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What’s new in OpenText Developer Cloud

The latest announcement by OpenText of Cloud Editions includes exciting updates to the OpenText™ Developer Cloud. Check out the latest updates below.

May 2023: What is new in the OpenText Developer Cloud 23.2

Powerful new service: Decision Service

  • Decision Service can allow to add business rules into applications and automate processes based on the rules provided by the business. Decision Service can be used to manage business decisions in applications using defined business rules, which allows businesses to get the following benefits:
    Automate business decisions: model your business rules as a set of decisions, reducing manual overhead and automating the decision-making process.
    Adopt business changes quickly: be more agile by quickly changing business rules to meet changing business requirements.
    Reduce errors and increase efficiency: use decision service to automate and manage redundant/complex decisions in the business, reducing errors and increasing overall efficiency.
  • A new decision table modeler is now available as part of our Developer Tools Extension Pack for VS Code. Using the decision table modeler, developers can build the required decision model definitions which are compliant with the DMN (Decision Model and Notation) specifications. The REST APIs provided in this service can be used to deploy and manage DMN compliant decision models, execute decisions and track historic decision executions.  

Improved management of administrative functions

  • Ease of management is critical to admins and developers, so we have provided additional powerful functionalities to our administrative functions, which includes the management of User Groups and Group Memberships.
  • Create, edit and update user groups and memberships from a single place and control access, functionalities and profiles to users of their services, which enables an easier management process and better control and security.

More intuitive Developer site

  • Better experience: based on feedback and usability studies, has been redesigned and now provides an easy and intuitive experience for users.
  • New navigation bar: shows the different areas and information relevant to the product, including
    1) Overview of the service
    2) Tutorial
    3) APIs 
    4) Developer Tools and
    5) Products.
    These changes will allow users to get the information required in a speedy way and get relevant topics within the same navigation bar, eliminating the complexities of having to perform additional searches while on the site.

Developer Cloud Services: officially available in Canada

  • Within OpenText Developer Cloud, we are delighted to now offer OpenText™ Developer Cloud Services in Canada to support compliance with Data Sovereignty Guidelines. OpenText™ Developer Services gives customers access to a powerful set of Developer services to build, extend and connect applications in line with compliant and regulatory guidelines.
  • Industries such as Government, Health, Financial Services and others have strict guidelines for Data Sovereignty, which require them to keep their data and solutions within the Country. OpenText Developer Services offer them the option to access a powerful set of Developer services to build, extend and connect applications and still be compliant with these guidelines.

February 2023: What’s new in OpenText Developer Cloud 23.1

A more powerful and centralized admin center 

  • Ease of use: as all the functionalities and capabilities to manage developer services have been all brought together in a single place. From now, on simply log into Admin Center and manage what you need. 
  • More powerful admin tools such as the option to get access to usage against your plan (entitlement and balance) and get the option to have multiple administrators work on the same organization so multiple users can work at the organization level at the same time in addition to transformation and decision functionalities. 
screenshot showing usage and metrics at all levels through a single portal
See usage at all levels – organization, tenant and application – through a single portal.

A refreshed and more intuitive developer site 

  • Preview the new experience that we are releasing which has been designed based on feedback and usability studies. The preview includes three main paths to your development initiative:
    • 1) Develop with Information Management Services
    • 2) Develop Core SaaS application extensions and
    • 3) Develop functionality into your Cloud Edition products. 
  • These three (3) paths provide users the option to pick which developing path they wish to follow and therefore, find the most relevant information associated to these topics. From the home page, users simply need to click “Explore” within the path of choice! 
  • Improved and updated content on developer services and documentation supporting the work of developers by providing more documentation and product descriptions of all available solutions. 

October 2022: What’s new in the OpenText Developer Cloud 22.4

Access to the publication service

  • Developers can now leverage the power of our Publication Service to take bulk action, such as converting all the Word documents in a folder to PDFs all at once. This rounds out the suite of Content APIs offered via the OpenText Developer Cloud

Plan management

  • Customers who have purchased access to either a SaaS application, Developer Cloud Services or both can now view their plan information and see how they are consuming and burning through their entitlement, filtering down by plan or value metric
  • Provides a management tool to control and manage usage of services

OCP cloud administrator

  • Ability to map end users of applications to an Identity Provider
  • Reduces the need to reach out for support by mapping customers directly

VS code extensions with Application Life-Cycle Management (ALM) service

  • Leverage the ALM service to aid in the deployment of service artifacts built using VS code.
  • Use this feature to make and promote updates to new and existing applications for review by their QA counterparts and end users

Upgrade to Cloud Editions

Contact Professional Services today to discuss how to get a bigger return on investment, increase adoption, and achieve business goals with Cloud Editions (CE).

