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We, at OpenText, are leading the charge in innovative digital transformation, equipping our customers with essential tools to tackle today’s most complex business challenges. The…

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January 23, 20248 minute read

We, at OpenText, are leading the charge in innovative digital transformation, equipping our customers with essential tools to tackle today’s most complex business challenges. The next generation of innovation will be driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and built on information management.  

We’ve already taken flight with groundbreaking AI capabilities unveiled in Cloud Editions (CE) 23.4, marking the inception of OpenText™ Aviator under – our innovation mission to shape the future using generative-AI. AI’s transformative potential in information management fuels our ambition for a future centered on maximizing the synergy between AI and information management to reimagine work. With modern information management, advanced technologies bring together human intelligence with AI, and it is this collaborative intelligence that will enable companies to create a better future. 

And we’ve continued this work with the Cloud Editions 24.1 release. As you’ve likely seen in our announcement today, we’ve continued to enhance our OpenText Aviator capabilities. Our dedication to innovation across OpenText’s business cloud solutions remains unwavering as we continue to help customers reimagine the future of work by applying AI to daily workflows.   

But, as we all know, there’s always so much more to our Cloud Editions releases, let’s explore these cutting-edge innovations further: 

Innovations in OpenText™ Aviator 

OpenText™ Content Aviator: We’ve integrated our generative AI-powered intelligent assistant, OpenText Content Aviator, with OpenText™ Extended ECM to address demand for more speed and automation and help users find the relevant information needed to do their jobs – faster. Through an interactive, chat-based conversational interface, OpenText Content Aviator simplifies document and business workspace analysis, summarization and translation, empowering teams to focus on higher-value tasks. Leveraging generative AI against the information management foundation of OpenText Extended ECM ensures users get the best answers based on the most relevant content to their tasks, roles, and permissions to reduce information overload and keep users focused and more productive. 

OpenText™ IT Operations Aviator: In CE 24.1, OpenText™ Service Management Automation X (SMAX) continues to bring generative AI capabilities to all customers, regardless of deployment models. Now, both on-cloud and off-cloud SMAX customers can leverage OpenText IT Operations Aviator to enhance user experience, reduce support costs, and maintain data privacy and ethical response controls. This enables businesses to elevate their IT service management (ITSM) with a generative-AI chatbot, utilizing a private large language model while safeguarding data privacy. 

OpenText™ Thrust Studio: During OpenText World 2023 in Las Vegas, we reinforced our commitment to our developer community by releasing a series of innovative solutions to enable the development of information management applications via the access of APIs and applications extenders. In this release, we reinforce our promise by bringing to market OpenText™ Aviator Thrust Studio, a solution that includes two components: 

  • OpenText Aviator Thrust Studio: An early access release of a VS Code to help developers with the creation of artifacts (models) that help deploy and run applications seamlessly, including objects, set permissions, workflows and decision models. These extension packs consist of low-code modelers that automate the deployment actions in a CI/CD pipeline. This makes the deployment of these artifacts into the OCP quick, simple and efficient without the need to send a direct REST. 
  • OpenText Aviator Thrust for Partners Program: Our partner program provides access to a more robust portfolio of APIs that can be used to create applications and address real-life solutions to industry needs. OpenText provides both access to these multi service APIs and world-class support required to succeed along the way. If you wish to discover more about this free-to-join program, you can do so by watching the following announcement here. 

You can now access early testing by joining our early access programs by signing up here

Are you ready to unlock the potential of AI and earn your wings? Learn more about our AI strategy and explore our suite of OpenText Aviator solutions for business and technologists at

Additional innovations in Cloud Editions 24.1 

Innovations in OpenText™ Analytics and AI Cloud 

OpenText™ AI Cloud enables data-driven organizations to achieve clear insights, make intelligent decisions, and deliver real-time solutions on the largest volumes of data – both structured and unstructured. 

In this release, OpenText™ Magellan™ BI and Reporting – Public Cloud has integrated our OpenText™ Vertica analytical database to deliver superior analytical performance at unlimited scale for enhanced cloud-based enterprise business intelligence. This elastic, multi-tenant, SaaS offering empowers data-driven organizations to define, centrally deploy, and seamlessly embed metrics, interactive reports, dashboards, and self-service BI capabilities into any application. The integration with OpenText Vertica, known for its high performance at extreme scale, enables organizations to swiftly unlock insights from exceptionally large data volumes in seconds.  

