcelerate concept labels to further speed review and deliver rapid insight into concepts in the data set.

The initial OpenText Axcelerate with Aviator CE 24.2 addresses the document summarization key use case in the eDiscovery workflow. With OpenText Axcelerate with Aviator, legal practitioners and their clients will: 

  • Gain rapid insight into key documents and concepts in large data sets.
  • Uncover key data sooner with AI-generated summaries of key documents to inform early case assessment and review strategy and prioritization for investigations, litigation, and regulatory compliance matters.
  • Verify the accuracy of results with linked document citations to documents within the client data set.
  • Improve user experience with intuitive AI-generated summaries of concept group labels.

OpenText is a long-time leader in the responsible, defensible, and effective deployment of AI for eDiscovery applications– from the introduction of predictive coding in 2009 to the integration of textual analytics for automated document summaries, entity detection, sentiment analysis, automated PII detection and redaction, and more. OpenText Legal Tech Aviator, leveraging generative AI and large language models, is the next step in the evolution of AI to automate legal workflows to help practitioners proactively manage risks and costs and deliver better outcomes.

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