Enterprise-class integration to power Oracle Netsuite order-to-cash processes

Businesses of all sizes struggle with integration – as organizations grow so does the sprawl of internal systems and external partners and cloud applications that must all be seamlessly integrated in order to achieve business efficiency. 

Legacy toolkits for managing integration simply aren’t keeping up. According to an IDG study, 1 out of 5 organizations reportedly using 10 or more different integration solutions and Gartner states that 35% of organizations are lacking a cohesive integration strategy.

A recent IDG MarketPulse survey found that 77% of mid-sized businesses had seen an increase in B2B integration requests from customers in the previous year, and 58% reported a lack of bandwidth to deal with such requests.

Many small and mid-sized organizations use Oracle NetSuite® to benefit from the agility inherent in cloud-based applications, allowing them to reduce manual paper and spreadsheet-based processes by up to 70%, and save up to 93% in associated IT costs (Oracle).

For these NetSuite® users, integration with their customers has just become much simpler, thanks to OpenText™ NetSuite Order to Cash Adapter Kit which extends the capabilities of our Business Network Cloud Foundation platform by providing the ability to rapidly plug-in to NetSuite® and seamlessly collaborate with their customers. 

Business Network Cloud Foundation allows companies of any size to benefit from a global integration platform but with the benefit of a suite of self-service capabilities like the NetSuite Order to Cash Adapter to make it quick and easy to manage the complexities and see real business benefits.

The NetSuite Order to Cash Adapter Kit provides an out of the box plug-in to NetSuite® that allows key business documents like sales orders, confirmations, order changes, invoices, ASNs and remittance advices to be exchanged without having any EDI knowledge.

With the NetSuite Order to Cash Adapter Kit for Business Network Cloud Foundation, mid-market customers can benefit from the world’s largest global B2B integration platform, and true enterprise-class integration, in a cost-effective manner. 

For more information on Business Network Cloud Foundation and the NetSuite Order to Cash Adapter Kit, please join us at OpenText World EMEA.

Ken Clark

Ken Clark is a Director of Product Marketing for OpenText Business Network based in the UK. For over 30 years Ken has been a subject-matter expert in the areas of digital transformation and automation, B2B/EDI/A2A integration, and e-Invoicing and tax compliance. Ken spent much of his career as a hands-on practitioner, consulting on customer problems and implementing business-focused solutions around global supply chain management, order-to-cash and procure-to-pay. Today Ken focuses on solutions for information exchange, B2B and A2A integration, and e-Invoicing.

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