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OpenText Content Server Syndication lets workers in remote locations access and share content quickly and securely

Share knowledge 60% faster from remote locations

Sharing digital content between regional operations can present challenges. Generally, content is stored, maintained and managed at a head office or primary location. Often, regional operations are geographically remote, separated from the content repository by long distances, with security barriers and limited connectivity slowing down or blocking connections.

When users are faced with barriers such as slow access to the information and systems they need to perform their duties, it becomes enticing to bypass compliant corporate environments. It’s human nature to find workarounds, such as storing copies of content on hard drives or other repositories outside of the enterprise system. These behaviors present significant risk to the organization. Data compliance and the potential for lost data jeopardizes the organization and presents a significant negative impact to productivity.

On November 7, 2018, OpenText™ announced OpenText™ Release 16 Enhancement Pack 5 (EP5) for Content Suite 16. In addition to many new features developed for the Content Suite platform, EP5 delivers OpenText™ Content Server Syndication, the next generation solution designed to replace the OpenText™ Remote Cache product. Completely redesigned, Content Server Syndication provides 60% faster access to content in remote locations.

Ensure content availability and full OpenText Content Server functionality for remote offices

While other solutions only replicate and cache content, OpenText Content Server Syndication provides 100% Content Server functionality—resulting in virtually no downtime and a consistent ECM user experience regardless of the office location.

Here are the many performance enhancements that customers can take advantage of when using the Content Server Syndication feature:

  • Content Server Syndication performs 60% faster on average for browse operations when compared to Remote Cache or direct access to the primary Content Server
  • All user operations are executed locally (authentication, browse, search, download, upload), reducing application response time
  • Content Server Syndication is easier to deploy, install and configure than past solutions—this feature is embedded in Content Server

Users with specific privileges can syndicate content folders to one or more remote sites from primary locations. The syndication operation can be reversed at any time.

Share knowledge 60% faster from remote locations with new Content Server Synidication
New in EP5: OpenText Content Server Syndication lets workers in remote locations access and share content quickly and securely.

To learn more about Content Server Syndication

  • Register for the upcoming OpenText Live webinar on December 5—hosted by Thomas Demmler, Director, Product Management—to see a live product demonstration
  • Read more in this Product Overview
  • See the Customer Advisory for additional details about this new release

Want to learn more about OpenText Content Suite 16 EP5?

Ready to upgrade? Do it yourself with the many resources available on Upgrade Central (My Support login required).


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