What’s new in OpenText Extended ECM Platform CE 21.1 and OpenText Content Suite Platform CE 21.1

OpenText™ continues to push the boundaries of industry leading Content Services with these latest enhancements that provide better ways to use information to help businesses…

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March 19, 20216 minute read

OpenText™ continues to push the boundaries of industry leading Content Services with these latest enhancements that provide better ways to use information to help businesses thrive. As flexible cloud solutions, OpenText™ Extended ECM Platform CE 21.1 and OpenText™ Content Suite Platform CE 21.1 empower organizations to accelerate operational transformation, provide deep connections between content and process, drive automation and efficiency, and foster improved collaboration and productivity.  

Intelligent Automation for more efficient business processes

Event Action Center orchestrates automation with a new action to add reminders

Often, content-centric processes are long-running and require periodic follow-up actions be taken by those involved. To remove the risk of missing important milestones or deadlines, a new action to create reminders triggered by business events on documents or workspaces has been introduced. With flexible configuration, an assignee and due date can be determined automatically, ensuring those responsible have notice to complete the follow-up actions required.

Get up and running faster with new folder templates in Business Workspaces

A powerful and frequently requested feature for scaling and automation, it is now possible to create folders based on a folder template in Business Workspaces. Users can easily create predefined folder structures to better organize their content based on the business requirements. Creating a structure with predefined folder names and permissions ensures a flexible and organized way to store information. Create the folder template once and scale!

Providing Remote Workers with seamless information flows

Sharing digital content between regional and sometimes remote operations in a global organization can present challenges. Often, these remote sites experience security barriers and limited connectivity that slows down or blocks connection to a centralized repository. With CE 21.1, OpenText™ Content Server Syndication introduces support for related Business Workspace configurations. This ensures secure and efficient exchange of workspace content for remote workers, improving up-time and reducing the risk of critical information not being available when it’s required.

Enhanced user experiences to enable productivity

Multi-lingual metadata in Smart View provides better access and control

Providing employees with intuitive user experiences is instrumental to productivity. For global organizations, ensuring that experience in delivered in the local language is key. With CE 21.1 we have expanded localization of the Smart View to provide access to metadata in a variety of languages, making interaction with content even more intuitive.

Accessible Viewing Interface improvements provides more options                                                        

OpenText is committed to ensuring our content services solutions support the accessible and inclusive work environments of our customers. OpenText™ Viewing, included with Extended ECM and Content Suite Platforms CE 20.3 and greater, has expanded accessibility in CE 21.1 with features such as compatibility with screen-reader technology and contrasted color themes. OpenText Viewing provides a rich and intuitive viewing experience for users who have limitations and is compliant with WCAG 2.1 requirements.

Also, check out the advanced capabilities of the premium add-on, OpenText™ Intelligent Viewing here.

WebReport Full Page Widgets in Smart View for greater data insights

Data visualization goes a long way in providing people with the insight to make fast, accurate decisions. In CE 21.1 the new Content Intelligence WebReport full-page widget displays a full-page of information in a folder or Business Workspace in the Smart View. This enables the display of visual quantifiable information as a full-page chart or present a list of nodes, for example documents to be processed, in a full-page format in the Smart View. This feature builds on the latest SmartView enhancements providing the user more customizable information and reporting to be better informed and more productive at work.

Content security and external sharing for increased control and collaboration

Enabling organizations with additional content security

With the rapid rise of cybercrime, ensuring content is secure from threats both outside and inside the organization is no longer optional. CE 21.1 strengthens control of content with new Dynamic Security Clearance capabilities. This enables dynamically generated, controlled access to content is based on the environmental variables of a user’s connection. For example: Using a PC on the internal network grants the user full access, while connecting from a phone via a public access point grants the user a reduced clearance level. Combined with the capabilities This strengthens the ability to safeguarding access to content.

Secure your most sensitive content with Microsoft Azure Information Protection                             

Organizations can now secure their most sensitive data by integrating with the Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP). With this new integration, OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® Office 365™ maintains encryption and access levels to content managed by Extended ECM, while also enabling key capabilities such as secure text searching.

Core Share adds two-way metadata synchronization and a content approval step for greater content control and usability

The need for secure, seamless content sharing and collaboration with partners and customers outside the corporate firewall has become more important than ever in our new hybrid work environments. CE 21.1 introduces two new features in OpenText™ Core Share. First, we have added the ability to build in a checkpoint that requires share coordinators to provide approval before content synchronization to Core Share. Secondly, metadata is now synchronized in both directions when content is shared from Content Suite and Extended ECM. This means external contractors can add metadata to content such as vendor name, contract # and contract type, in order to integrate the content into their own workflows and business processes and the metadata will further enrich the content in the business workspace. These features will help prevent individuals from accidentally sharing sensitive content, while providing additional context and process continuity for both the organization and the external party.

See these highlights and more included in this SlideShare, and explore the exciting new applications innovations for Extended ECM for SAP® SuccessFactors® and Salesforce® integrations.

See all our Extended ECM Platform solutions in action here.

Looking to upgrade? See 10 reasons why your organization should be acting now in this latest blog. Also, accelerate your upgrade by working with our OpenText Professional Services team.

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