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Manage your AppSec data through a single pane of glass with Fortify Insight

Enterprises still struggle to answer fundamental questions: How many critical and high application vulnerabilities do we have? What are the top 3 to 10 categories across our application portfolio so we can mitigate them first?  Which applications are impacted? How do we drive continuous improvement into our program to reduce cost and risk while ensuring sustainable compliance?  

Why is that difficult? Because they must aggregate vulnerability findings from different testing tools and methodologies (SAST, DAST, OSS, and Pen Testing, to name a few). Then they must normalize those vulnerabilities into a “single pane of glass.” (And ideally, add business level insights on top of that.) However, most companies struggle to aggregate and analyze the data into meaningful and actionable insights. Siloed security testing results in a myopic view of enterprise-wide threats, resulting in the inability to wholistically prioritize vulnerabilities.   

Enter Fortify Insight™!   

Diagram of how Fortify Insights operates.

Fortify Insight elevates Fortify’s existing ASOC/ASPM capabilities. It aggregates and normalizes vulnerabilities from numerous sources (Fortify & 3rd party), then enriches that data with business metadata. Fortify Insight’s visualizations allow security professionals, executive management and developers to make meaningful improvements in their AppSec posture through a true single pane of glass. It is the first ASOC/ASPM offering to market that emphasizes the ability to aggregate and synchronize with business metadata from a customers’ CMBD, ITSM or other enterprise asset management platform.  

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Sheldon Mills

Sheldon Mills is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with Fortify for OpenText cybersecurity. Whether it's Application Security by day, or co-hosting his podcast on habit building by night, he has a passion for helping people solve problems and get from where they are now, to where they want go.

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