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Voltage Fusion – the cloud platform delivering data security posture management

Cloud computing has generated a tsunami of data making it increasingly difficult for organizations to understand what data they have and where it is. High-value and sensitive data are what drive business processes and innovation, but at the same time, increase risk.   

While cloud data services and infrastructure enable organizations to be more data-driven, the risk of data breach increases with the expanded, multi-cloud attack surface. The reality in most businesses is that sensitive data is living, exposed, in multiple clouds and dozens of services. Relying on a patchwork of silo-specific security controls and segregated solutions leaves gaps and makes managing risk even more difficult.  

With the introduction of the Voltage Fusion™ data security platform, OpenText™ Cybersecurity is transforming how businesses address data security, privacy, and governance use cases. Voltage Fusion enables organizations to manage their data security posture through solutions for data discovery, classification, encryption, data access governance, and database activity monitoring. 

Out-of-the-box, unified data discovery and classification 

Discovery means cataloging data across your environments—including both known sensitive and regulated data (customer information, personal data, intellectual property, etc.) and so-called “dark data”: data that is collected, but not necessarily used for anything. Voltage Fusion offers powerful discovery tools that can scan any repository, any service, including OpenText Extended ECM and Documentum. Data is classified according to type, risk sensitivity, and potential financial impact if breached. Voltage Fusion treats discovery and classification as a foundation for data security, providing insight to prioritize risk reduction.  

Data sensitivity scoring and financial risk 

Risk assessment means understanding the financial exposure various data represents. A simplistic approach assigns a simple risk score based on limited, generic classifications. Voltage Fusion takes a different approach, building a robust and flexible risk model that shows data sensitivity, and the financial impact to the organization should various data end up in the wrong hands. Since every data breach is unique, and not all data has the same value, this model provides probabilities and a range of possible monetary impacts. Voltage Fusion enables organizations to truly know their data value and risk. 

Data security that travels with the data 

OpenText Voltage has a strong heritage of innovation with data-centric, privacy-enhancing technologies including format-preserving encryption, tokenization, hashing, and data masking. With data inventory and risk visibility, Fusion prioritizes and automates data protection. Regulated, high-value data can be shared and used broadly in its protected state while retaining its business value. Customer data can be used safely for business analytics, and secure data sharing inside and outside the enterprise. 

Defensible deletion of data is also informed by the insights from discovery and classification. Data minimization reduces risks of holding unnecessary data, helps organizations reduce data sprawl, reduces regulatory audit scope, and enables compliance with global privacy regulations.  

Govern who has access to what data 

Beyond expected, approved access, it is not uncommon to discover that many people have unexpected access to sensitive information. Voltage Fusion provides information and data access governance capabilities that map access rights, allowing intelligent application of access controls with minimal disruption. With effective data access governance, organizations can respond to audit requests and attestation needs, enforce data access policies, track data usage, and maintain audit trails. 

Monitor data usage and database activities 

Database activity monitoring provides real-time monitoring and analysis of database activities to identify potential security threats, policy violations, and suspicious behavior. Beyond improved security posture, database activity monitoring also offers operational efficiency and optimized performance. Voltage Fusion data monitoring solutions ensure that sensitive data remains secure, reduce the risk of data breach, enable regulatory compliance, and drive operational efficiencies. 

Accelerate business outcomes 

Voltage Fusion data security platform supports all aspects of DSPM as an ongoing process, validating whether findings from yesterday still hold true today and enabling proper management now and in the future. 

Voltage Fusion provides many advantages through its cloud platform over disparate point solutions, including fast, unified set-up and configuration, centralized analytics, ability to scale, and a foundation to address multiple use cases and needs for our customers. Voltage Fusion solves major customer issues in data discovery and risk assessment, data protection, and regulatory compliance, and supports corporate financial, operational, and ESG/sustainability goals. It is available as a SaaS offering and for private cloud deployment. 

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This article was co-written by Carole Murphy and Valerie Mayer.

Valerie Mayer

Valerie hails from Ottawa and is a bilingual (French native) animal lover who graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in business specializing in Marketing. Shortly after graduating, she moved to Hanoi, Vietnam, for two years to work in international relations. After returning to Ottawa, Valerie soon discovered a passion for technology and started building her career in tech and found her way into cybersecurity. Outside work, she loves spending time with her three cats, Coco, Fraise, and Maple, dancing, sewing, completing woodworking projects, skating, and travelling.

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