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The burden on service desk agents remains high, caused by high ticket volumes and manual methods needed to resolve them. Virtual agents (chatbots) based on…

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October 10, 20234 minutes read

The burden on service desk agents remains high, caused by high ticket volumes and manual methods needed to resolve them. Virtual agents (chatbots) based on natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) haven’t lived up to user expectations for fast, easy, smart service experiences. A chatbot response usually dead-ends with clumsy, robotic, and generally unhelpful “Here are a few suggestions I found,” leaving users to seek solutions on their own or through a service agent. Meanwhile, public generative AI chatbots are entering the workplace, raising concerns about enterprise data privacy because all interactions with a public AI service are, after all, public.

IT knows they must provide ChatGPT-like technology and experiences for users. IT must also respect enterprise needs for data security, privacy, and relevance. And the solution that IT provides must be affordable and maintainable.

Private, generative AI virtual assistant for SMAX

In July 2023, OpenText announced the technical preview of our generative AI service for IT service management (ITSM). Now, we’re excited to announce the full availability of IT Operations Aviator—a secure generative AI service that’s powered by a private large language model (LLM). What’s Aviator like? Think of your own subject matter expert assistant who is always available, learns over time, and finds the most relevant information to better service your customers or automatically resolve problems.

Our private, generative AI virtual assistant connects across your enterprise content to deliver human-like, contextually relevant responses to user requests. Without relying on support or compromising enterprise data privacy, users can get the answers they need, when they need them. Finally, AI-powered virtual assistants can live up to and exceed user expectations.

OpenText SMAX generative AI virtual assistant.
Figure 1 Aviator can automate service requests. For example, the generative virtual assistant can submit a ticket for provisioning a new VM.

IT Operations Aviator addresses these common ITSM use cases:

  • Enables self-service support with generative AI assistance by answering complex questions, fulfilling information and service requests, and handling tickets and actions.
  • Assists human agents with real-time responses and suggestions during phone/chat conversations with users. Quickly accesses data to provide case-relevant information for faster service resolution.
  • Provides human agents with a concise summary of conversations, tickets, resolutions, and AI-generated personalized insights, including follow-up messages and individualized coaching recommendations.
  • Consolidates knowledge base (KB) articles by exposing duplicates, similar, or outdated documents.

Aviator has the potential to transform internal knowledge management systems, as it enables employees to access knowledge by framing inquiries in a manner akin to conversing with a human agent, fostering ongoing dialogue.

Key capabilities

IT Operations Aviator key capabilities include:

  • Enterprise intelligence. Aviator can access enterprise content, answer questions in real-time for any enterprise function, and handle large documents. It can do all of this by using semantic search (e.g., explaining the company’s process for ordering a laptop based on user/function/department); getting real-time information (e.g., about outages); and even finding information “buried” in huge documents.
  • Privacy and security. Customers have complete control over the model’s architecture, training data and training process. OpenText hosts and operates the LLM privately, ensuring the integrity of enterprise data and answers from the virtual assistant.
  • Access control. The virtual agent provides answers and information based on employee role, location, and group membership. Customers can tag information and documents with entitlement labels. The user context and data entitlements enforce real-time access control filtering to make sure answers are relevant and permissible.
OpenText SMAX generative AI virtual assistant.
Figure 2 Aviator answers a frequently asked question on company policies.

Generative AI is changing the way we work. Private, generative AI agents will become everyday tools. Touchless support is one of the most talked about benefits in ITSM. The OpenText private generative AI virtual assistant, IT Operations Aviator, can help move your service management into the future with these benefits:

  • Unleash a higher level of productivity with a generative AI virtual agent.
  • Keep your enterprise secure with generative AI that’s private.
  • Reduce service management costs with reduced service desk staffing.

For more information, visit the IT Operations Aviator webpage or the SMAX webpage.

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