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Make smarter decisions with customer insights and analytics

In a constantly evolving landscape, how can businesses stay ahead? The future of customer experience depends on data. One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to know your customers – mining insights from their behaviors to improve the overall journey.  

Get closer to your customers with multi-channel interaction analytics in the cloud 

Customers today use a wide range of channels to engage with businesses – from social media, forums, and blogs to email, surveys, chat and voice calls to the contact center. Understanding each interaction and engagement, and then aggregating that data into actionable insights is critical to smart business decision making. In turn, this helps organizations deliver exceptional experiences and communications that drive acquisition, build loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.  

With the release of OpenTextTM Experience Cloud Edition (CE) 22.3, business leaders can better understand customer interactions. Part of the OpenTextTM Qfiniti product suite, OpenTextTM Explore brings together multi-channel interaction data within one application so decision makers can gain insights on what their customers are saying – about the business, to the business and what the business is saying to them. Analyzing call recordings starts with the highest quality of voice transcription. Qfiniti Explore is introducing an open transcription service as well as a powerful voice interaction media player in the cloud as a fully managed service.

Optimize omnichannel communications with insights on engagement behaviors  

Understanding how communications are performing is crucial. OpenTextTM Core Experience Insights (CXI) now enables OpenTextTM Exstream customers to visually discover and analyze their communication performance with out-of-the-box dashboards.

The screen shot shows a view of the new, easy-to-use report available in OpenText ore Experience Insights.
A view of the new, easy-to-use report in OpenText Core Experience Insights.

It allows marketers to compare and fine-tune campaigns, enabling them to act quickly on trends and insights. Core Experience Insights collects event data from across the OpenText Experience Cloud to help orchestrate end-to-end customer journeys. A new integration with OpenTextTM Experience CDP captures customer interaction data from across the journey, enriching customer profiles and automatically adding or removing profiles from an audience based upon CXI data.

Accelerate content creation and publishing  

Improving efficiency is a top concern for marketing and publishing teams. In CE 22.3, OpenText™ Media Management is driving increased productivity, agility and speed-to-market for users with the ability to use the Workflow Builder to automate the publishing of content to platforms such as Vidyard, YouTube or a Content Delivery Network (CDN), with more publishing integrations being added regularly. Also new to the solution is the support for Google Video AI for object, places and activity analysis, and an integration with social media management platform Hootsuite™.

The innovations introduced in OpenText Experience CE 22.3 equip brands with new insights and analytics capabilities, allowing business leaders to use data in decision-making and improve customer journeys. Learn more about how you can create customers for life with OpenText Experience Cloud.

Alex Martinez

Alex is a Senior Product Marketing manager at OpenText with over 20 years experience working with customers and partners across multiple verticals with a strong focus on the Healthcare and Financial Services markets. He is keen on guiding customers through their digital transformation journey, taking a solution-oriented approach to solving their day-to-day problems.

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