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Simplify integrating with multiple line-of-business systems

How the latest Core Content release addresses application overload

Application overload is a key driver of digital friction and decreased employee productivity. The average Global 2000 employee uses 35 different tools a day, switching back and forth more than 1,100 times. The number of applications only increased as organizations addressed the changing needs of a hybrid workforce.  

For line-of-business (LOB) users, all these business apps create silos of unmanaged content. Users are not good at manually storing files consistently. For IT and developers, integrating applications and developing tailored in-house solutions takes time and resources. 

Easily integrate with critical business systems

Designed to power modern work, OpenText™ Core Content connects content with business processes in a highly available, scalable and secure SaaS-based content services platform. 

Core Content Cloud Edition (CE) 22.3 provides a new public user interface (UI) widget to enable developers to easily integrate between Core Content and critical LOB application systems for Sales, HR, and Finance such as Workday, ServiceNow and more. Core Content can appear as a widget in the propriety system allowing users to:

  • Complete their daily tasks without needing to constantly flip between screens.
  • Easily manage information securely and transparently.
  • Reduce digital friction and gain more control of content from backend systems.  

Get secure mobile access anytime, anywhere

Core Content CE 22.3 provides an enhanced iOS application for mobile and iPad. Smartphone iOS users can securely access and browse information in Core Content on their mobile devices. Users can manage documents by department, projects or favorites. They can also add new files, versions and display metadata properties. Permission controls and security policies are maintained on their mobile phones. Field and office workers remain securely connected and productive, anywhere and anytime, even if they’re on the go.

Screenshots demonstrating how OpenText Core Content provides an enhanced iOS application for mobile and iPad with the ability to manage departments, projects and favorites.
OpenText Core Content provides an enhanced iOS application for mobile and iPad, which includes the ability to manage departments, projects and favorites.

Gain the information advantage to master modern work

By helping organizations manage the information needed to enable distributed teams of employees, suppliers, contractors and customers, Core Content CE 22.3 delivers integration, collaboration, business automation and governance needed to master modern work. With the most advanced SaaS content services platform, organizations can gain an information advantage that not only supports operational excellence but helps organizations embrace new ways of work. 

Daniela Santarossa

Daniela Santarossa is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with responsibility for next-generation SaaS content services platform OpenText Core Content.

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