Innovations in OpenText™ Business Network Cloud 

As our global connections grow, the OpenText™ Business Network Cloud offers more intelligent links between individuals, systems, and objects, catering to the ever-changing demands of today’s dynamic business landscape. 

In this CE 24.1, we’ve optimized the supply chain to accelerate time-to-revenue and introduced a pre-built and configurable Microsoft Dynamics 365 electronic data interchange (EDI) integration adapter, offering a cost-effective and rapid deployment solution. This enhancement to the OpenText Business Network Cloud fosters enhanced connectivity across multiple touchpoints, expediting transaction flows between internal systems and external trading partners. By facilitating actions such as instant receipt of purchase orders, automated inventory checks, and swift order fulfilment, this innovative integration empowers enterprises to revolutionize their broader B2B EDI requirements. 

Innovations in OpenText™ Cybersecurity Cloud 

OpenText™ Cybersecurity Cloud equips forward-thinking businesses with robust, up-to-the-minute threat intelligence, enabling effective real-time risk mitigation. In this release, we address challenges arising from the continuous surge in data, posing difficulties for organizations to manage the risk of data breaches and comply with regulatory requirements. 

To combat these data privacy and governance concerns, we’ve elevated OpenText™ Voltage™ Fusion, a cloud-first data security platform and integrated it with our Content Cloud solution, OpenText Extended ECM.  

OpenText Voltage Fusion seamlessly links data discovery, classification, and insights with data security, usage monitoring, and lifecycle management, effectively managing sensitive data challenges. This helps cybersecurity leaders understand where sensitive data resides and how best to protect it. By marrying these capabilities with OpenText Extended ECM, customers can better identify sensitive information inside and outside the content management boundaries improving visibility around data sprawl, compliance, and privacy postures. 

Additionally, our comprehensive identity lifecycle management solution, OpenText NetIQ Identity Manager, is now available in a hybrid mode as a single tenant SaaS service in the OpenText private cloud and existing off-cloud deployments. This offers businesses relief from resource constraints involved in maintaining, patching, and updating their identity management environment. 

Innovations in OpenText™ DevOps Cloud 

Through OpenText™ DevOps Cloud, we continue to elevate the management of application delivery, empowering organizations to efficiently create and deploy software in the cloud at their preferred pace. 

OpenText™ ALM/Quality Center, a leading test management and ALM tool, now features a modern web-based user interface that enables developers, testers, and administrators to seamlessly perform their tasks on any browser and device of choice. This enhancement reduces client deployment costs and enhances productivity for quality assurance teams. Developers and testers can now work faster and more effectively in an intuitive environment, with features such as filtering, grouping, and favorites to help aid focus. Site administrators benefit from a redesigned and dynamic user interface that enhances client management, API key management, and license assignment for SaaS instances. 

Innovations in OpenText™ Experience Cloud 

OpenText™ Experience Cloud is instrumental in helping customers maintain lifelong relationships by nurturing smarter customer experiences and communications. 

In this release, we continue to transform contact centers with cutting-edge solutions, extending capabilities from OpenText™ Qfiniti Explore to contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution providers like Sinch. 

With the aim of addressing persistent challenges tied to poor agent productivity and efficiency caused by heavy workloads, diverse customer inquiries, and complex issues, businesses can now integrate a Sinch connector to augment their CCaaS. This amalgamation unlocks valuable customer insights for a comprehensive 360-degree view, streamlining operations and enriching customer interactions aligned with strategic goals to elevate the overall customer experience. Furthermore, this tool incorporates an intelligently autoscore analytics feature designed to automatically assess agent performance and customer satisfaction. This yields valuable, tangible evidence to trigger specific actions aimed at enhancing agent experience management and the overall customer experience. 

Looking for more?  

For more on all the CE 24.1 innovations, visit our blog as our subject matter experts guide you on the right solutions for your business as you continue to digitally transform in the cloud. 

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