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What’s new in OpenText Extended ECM Platform CE 21.3

OpenText™ continues to advance our Content Services solutions with the latest release for OpenText™ Extended ECM Platform CE 21.3. These new innovations provide content driven automation that enables businesses with greater productivity, provides users with immersive experiences to help them be more effective, and improves information flows and processes with tighter integrations.

Accelerate productivity with new features for Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Filing leverages the capabilities of Extended ECM combined with OpenText™ Core Capture Service to analyze, identify and file documents automatically in the correct business workspace and sub-folders.

  • Improves user efficiency and accuracy, reduces time-consuming tasks to navigate and locate folders to file content.

Event Action Center can trigger automated events via a “Metadata Update” occurring in an integrated business application such as SAP or Salesforce, or via metadata updates within an Extended ECM workflow.

  • Drive productivity by further automating business processes. Actions can be content centric as well as related to leading applications.

Best in class user experiences for the digital workplace

The new Smart View notification center insights provides timely, relevant, and visible notifications improving content utilization and collaboration related to a business workspace.

  • Insights uses a modern and familiar user experience, with a bell icon signifying the number of unread messages and a side panel for an aggregate view of notifications.

Workflows now display an in-place preview of attached documents within a workflow step, eliminating the need to open them separately and improving process efficiency.

  • Improves productivity by providing an in-place overview of attached documents and enables business scenarios that require handling large amounts of documents with workflows.

Transform content viewing and handling

Utilize OpenText™ Intelligent Viewing for Content Suite to easily and efficiently review and compare Office and PDF documents, as well as engineering documents with graphical and text compare.

  • Compare versions with a re-designed document properties page that promotes an intelligent and responsive in-place viewing experience.

Connected business apps are better together for content and collaboration

Using OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365 enables you to manage the creation of a business workspace directly from within the Microsoft Teams UI. For users who work in MS Teams and not Extended ECM, this further simplifies ease of use and compliant control of information, directly within the interface users prefer.

See these highlights and more in this SlideShare, and explore the exciting new innovations for the Extended ECM Platform integrations. See all our Extended ECM Platform solutions here.

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Lee Van Cromvoirt

As part of the OpenText Content Services team focused on the Extended ECM Platform, Lee's goal is to help customers explore how content enriched business processes are driving the information advantage.

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