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What’s new in OpenText Identity and Access Management

June 2022: OpenText Identity and Access Management CE 22.2

OT IAM platform 22.2 will deliver primarily on the following themes:

  1. Leverages ServiceNow as the primary customer and partner support tool for cloud services related to OpenText Connect. 
  2. A One-time Passcode (OTP) API enhancement enabling the customer to configure the number of wrong attempts prior to the system raising a notification event and disabling access for the user.
  3. An automated method to link between a cloud service, e.g., OT Connect services and OT IAM giving the OpenText customer a singular view of OpenText cloud services from their profile and a seamless single sign-on (SSO) experience. 
  4. A user self-service option enabling the ability to link their OpenText IAM profile to any OpenText Connect cloud service giving the OpenText customer a more singular view of available OpenText Cloud Services
  5. A configurable multi-factor authentication (MFA) option for an industry de facto standard via Symantec VIP enabling the introduction of OpenText IAM into a customer architecture without disrupting existing client MFA implementations based on Symantec VIP.

And introducing a renamed product, formerly known as Supplier Portal, here is OpenText Active Access!

OpenText Active Access (formerly known as Supplier Portal) manages and governs accessto enterprise content and applications across large networks of external suppliers. It is a proven solution in the automotive industry for more than 20 yearsOpenText Active Accessdelivers identity and access management and personalized experiences that mitigates risk in any industry.  Learn more about this exciting and trusted solution here.

We are innovating at OpenText!  We are just about to launch OpenText World EMEA and later this year, OpenText World North America in Las Vegas, NV.  More details for each of these events will be posted on our main page and OpenText social media channels. 

Bob Slevin

Bob Slevin is the Director of Product Marketing for IoT at OpenText. Bob is an Internet of Things (IoT) architect and evangelist with more than 25 years’ experience in telecommunications spanning Military and Private sectors. He has collaborated with partners to deploy millions of connected devices across business and consumer markets. An IoT thought leader with an MBA in Technology Management, Bob is focused on identifying business challenges and building innovative solutions to improve operational efficiencies, drive growth and mitigate risks.

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