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Transform creative automation with new generative AI, design, and low-code solutions

Deliver the unexpected with Total Experience

Standing head-and-shoulders above your competitors requires break-through experiences. Every experience counts in the current climate. However, creating breakthroughs is not always easy. It requires a Davinci mindset, part artist and part scientist. It’s more important than ever to create efficiencies, have easy-to-use tools, seamlessly collaborate and take advantage of data and intelligence. 

OpenText™ Experience Cloud Edition 23.4 goes to the next level with AI, automation and easy to use tools for breakthrough communications, rich media management, and web experiences. Unified and highly integrated, the Experience Cloud further builds on the Total Experience vision and approach to solve these challenges by connecting customer and employee experiences through a composable, open, and secure platform.   

Use Experience Aviator for GenAI-powered marketing to soar to new heights 

Generative AI helps business users produce unique content to cover all touchpoints in the customer journey, making it a game changer for removing friction from the customer experience.  OpenText™ Exstream 23.4 includes Experience Aviator to assist authors in both creating new communication content and improving existing content for greater simplicity, understanding, and empathy with customers. This goes right to the top line through improved CX quality and customer lifetime value. 

Content authors and approvers always know when they are reviewing AI-generated content because Exstream tracks the use of GenAI to ensure approval and governance controls are always in place. 

Unleash creativity and remove technical barriers with Exstream 23.4 

For the visionary digital leader and forward-thinking CMO, imagine a groundbreaking solution that redefines the landscape of digital communication: low or even no-code HTML5 design. This innovation empowers businesses to craft captivating, digital-first communications without the need for complex coding expertise.  

Imagine bringing your boldest ideas to life, creating stunning personalized web communications, emails, and dynamic landing pages that resonate with your audience, all done by business users. This game-changing approach accelerates your time-to-market and fosters seamless collaboration between design and development teams. Now, unleash your creativity and transform your brand’s online presence into an immersive, visually striking experience that captivates and converts, all while keeping pace with the dynamic demands of the digital age. 

Trust secure ImageAI to protect brands and reputations when using Media Management 23.4

Automation using AI has become an essential tool for handling the vast quantity of rich media created and collected by modern businesses. But security or data protection concerns have prevented many organizations from using public cloud SaaS AI services. That’s why we now offer the option to add OpenText AI Image Analytics powered by IDOL to OpenText’s leading digital asset management solution. Images held in OpenText™ Media Management can now be automatically enriched with metadata, and AI models can be trained to improve accuracy, without sending assets to an external cloud service. Private, secure, and trainable AI Image Analysis allows organizations to transform their rich media management processes without increasing risk.

Work-with and deliver web-app experiences without friction using TeamSite 23.4   

Exceed customer expectations with personalized, dynamic, interactive experiences that are easily built, managed, and deployed by the web team. New features bridge the gap between developer-centric designed and business user-built experiences. Business users, designers and developers work together without barriers to content and data for interactive, application-like experiences. Developers and designers build components and applications using their tools, and business users can easily adapt these web experiences, on-the-glass, without further developer interaction. This brings the design flexibility and creativity back into the hands of the business owner, significantly improving their ability to create experiences designed to reach targeted audiences while reducing overall time to market. 

Janet de Guzman

As Senior Director of Product Marketing for OpenText Experience Cloud, Janet de Guzman works at the intersection of product management, engineering, sales, and marketing. She leads a global team responsible for the development and implementation of marketing, messaging, positioning and go-to-market strategies for our digital experience solutions. Janet has more than 20 years of diverse experience in information management, business development, management consulting and industry marketing.

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