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Streamline real estate contract management with turnkey solutions

How to jumpstart contract and document processes through quick-to-deploy content management solutions

As organizations try to control the explosion of business content, it becomes more difficult for people to find and use relevant content when and where they need it. The information business content contains should be at the center of every process, but often it remains disconnected. To reach peak performance, organizations must find new ways to tackle this challenge.

This is also true for global enterprises with significant real estate or property assets, as well as organizations that focus on those areas as their main business. They are looking for quick-to-deploy content management solutions that help solve contract and document process issues.

Modern Real Estate information management challenges include:

  • Disconnected information in personal workstations, file shares, email, paper archives
  • Dependency on individual contributors to access essential contracts and obligations-related business information
  • Delays and poor customer satisfaction caused by broken information flows and disconnected processes
  • Critical and sensitive documents require more governance and security to ensure content is protected and in compliance to reduce business and legal risks
  • Better manage documents with time-sensitive due dates. (e.g., Contracts that run out, need to be renegotiated, extended, or canceled that may carry fees or penalties for the business)

Specifically designed for the real estate market, and now available as a turnkey content solution with CE 22.4, the new OpenText™ Extended ECM Real Estate Management Business Scenario enables simplified processes and tools for building a complete and connected real estate file and allows customers to deploy quickly.

This tailored solution controls and accelerates content intense processes for contract management and other related workflows for property asset operations such as lease contracts, renewals, terminations, contracting jobs, etc., as well as providing valuable insights through document status reporting.

A screenshot showing the Real Estate Management Business Scenario user interface with pre-configured content management.
The Real Estate Management Business Scenario user interface with pre-configured content management.

The Extended ECM Real Estate Management Business Scenario provides easy out-of-the-box setup and preconfigured content management to improve processes for specific real estate or property asset operations. It improves collaboration internally and externally with clients, contractors, and partners, with securely governed and accurate access to all critical information in one place.

As part of the growing Extended ECM business process library, this new solution can be used stand-alone with workflows and other automation features and is easily extensible to add new capabilities configured to the specific needs of the business. It is also specially designed to work with Extended ECM SAP S/4HANA integrations for enhanced business processes functionality, improving experiences and boosting collaboration across the business, and between SAP and non-SAP users.  

Organizations can manage all mission-critical documents and information about a property, building, rental objects, or real estate contracts together in one complete view. This solution also includes workflows for creating, negotiating and executing contracts, reporting on financial information regarding rental assets, objects, current contracts, or contracts that are due.

A screenshot showing how the Real Estate Management Business Scenario user interface shows mission-critical documents.
The Real Estate Management Business Scenario user interface shows mission-critical documents.

How the Real Estate Management Business Scenario streamlines operations:

  • Connects all documents, contracts and information together in one place for all users to easily access
  • Provides reporting, additional document controls, and significant process improvements     
  • Reduces associated costs and legal risks from mismanaged contracts and business documents
  • Provides fully configured workspaces for Business Entities, Properties, Buildings, Rental Objects, and Contracts to better organize and share with users and stakeholders 
  • Uses shared business objects like business partners to orchestrate work with all other Extended ECM business scenarios by
  • Offers pre-configured, easy-to-deploy solutions that are updated regularly with new features

The Real Estate Management Business Scenario enables easy, out-of-the-box setup and preconfigured content management process solutions for the specific needs of Real Estate/Property Operations, managing all documents and information about a property in one place, for buildings, rental objects, real estate contracts and more.

Learn more about Extended ECM and Business Scenarios and see how organizations like yours are mastering modern work with OpenText to streamline operations.

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