August 2022: What’s new in OpenText Developer Cloud 22.3

An enhanced set of beta developer tools to facilitate work on the OT Cloud

  • A new UI (beta) that will replace Admin Center and Developer Console​, providing an improved experience when managing services from these consoles
  • Access to a single place for developers and administrators to manage their OCP plan(s), applications, tenants and users 
  • A new visual studio extension (beta) that allows graphical modeling of workflow and content models, speeding up the time it takes developers to leverage workflow and content services​

Access to services on key developer platforms

  • Find our most popular services and apps on popular/critical platform tools such as StackOverflow, Postman, Github

Improved documentation support

  • Access to more and better developer support documents via the developer site through Swagger

June 2022: What’s new in OpenText Developer Cloud 22.2

Developer Services now available in the EU

  • European-based data centers now allow production developer services to be available and commercialized throughout the European Union. This will allow companies to scale and leverage the power of OpenText APIs to build and extend applications as they see fit.  

Availability of case APIs

  • Get full headless creation and management of case management functionalities and extend its capabilities into any application.

Single global API management

  • Get ease and full control of your APIs globally via a more powerful management platform for your developer services.

February 2022: What’s new in the OpenText Developer Cloud  22.1 

Publication of APIs via Postman 

  • Postman is one of the largest platforms for building and using APIs. This update simplifies each step of the application building lifecycle and streamlines collaboration for a faster and more comprehensive development process.   

On-premise agent by Outpost 

  • Launch of a modern, highly performant and usable proxy and on-premise agent known as Outpost, which provides a two-way connectivity for off-cloud systems to our cloud API services. 

Improvement of the presentation of API services 

  • Improvements were made to the form necessary to find documentation for all services. This enhancement will allow users to locate needed information to perform work easily and quickly.

November 2021: What’s new in Developer Cloud 21.4 

This release announces that OpenText offers the first-ever Information Management as a Service platform, or IMaaS. For developers, it is now possible to manage information across the entire lifecycle from a single API.  

Developer Experience  

  • The website has been updated to reflect the different solutions offered to remedy the problems developers are looking to resolve by using an OpenText API (see for yourself).  
  • Offering direct access from the Developer console to other resources including the Admin Center for tenant and user management. There is better organization of the different types of services, this will help reduce the amount of clicks required to get to the information you need (see an example here).  

Cloud API service 

  • The new OpenText™ Magellan Risk Guard service has been added to our IMaaS bundle of services. The team will demo how the new Risk Guard can be integrated into applications during the keynote at OpenText World.  
  • The API for OpenText™ Core Content has documentation for the new services to help developers understand how to build extensions. Come to the Dev 106 session at OpenText World for more details.  
  • The API for OpenText™ Core Case Management has documentation available to integrate case management into your applications. Come to the Dev 107 session at OpenText World for further information.  

Learning and developer enablement  

  • Updated documentation and tutorials to help get you started faster. Our Getting started guide and Demo App are great ways to understand the IMaaS bundle.  
  • Check out the new how-to videos that were added to our How-To channel. New content is added every month.  
  • We have improved and expanded on how you can find our code samples and App samples on GitHub and Postman. This showcases our commitment to continually and conveniently bring relevant content to developers!

July 2021: What’s new in Developer Cloud 21.3 

The new OpenText™ Developer Cloud continues to be updated within our new commercial North American availability zone. 

Now an OpenText Developer subscriber can deploy their apps for their North American customers in the same high availability area as where our Core brand of SaaS products are deployed. This is great news and the next step in the bigger OpenText wide vision to offer any service through a single gateway. 

Expanded metrics round the OpenText Build and Test plan 

  • Quickly view the service calls you have and the metrics that are related 
  • Now you can control the dashboard view by a time period ranges. This will allow you to best highlight your project metrics over a certain timeframe.

Subscription customers receive instant enhancements  

  • No need to wait or go to the website to download the update files. OpenText now pushes updates to the system as we develop new features. You can now see new enhancements as we develop them.

March 2021: What’s new in Developer Cloud 21.1 

With OpenText Cloud Edition (CE) 21.1, we have updated several key aspects of our service security in order to make developer jobs easier, including:  

Data encryption key management

  • A high performance key management solution 
  • Enhanced security with additional encryption key layer – complimenting the current Cassandra enabled blob encryption 
  • Full encryption and decryption capabilities for CSS blobs 

Threat management for API service calls:

  • As part of our focus on security we have incorporated Webroot’s threat intelligence into our Developer cloud platform 
  • This provides OpenText Developer piece of mind that their Applications can securely manipulate and manage information both between OpenText services but more importantly at ingress and egress. 

In parallel to these advances in information security, we have several small but meaningful user experience updates: 

  • Single console for Tenant and App management – the single log-on provides you access to both your plan administration and your real-time usage.
  • Simplified search experience helps to reduce hunting for the swagger documentation and tutorials 
  • Enhanced self-service for learning and support through personalization 

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