Announcing OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 22.3

As we continue to navigate the challenges of today’s work environment, organizations are looking for the simplicity, flexibility and trust they need to thrive. As…

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August 4, 20228 minutes read

As we continue to navigate the challenges of today’s work environment, organizations are looking for the simplicity, flexibility and trust they need to thrive. As a global leader in information management, OpenText™ is powering and protecting businesses to be intelligent, better connected, and more responsible.  

With OpenText™ Cloud Editions (CE) 22.3, announced today, OpenText has strengthened our offerings in public and private cloud, with innovations designed to help our customers empower their workforces, better serve their customers and build a more secure and safer world. These exciting innovations, many of which form part of the Project Titanium roadmap, are fueling the future of integrated information management in the cloud.

Innovations in OpenText Content Cloud

Isolated content silos have always been a major challenge for organizations, and this problem has only become more complex with the explosion of remote work and hybrid workforces. Innovations to OpenText™ Content Cloud CE 22.3 are designed to improve ease of use and power modern work.

In OpenText™ Core Content CE 22.3, customers and partners can now integrate Core Content easily and securely with multiple in-house systems using a new public UI widget. The new widget reduces digital friction and enables greater control and security of content from backend systems, while eliminating the need for users to flip between applications. We are also introducing a new iOS mobile app for OpenText Core Content, providing access and flexibility to work from anywhere at any time. With the app, users can securely access information and manage documents by department, projects or favorites, add new files or versions and display metadata properties. Additionally, the workflow feature in Core Content now includes a more detailed audit trail, including steps, status and an audit history of running and completed workflows.

CE 22.3 also delivers improved compliance and control features in OpenText™ Documentum™ for Life Sciences. OpenText™ Documentum™ for Quality & Manufacturing now offers secure print controls for pharmaceutical manufacturers, helping companies stay compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Integration with OpenText™ Output Server provides enhanced printer management and secure access that ensures prints are picked up by the authorized users. Additionally, in Life Sciences Smart View, new capabilities allow Documentum for Quality & Manufacturing users to route change requests and Category 1 documents through review and approval workflows, enabling users to manage associated tasks to completion. 

In OpenText™ Documentum™ for Research & Development, new Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) metadata allows for tagging regulatory documents with controlled vocabulary, allowing our customers to prepare to use  the new data standard  in regulatory submissions. In addition, updated dictionaries enable cascading of IDMP metadata and efficient IDMP keyword-based searches and deliver consistency across systems.

CE 22.3 also offers a new Key Mediator product, delivering bring your own key (BYOK) capabilities and giving encryption control to customers in OpenText™ Extended ECM and OpenText™ Documentum™.

Innovations in OpenText Business Network Cloud

Companies migrating to the cloud to mitigate the operational risks associated with supply chain disruption need expertise to help manage their integration environment. OpenText™ Business Network Cloud CE 22.3 gives businesses of any size the tools they need to manage their integration environment, gain visibility into transactions with suppliers and buyers, and manage their enterprise supply chain information.

With OpenText™ Business Network Cloud Foundation CE 22.3, we continue to build on our innovations delivered in CE 22.2. We have added new capabilities for Oracle NetSuite users through the addition of a Procure to Pay adapter kit; an Order to Cash adapter kit was delivered last release. These enhancements allow customers to benefit from a global integration platform while also having access to a growing library of pre-configured, self-service-based application adapters.

OpenText™ Active Orders now includes new dashboard features for purchase order (PO) and advanced shipping notifications, which provide increased visibility options for supply chain leaders to track and manage transactions and performance and gain 360-degree supply chain visibility with all suppliers.

This release also includes the game changing solution OpenText™ Active Access, (formerly known as OpenText™ Supplier Portal), a proven product that provides single sign-on access to business ecosystem information for both internal and external users to facilitate digital collaboration. Now available for all industries, Active Access provides identity and access management and personalized content experiences across the supplier network at scale while mitigating risk.

Innovations in OpenText Experience Cloud

Today’s customers use many communication channels and touch points to engage with organizations, but many businesses struggle to understand the patterns and trends within those interactions. In OpenText™ Experience Cloud CE 22.3, improved analytics allow our customers to make better use of data and optimize omnichannel communications to deliver an overall improved experience.

OpenText™ Qfiniti Explore CE 22.3 delivers support for multi-channel interactions analytics in the cloud, bringing multi-interaction channel data within one application so businesses can quickly and easily gain insight into their customers. This release adds intrinsic capabilities for customer chat sessions analysis. We are also introducing an open transcription service which enables our customers to either use Qfiniti Explore’s voice transcription capabilities or leverage their existing third-party transcription service.

With OpenText™ Core Experience Insights (CXI), communication performance analytics enables OpenText Exstream customers to visually discover and analyze their communication performance with out-of-the-box dashboards. This innovation provides key performance analytics throughout the customer journey, enabling our customers to act on trends and insights quickly and efficiently. In addition, the out-of-the-box campaign dashboard allows customers to compare their campaign efficiency and fine-tune campaigns as needed.

Improving efficiency is a top concern for marketing and publishing teams. In CE 22.3, OpenText™ Media Management is driving increased productivity, agility and speed-to-market for users with the ability to use the Workflow Builder to automate the publishing of content to platforms such as Vidyard, YouTube or a CDN, with more publishing integrations being added regularly. Also new to the solution is the support for Google Video AI for object, places and activity analysis, and an integration with social media management platform Hootsuite™.

Innovations in OpenText Security Cloud

As organizations continue to navigate the rise in cyber threats, the best defense is a cyber resilience framework, including a robust, multi-layered security, data protection and investigation process that enables security operation centers and digital forensic investigators to take immediate action. Security updates in CE 22.3 are designed to power and protect organizations of all sizes.

In CE 22.3, we have broadened our support of industry standards by including support for the Advanced Forensics File Format 4 (AFF4) in OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic and OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator. Support for AFF4 provides the ability to read both physical and logical images and to ingest all or select portions of evidence collected with another tool. With this update, digital forensic investigators can combine evidence collected with multiple tools into a single case file, resulting in faster, more efficient investigations.

CE 22.3 also expands OpenText™ Network Detection and Response (formerly Bricata NDR) sensor support. This enhancement enables Fortune 1000 security operations centers to more quickly and efficiently detect and respond to threats in their network with scalability and precision, ensuring no critical data is missed.

We have added new DNS Leak Prevention capability to Webroot™ DNS Protection. This innovation stops rogue DNS requests by leveraging the power of BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence to identify and block vulnerabilities exposed through DNS including tunneling and data exfiltration attacks. DNS Leak Prevention provides security operations with stronger and more accurate control of DNS despite the challenges presented by encrypted DNS such as DoH (DNS over HTTPS), ensuring users stay protected.

Innovations in OpenText Developer Cloud

Developers want to be engaged where they learn and work. With CE 22.3, we continue to invest in developer communities with several updates to our website, and on our Postman and LinkedIn communities to enhance the developer experience. Interactive documentation support will be added to our website for testing single lines of code, making it easy for developers to test every aspect of our code.

We are also announcing two separate public betas of our new developer tools to support how developers work today: Microsoft Visual Studio Code Extensions, bringing our cloud API services into the most popular integrated development environment for enterprises. We are also continuing to improve our Cloud API and services Administrator with a new OpenText Developer Cloud administrator. Stay tuned for more information on these exciting betas.

With OpenText CE 22.3 and the innovations under the Project Titanium roadmap, our customers will better experience the full spectrum of the OpenText cloud journey to meet the needs of modern business.

For more information on our latest innovations, visit our blog page.

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