What’s new in OpenText Extended ECM Platform CE 21.2 and OpenText Content Suite Platform CE 21.2

OpenText™ empowers business operations by connecting content with the people and systems that need it most. These latest enhancements provide new ways to use and…

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April 22, 20214 minute read

OpenText™ empowers business operations by connecting content with the people and systems that need it most. These latest enhancements provide new ways to use and secure information, accelerate processes, and enable users to make informed decisions. OpenText Extended ECM Platform CE 21.2 and OpenText Content Suite Platform CE 21.2 are flexible cloud solutions designed to accelerate digital transformation by connecting content and process to enable automation, improve collaboration and enhance productivity.

New Intelligent Automation integrations for accelerated processes with Event Action Center

Reduce the need for workers to complete repetitive, low value tasks by providing automation that spans multiple applications and departments. With Event Action Center, included in Extended ECM, business processes flow seamlessly end-to-end, with a new capability designed to generate actions within other applications. Now, by initiating a WebReport action, events can be triggered from a change in status within a lead process application, on content itself, or via other actions orchestrated in productivity applications such as Microsoft Power Automate, SuccessFactors, SAP S/4 HANA, etc.

As an example, when a customer account status changes in Salesforce, Event Action Center can be configured to generate a WebReport that subsequently communicates with Microsoft Power Automate, automatically sending an email including the updated information to the Service Manager, kicking off updates to a service record, and communicating the relevant customer information to stakeholders in supporting departments by posting to a Yammer or Teams group.

Superior user experiences for the new digital workplace with Business Workspaces and Document Viewing

Available with Extended ECM Platform, business workspaces integrate content and data from a variety of systems to offer a complete view of any business object, together in one user-friendly interface. New enhancements are continuing to change how remote work is done, with improved administration of configurations, automation and more efficient ways to search and access connected content.

The new Search Query Results Widget can configure a simple search query that will display list items on a real time basis providing easier access to information and documents. This boosts productivity by allowing users to review content and perform actions seamlessly without searching or navigating to the actual location where the content is saved.

Also, updates to Business Workspaces navigation provide more efficient access to documents with a new dropdown box that makes it easier for users to navigate upward several levels.

OpenText viewing solutions provide the perfect balance of accessibility and security, helping organizations operate efficiently while meeting compliance objectives. This latest release provides enhancements to viewing and handling content, including multi-file viewing, publishing and transformation. As well, now provides the ability to select different files and view them at once using the in-place viewing experience. This eliminates the tedious task of having to navigate in and out of the viewer to select files individually. OpenText Intelligent Viewing for Content Suite introduces the ability to convert single or multiple documents to a PDF output. This enables efficient bulk transformation of diverse content to a universal format, improving audit and regulatory compliance for long-term content preservation and reducing the risk of human error associated with manual processes.

Governance and security with Azure Information Protection integration

Organizations can now secure their most sensitive data by integrating with Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP). This new capability, which is included in Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365, protects incoming and outgoing documents based on security levels in Extended ECM.

This release introduces the ability for organizations to map security clearance levels and AIP Sensitivity Labels so that the lifecycle of content in Extended ECM can determine the level of AIP Sensitivity Label protection applied to content (and vice versa if desired). Now with AIP and Extended ECM, when the user closes the edit session or saves the document back to Extended ECM, the system picks up the AIP Sensitivity Label and applies the matching Security Clearance Level to the document to ensure the appropriate access restrictions are in place.

With Extended ECM and Azure Information Protection working together, there is greater control of information to prevent data leakage while maintaining important business processes both inside and outside the organization.

See these highlights and more included in this SlideShare, and explore the exciting new innovations for the Extended ECM Platform integrations with Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, and SAP SuccessFactors. Also, don’t miss roadmap updates in our OpenText World Europe 2021 session, CTS101 Product update: What’s new in Content Suite and Extended ECM for SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce. Watch it on-demand here.

See all our Extended ECM Platform solutions in action here.

Looking to upgrade to the latest version? See 10 reasons why your organization should be acting now in this latest blog.  Also, accelerate your upgrade by working with our OpenText Professional Services team.

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