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What’s new in OpenText Extended ECM Platform CE 20.4 and OpenText Content Suite Platform CE 20.4

Rethink Content Services, new advances to improve information flows, collaboration and archiving

Organizations are facing immense pressure to rethink the way they do business in the wake of global challenges. Traditional methods used to support operational processes, employee productivity, and governance policies are undergoing scrutiny and, often, a full redesign.

Organizations that have made investments in Content Services Platforms are a step ahead of their peers as they utilize the technology’s flexible framework to organize, manage, secure, and leverage their most valuable asset: Information. With OpenText™ Cloud Editions (CE) 20.4, OpenText™ Content Suite Platform and OpenText™ Extended ECM Platform continue to deliver strategic innovations to help organizations rebuild and thrive in a new equilibrium.

Key innovations for Extended ECM Platform in CE 20.4:

Content Server Syndication now provides support for Extended ECM Business Workspaces

Enables access to content and associated business metadata from remote work environments.

  • Content Server Syndication with Extended ECM provides organizations facing geographically remote locations, security barriers or limited connectivity a means to provide consistent access to business workspace information
  • Extended ECM with Content Server Syndication now provides users access to business workspaces, even when offline
  • Optimizes regional storage, reducing costs while improving performance in dispersed work environments

Global organizations operating in remote locations, particularly in defense, mining and energy, have significant challenges with connectivity, limiting access to information for workers. Content Server Syndication enables secure, compliant, offline access to content and system features for improved productivity and collaboration.

New Event Action Center user experience

Drives productivity and reduces costs by automating content-driven actions and enabling intelligent process automation.

  • Event Action Center can now initiate a workflow when a document is uploaded—enforcing business rules, automating actions and triggering processes
  • A new user interface allows for easier use, better control and more automation options when configuring actions

These new innovations help automate content-related activities, reducing the need for workers to engage in repetitive manual tasks and minimizing the cost and risk of errors.

New cloud content archiving capabilities

Content Suite Platform and Extended ECM add the flexibility of optimizing storage costs by archiving large volumes of inactive on premise content from Content Server to the cloud.

  • Enables consolidation of data across the enterprise in a single, compliant archiving solution while content remains searchable and accessible to users
  • Provides additional storage options for organizations with high volumes of content
  • Simplifies IT operations and minimizes costs by shifting to cloud storage

The new integration between OpenText™ Core Archive for SAP® Solutions and Content Server provides organizations the option of adopting a single, cloud-storage service for both SAP data and documents as well as Content Suite and Extended ECM content.

Key innovations for Content Suite Platform in CE 20.4:

Embedded document viewing in the Smart View

OpenText™ Viewing is a cloud-first viewing technology that provides simple and efficient content viewing directly within the Smart View interface.

  • Quickly access content in a convenient and easy-to-read slide-out pane
  • Easily navigate to other documents without closing the viewing pane
  • Delivers high-fidelity viewing across browsers for many document formats, including images and CAD drawings

Launch a full viewing session on-demand, and quickly access content in a convenient and easy-to-read slide-out pane. Designed to offer a simplified installation and configuration experience out of the box to meet your organization’s viewing and searching needs. This innovation is included in both the Extended ECM and Content Suite Platforms.

Automatically share folders with external participants via OpenText™ Core Share

Combine the strengths of Business Workspaces and Core Share to automatically share folders with external stakeholders.

  • Configure the Workspace template to automate sharing of content for Workspace instances
  • Ensure compliance of the shared content using an automated initiation and termination trigger for each share
  • Metadata from lead applications automatically defines the share recipients, as well as initiation and termination of the share during the lifecycle of the Business Workspace instance

Automated sharing speeds creation and administration of Business Workspaces, while facilitating secure external collaboration in the cloud. External participants are able to stay connected and productive from any location.

Sign documents with OpenText™ Core Signature Service

Support paperless document processes with electronic signature requirements from within Extended ECM and Content Suite Platforms.

  • New workflow step that can be integrated into any Content Server workflow
  • Handles signing documents with Core Signature Services (requires subscription)
  • Extend collaboration through to electronic signature and move to a completely digital environment for a holistic document management strategy

Automate, expedite and digitize sign-off processes with internal and external parties while adhering to organizational compliance requirements.

Easily migrate OpenText™ Content Server folders to Business Workspaces

Transition to a more powerful way to collaborate and align your content to business processes.

  • Utilize the easy-to-use migration tool to migrate Content Server folders to Business Workspaces
  • Supports transition from the Classic View to the modern, intuitive Smart View user interface
  • Enjoy the benefits of improved user experience coupled with increased personal and process productivity

Simplify complicated folder structures using templates that are aligned to business processes. Virtual models of a real-world, business object types, Business Workspaces can be leveraged to better manage and utilize all content across the enterprise.

Join us at this year’s virtual OpenText World and learn more about the latest innovations in the CE 20.4 release of Content Suite and Extended ECM Platforms. Look for session number CTS102, “Product update: What’s new & what’s next in OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM”. Check out all the Content Services On-Demand sessions here!

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