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What’s new in OpenText Extended ECM Platform CE 21.4

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OpenText™ Extended ECM manages the content that powers today’s top organizations, connecting information with people and systems that need it most. By providing seamless integration into critical business applications to save users time and frustration, Extended ECM reduces risk and increases productivity, collaboration and governance. The latest release features innovations that continue to solve many content challenges across today’s digital workplace.

New Extended ECM Business Scenarios

Business Scenarios are turnkey and pre-deployed line-of-business solutions that can be “turned on” at no additional charge. The included templates and pre-configurations reduce project complexity and implementation efforts and are ready to run in the cloud with Extended ECM CE 21.4.

  • Accelerate user adoption with faster time to value for process and collaboration improvements across the organization
  • Quickly create Business Workspaces from a Business Scenario departmental page
  • Additional Business Scenarios are planned for future releases to support your growing business needs

Business Scenarios launching in Extended ECM CE 21.4: 

  • Teamspaces to maximize collaboration across the organization
  • Projects to support project management from start to finish
  • Agreements to manage contracts and documents from draft to signature
  • Enterprise Asset Management for SAP integrations, document control, resource maintenance and inventory control

Expedite processes requiring digital signatures

With this release, users can request digital signatures for any document in Extended ECM without the need to configure a workflow. This allows ad-hoc digitalization of many business transactions without specific IT implementation projects.

  • Users click on the drop-down menu to request digital signatures for any document in Extended ECM
  • Works with OpenText™ Core Signature and DocuSign integrations
  • Less preparation required to get started and get documents signed
A screenshot demonstrating the user workflow for requesting digital signatures through the OpenText Extended ECM platform.
An example of the OpenText Extended ECM digital signature request workflow.

Create Business Workspaces from anywhere

This release also features a new quick action to create business workspaces from anywhere in the Smart View UI. Work efficiently to store documents in new workspaces without having to navigate through the enterprise structure. Simply pick a Business Workspaces type and follow the instructions to populate it. 

  • Click the plus symbol to create a Business Workspace
  • Select a Business Workspace template and maintain additional attributes or business-object reference
  • Helps users with quick and easy Business Workspace set up 
An screenshot demonstrating to workflow for creating a business workspace within the OpenText Extended ECM platform.
An example of how a user can easily create a business workspace within the OpenText Extended ECM platform.

Scan and upload content to a PDF from a mobile device on the go

With OpenText™ Content Server Mobile users can scan and upload content directly from the app, scan multiple pages of a document and upload them to Extended ECM. This feature eliminates the need for a separate app for scanning documents and uploads them directly to Extended ECM in PDF format.

  • Scan and upload multiple pages, signed contracts and important documents from a mobile device
  • Upload documents directly into an Extended ECM Business Workspace to keep processes moving
An example of the OpenText Content Service Mobile user interface shown on a mobile phone screen.
An example of OpenText Content Server Mobile for Extended ECM.

Empower users with new tools that drive productivity

  • Smart View Context Sensitive Help gets users to the appropriate help information faster, providing a more intuitive and efficient experience for users
  • Organize complex compound documents for technical and regulatory documentation or legal agreements. Bring together compound documents in Smart View to re-organize and re-order the sequence of documents to set master documents and create revisions of compound documents
  • Upload large content files to modernize ECM. Uploaded large files are streamed to storage as managed blocks, creating a faster and easier process
View this Slideshare to explore the exciting new innovations in the Extended ECM Platform and application integrations with Microsoft, SAP and more.

Also, watch on-demand the latest updates featured at OpenText World 2021 in session CTS100 Product update: What’s new in Content Suite, and Extended ECM for SAP, Microsoft, and Salesforce. 

Looking to upgrade to the latest version? See 10 reasons why your organization should act now, and find out how you can accelerate your upgrade by working with our OpenText Professional Services team. Learn more about our ECM Platform solutions.

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As part of the OpenText Content Services team focused on the Extended ECM Platform, Lee's goal is to help customers explore how content enriched business processes are driving the information advantage.

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