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The future is here! There is no shortage of interest in AI, but what is the best way to get started? Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)…

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October 10, 20233 minute read

The future is here! There is no shortage of interest in AI, but what is the best way to get started? Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are already succeeding with generative AI. Some 70% of CMO survey respondents said that their organizations already use GenAI, while another 19% are testing it. Three of the many areas CMOs are exploring include personalization, content creation, and market segmentation. Given the accelerating complexity and speed of doing business in a digital-first world, AI is now an essential tool. Organizations continue to see returns in the business areas in which they are using AI, and they plan to increase investment in the year ahead.

Unleash the power of AI in OpenText Experience Cloud

OpenText Experience Aviator, an AI customer experience foundation, can help you auto-generate contextual, personalized, and relevant content for your customers. Delight your customers while reducing effort for your content creators! In OpenText™ Experience Cloud Edition 23.4, Experience Aviator pairs with OpenText™ Exstream to assist authors in creating empathetic communications. OpenText™ Media Management uses Aviator to help make rich media smarter and create inspirational images. This is revolutionizing the way marketers engage with customers, providing a multitude of benefits, including increasing performance while delivering a more personalized experience that resonates with customers.  

Screenshot displayed on a laptop shows Experience Aviator providing AI-powered content suggestions in the authoring environment of OpenText Exstream 23.4.

The new generative AI capabilities now available in the authoring environment of Exstream speed time to market for creating communications, help ensure compliance, and provide insights into best-performing experiences. Generative AI will improve efficiency and accuracy when creating customer communications and use rich media analysis to automatically enrich with metadata. AI models can be trained to improve accuracy.   

Screenshot displays Experience Aviator providing AI-powered image generation suggestions in OpenText Media Management 23.4.

See how Experience Aviator works for you! 

Private and secure data: Your proprietary data should not have to be in public domains to run large language models (LLMs). Instead, we bring vetted LLMs to your private data set. OpenText Experience Cloud customers can run in a private cloud and experiment to try new use cases.  AI is learning, but with OpenText, your data remains private and secure. 

Empower content creators and create efficiencies:  Experience Aviator helps authors create new content and improve existing content for greater simplicity, understanding, and empathy with customers. With our solution, you can unleash the talent of your authoring teams to speak with one brand voice and improve engagement with customers, all while running at enterprise-level scale.  

Experiment with a trusted partner: Business and technology transformations never end, so you want a trusted partner to help you make the AI pivot. OpenText Professional Services helps you explore the use cases and models that apply to your business and navigate the complexities of AI. 

See how Experience Aviator can help take your marketing team to new heights. 

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Janet de Guzman

As Senior Director of Product Marketing for OpenText Experience Cloud, Janet de Guzman works at the intersection of product management, engineering, sales, and marketing. She leads a global team responsible for the development and implementation of marketing, messaging, positioning and go-to-market strategies for our digital experience solutions. Janet has more than 20 years of diverse experience in information management, business development, management consulting and industry marketing.

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