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Announcing OpenText Content Cloud CE 22.1

New advances enable more effective digital collaboration

The explosion of a remote and hybrid workforce has increased the need for easy and secure collaboration to execute business processes and transactions. Without effective digital collaboration and integrated business processes, companies face operational inefficiency and compliance risks.  

OpenText™ Content Cloud, Cloud Edition (CE) 22.1, offers new product innovations and enhancements that:  

  • Improve collaboration 
  • Integrate e-signatures 
  • Accelerate business processes 
  • Help build tailored business and industry solutions 

Expedite business processes and integrate e-signatures 

OpenText™ Core Content, a SaaS content services platform, connects business content to operational processes with deep integrations to SAP® S/4HANA Public Cloud, Salesforce®, and Microsoft® 365.    

OpenText Core Content CE 22.1 now integrates with OpenText™ Core Signature to keep critical approval processes flowing with e-signatures. Sign quotes, contracts, and other documents in a fast, compliant, and hassle-free way. Easily send documents for signature directly from within Core Content. 

Screenshot demonstrating the OpenText Core Content and Core Signature integration in action.
Example of the Core Content and Core Signature integration 

OpenText Core Content CE 22.1 also simplifies repeatable content-centric processes with automated workflow templates through a new zero-code workflow configuration tool designed for end users, with no IT resources required. To further reduce IT workloads, CE 22.1 provides intelligent content onboarding with Content Bridge API.   

Increase seamless employee collaboration in Microsoft Teams 

Organizations are continuously seeking ways to further improve collaboration as Microsoft Teams users increase. OpenText™ Extended ECM CE 22.1 now provides seamless bi-directional synchronization between Microsoft Teams and Business Workspaces. Users can easily access and collaborate on content from either Microsoft Teams or Extended ECM user interfaces, eliminating content silos, increasing productivity, and maintaining a single source of truth. 

A screenshot demonstrating how the two-way synchronization between MS Teams and OpenText Extended ECM works.
Example of the two-way synchronization between Microsoft Teams and OpenText Extended ECM 

Extend global remote mobile access and collaboration 

OpenText™ Core Share CE 22.1 extends remote mobile access and collaboration by offering Microsoft 365 mobile as a repository for customers working remotely in Europe, Canada, and Australia, in addition to the United States. Changes made in Microsoft 365 mobile are saved in real-time to Core Share to maintain one version of the truth, increasing remote user productivity and ensuring data governance and sovereignty.

Deepen e-signature integration 

E-signatures are a critical step in most daily business processes. Content Cloud CE 22.1 continues to expand on deep e-signature integrations to address diverse business needs including:  

  • OpenText™ Core Signature Service CE 22.1 now enables e-signing workflows directly within content platforms. Customers can enable secure e-signing directly within a SaaS content platform, such as Core Content and/or OpenText ™ Core for SAP Success Factors®. Core for SAP Success Factors customers now have an out-of-the-box e-signature solution that is complementary and more deeply integrated than DocuSign. Core Signature Service also provides corporate developers with access to a rich set of APIs to customize the user experience while retaining visibility, security and control. 
  • OpenText Extended ECM CE 22.1 now integrates Core Signature into the Agreements Business Scenario. Users in HR, Finance, Sales and IT departments are able to accelerate business processes involving agreements and contracts. Business users can now easily review, approve and send contracts for signature through Core Signature to internal or external parties.  
A screenshot demonstrating the OpenText Core Signature integration with OpenText Extended ECM Agreements Business Scenario.
Example of the OpenText Core Signature integration with Agreements Business Scenario 

Project and asset management collaboration in tailored industry solutions 

Projects and Operations solutions

Content Cloud CE 22.1 enhances Projects and Operations solutions to efficiently control engineering information and increase production revenue. 

  • OpenText Documentum for Asset Operations now uses an OpenText™ Extended ECM Documentum for SAP Business Workspace integration to enable the exchange of information between Asset Operations and SAP Project Management (PM)/Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). SAP customers can accelerate operations and maintain team execution by integrating controlled engineering drawings and process documents into SAP Assets, Locations, and Work Orders. It will also help keep these documents up to date by providing markup and revision/update processing within SAP. 
  • OpenText™ Core for Capital Projects now streamlines reviews with issue management and markup consolidation to speed up the document review and feedback process and keep projects on schedule. Workers will also appreciate the increased usability and accuracy of the feedback provided during the electronic review process. 
  • OpenText™ Core for Building Information Modelling (BIM) provides an enhanced Extended ECM integration and API extensions to ensure enterprise access and control for BIM 3D models and data. Project leaders will also appreciate the ability to access all engineering content seamlessly within their preferred enterprise application. 

Asset Information Management for Energy

Energy workers struggle to find the project and operational content they need to complete projects on time and keep critical assets running. Introducing a single, cloud-based, comprehensive, end-end system enables teams to find the right information at the right time from anywhere. Built on Extended ECM for Engineering, add-ons such as Core for Supplier Exchange, Core Share, Core Signature, and Core for BIM streamline workflows to deploy new assets on time and to keep assets running safely throughout the asset management lifecycle. Magellan BI & Reporting provides deep analytics to improve decision-making. Learn more about how cloud accelerates the energy race

Customize how to uncover risky content 

Organizations can find out what risky or sensitive information may be within their enterprise content repositories with OpenText™ Magellan™ Risk Guard. In CE 22.1, several new innovations make it easier to tailor the application to business operations. Built-in capabilities reduce the time, effort, and services needed to fully customize Risk Guard to an organization’s needs, such as unique PII, or specific languages for users or content analysis.

Expedite eDiscovery assessment and review 

Document review associated with litigation, investigations and regulatory compliance comprises the majority—and the most unpredictable part—of eDiscovery spend. OpenText™ Insight adds best passage highlighting, making it the only technology-assisted review (TAR) solution that automatically identifies the most relevant portion of the document for review, maximizing efficiency, accuracy, and transparency, saving time and costs. Learn more about best passage highlighting.  

Learn more about how OpenText™ Content Cloud powers modern work and why OpenText is a leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms. 

OpenText Content Cloud Team

The OpenText Content Cloud offers a broad and deep suite of content management products, providing end-to-end solutions that help organizations maximize the value and minimize the risk of their information. OpenText Content Services platforms and applications support diverse business and industry needs through extensive integration capabilities, full lifecycle management and intelligent automation.

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