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Today’s businesses require flexibility, choice and trust when it comes to information management. Today, at OpenText World EMEA, alongside our Cloud Editions 22.2 announcement we unveiled Project Titanium: a roadmap of our R&D investments from CE 22.2 to 23.2 that solidifies our focus on four business cloud domains and strengthens our delivery capabilities in the private cloud, public cloud and via APIs.  

What is Titanium? 

Project Titanium takes what differentiates OpenText in our ability to help customers power and protect information in complex settings and ensures that it can be consumed in any way they need.  Sometimes, customers need familiarity and control, so our off-cloud on-premise software is best.  Sometimes, they need flexibility to deal with unique compliance and applications landscapes, so private cloud is best.  Other times, customers need simplicity to integrate with other SaaS applications, so our public cloud offering is best.  And lastly, customers may need to innovate and enable developers to easily build custom applications utilizing our information management APIs.  We give customers the choice to have it their way as they modernize to the cloud at their own pace.  

Perhaps most exciting outside our overall goal is that we have more than 100 innovations coming over the next 12-18 months!  These advances are our answer to the challenges facing today’s workforce.  

Aimed at strengthening what we do for our customers, Project Titanium deepens our capabilities in content services, business networks, digital experience, and security to help answer the most common customer challenges we hear: 

  • How do we better automate digital processes and improve total experience – customer, employee, partner?  
  • How do we best ensure multi-layered data security and cyber resilience?  
  • How do we keep up with growing compliance standards?  

Customers need an integrated set of cloud products, solutions and services for efficiency and growth. Through Project Titanium, OpenText will offer our customers easy integrations to remove friction and enable better decisions.  Moreover, Project Titanium will drive innovations to help customers tackle exponential challenges with technology – e.g., climate innovation, autonomic supply chain, hybrid work, security, and compliance, ESG regulations and the green bottom line.  Efficiency and profitability are the table-stakes of what effective information management can bring.  But in today’s ever-changing times, a true information advantage can help organizations capture growth by being intelligent, connected and responsible.  

Why is Titanium important? 

At OpenText, we are focused global leaders in information management. Project Titanium captures the next steps in the natural evolution of our capabilities across the information management domains in which we play: content services, digital experience, business network, security, and developer APIs.  It is the advancement of our OpenText Cloud Data Platform to create a common platform for our software and services.  An integrated data and processing platform that brings streamlined business workflows and administration, the maturation of our cloud platform will simplify how our customers can address key workloads in the cloud.  This, coupled with the new OpenText Cloud Zone where we’ll have a single gateway for support, renewals and exploration, will revolutionize the ease at which customers and partners interact with OpenText in the future.  

Deeply engrained in all we do, our purpose is clear: to be a trusted partner and deliver an exceptional experience by facilitating increased scale, security, productivity, and profitability. We are excited about what lies ahead and look forward to accelerating our customers’ digital transformation and business value.

What’s next?

Stay tuned. Every 90 days, we’ll be announcing new innovations under the Project Titanium umbrella and are eager to share our progress every step of the way. 

Sandy Ono

Sandy Ono is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for OpenText. Sandy is responsible for driving marketing and communications worldwide from brand to demand to deliver growth for the company. With more than 20 years of experience as a business transformation leader in the high-tech industry, Sandy brings a passion for marketing, analytics, and leading world-class teams from strategy to execution.

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