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Introducing AI-powered risk analysis reporting for OpenText Extended ECM and Documentum

Accelerate compliance by quickly creating interactive reports without needing IT, AI or analytics expertise

Managing content for risk and compliance is a challenging and high-priority responsibility that cannot sit only with employees who have PII or analytics expertise.

To help business users discover and remediate files that contain sensitive data, OpenText™ Magellan Risk Guard software provides a simple dashboard UI to easily view and take action on risky files. With OpenText™ Cloud Editions (CE) 22.2, business users can now quickly customize their analysis of content in OpenText™ Extended ECM or Documentum by creating interactive PII and PSI reports that are integrated into the Magellan Risk Guard UI.

Sensitive data and increasing compliance challenges

Data privacy reform is accelerating worldwide, and organizational content is rapidly growing at an estimated rate of 4.5x over the next two years, according the 2021 State of the Intelligent Information Industry report from AIIM. With almost 60% of that content unstructured and containing dark data, organizations need a scalable, automated way to find which files contain PII and PSI so that they can take actions to compliantly manage and protect risky content.

Custom interactive risk reports with a few clicks

Magellan Risk Guard has always included seamless integrations with Extended ECM and Documentum. With the new OpenText™ Magellan BI & Reporting integration, business users click on a few menu items to create the custom interactive reports they require without needing assistance from experts in AI, Data Science or analytics. With access to the new reporting capability directly in the Magellan Risk Guard UI, users can report on the types of risky data that are the highest priority for their department or job role.

Business users can select a pre-built report from the top navigation and then customize the report by using a simple menu.
Example of an updated report after a business user changed the bar chart to quickly see which file types comprise the top 10% of risky files. Now they know videos are a top priority for new risk assessment and remediation workflows.

Find out how your organization can accelerate compliance by integrating the mitigation of risks hidden in content into your privacy management and information security processes.

Sabra Goldick

Sabra Goldick is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for OpenText AI & Analytics products and solutions. Sabra brings to OpenText her decades of experience in product strategy, product management, and product marketing for SaaS startups and software tech leaders in the analytics, AI services and IoT markets.

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