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OpenText™ Extended ECM (formerly OpenText Extended ECM Platform and OpenText Content Suite Platform) integrates business content with leading ERP, CRM, HCM applications, seamlessly connecting people with information and accelerating end-to-end business. Check out the latest OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) announcement to learn more about the most recent release.

June 2022: What’s new in OpenText Extended ECM CE 22.2

The Extended ECM CE 22.2 release includes new capabilities designed to help organizations master modern work.

Eliminate data silos and improve collaboration with enhanced sync to Microsoft Teams

Originally introduced in CE 22.1, this release comes with bi-directional editing and versioning of files between Extended ECM Business Workspace and a Microsoft Team, thereby maintaining file integrity and eliminating potential version conflicts. This enhancement allows users to work seamlessly between their system of collaboration, such as Microsoft Teams, and a system of record such as Extended ECM, maintaining a single source of truth. Learn more about the integration.

An image demonstrating the synchronization of content between OpenText Extended ECM Business Workspace and Microsoft Teams.
Synchronization of content between Extended ECM Business Workspace and a Microsoft Teams

Stay up to date with the Notification Center updates

Initially introduced in CE 21.3, Notification Center continues to evolve as the collaboration hub in Extended ECM. This release has added e-mail as a delivery channel for all Notification Center updates. This means that users can enable e-mail delivery of messages sent to them through Notification Center, promptly receiving changes to their watched Business Workspaces, Content Syndication operations and more.

An image showing updates from the Notification Center being delivered directly to a user's inbox.
Notification Center updates are delivered via email directly to the users’ inbox

Make content administration seamless with the new Content Manager role

To improve content administration the new Content Manager role allows designated user accounts to bypass permissions and enter a mode enabling access to most of the content in the Extended ECM system; thereby allowing them to self-service content administration and completion of tasks such as un-reserving documents or altering permissions without relying on system administrators or, if deployed as a managed cloud service, OpenText Support.

Increased software scalability and availability with Kubernetes Deployment

Extended ECM is now supported on Red Hat OpenShift, providing flexibility for customers to run their Extended ECM solutions in the cloud or on-premises environments, especially for those in heavily regulated industries such as Banking and Financial services.

A diagram showing multiple deployment options for OpenText Extended ECM.
Multiple deployment options for Extended ECM users  

Improved user experience for the SAP Enterprise Asset Management Business Scenario

CE 22.2 enhances existing features within the SAP Enterprise Asset Management Business Scenario, such as Completeness Check, Metadata Widget with related Business Workspaces, and Team Widget. With the Completeness Check, users can see which documents of a particular document type are missing, such as manuals, technical drawings, work instructions, analysis results, etc. The Metadata Widget provides users with an aggregated view of related Business Workspaces. Finally, the Team Widget enables users to see who is responsible for specific assets or workspaces. Learn more about Extended ECM Business Scenarios

Seamless integration of dynamic workflows

Dynamic workflows from OpenText™ AppWorks™ provide a way to forward responsibilities and include additional reviewers after starting a workflow within OpenText™ Extended ECM for Government. This integration gives users the flexibility to adapt the steps and tasks for complex case management-based work, thereby connecting information, knowledge, and people to resolve cases seamlessly. 

Simplified software delivery for easy administration

With CE 22.2, we have consolidated the software delivery and installation of the complete portfolio of Extended ECM products. This simplifies deployment and administration whether your system is on-premises or in the cloud. Consolidated delivery improves efficiency and reduces the risk of error during deployment as administrators no longer need to identify, check compatibility, check availability, and install modules individually. In addition, with a clearer view of all the capabilities offered across the portfolio, it’s easier for organizations to adopt the Extended ECM model to address new business requirements and use cases.

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