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OpenTextTM Service Management Automation X (SMAX) is a SaaS service desk, ITSM, and ESM software. Based on embedded machine learning and analytics, SMAX delivers a…

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September 29, 20232 minute read

OpenTextTM Service Management Automation X (SMAX) is a SaaS service desk, ITSM, and ESM software. Based on embedded machine learning and analytics, SMAX delivers a smart approach to advanced IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Asset Management (ITAM), and Enterprise Service Management (ESM).  

October 2023: What’s new in OpenText SMAX CE 23.4 

SMAX now offers a generative AI virtual assistant, IT Operations Aviator, combining the power of private large language models (LLMs) with proven SMAX service management capabilities. Aviator helps you elevate user experiences, increase IT efficiency, and reduce tier 1 support costs.  

Private generative AI empowers self-service

The integration with OpenText Core Content empowers service desk agents with an easy, compliant way to access and manage business data. 

The extended integration with Microsoft Teams allows end-users to interact with the virtual agent for fast issue resolution. 

Other integration engine enhancements include: 

  • New integration engine content such as DSL functions, connectors, and common actions, as well as templates for OpenAI ChatGPT and SAP SuccessFactors
  • Major overhaul of the integration engine’s scenarios page to improve administrator efficiency and experiences. 
  • New “if/else” flow control rules support branching logic and simplify rule configuration. 
  • New “try/catch” flow control rules allow the implementation of various error-handling mechanisms. 

Service level management (SLM) is now part of problem management to make sure service level agreements (SLAs) can be met. 

Portal and mobile improvements increase usability and enhancements for SACM (service asset and configuration management). 

The embedded OpsBridge event browser enables service desk agents to streamline incident resolution. 

Last but not least, here is a summary of the asset management (aka AMX) enhancements: 

  • GreenOps, a range of features that deliver sustainable operations and help businesses achieve their environmental commitments. It enables the collection of spending, consumption, and carbon footprint data for cloud (AWS and Azure) and off-cloud IT assets, and delivers a report in a unified view. 
  • Expanded asset management beyond IT assets allows managing enterprise assets across verticals and industries. 
  • SAM (software asset management) SaaS leverages the integration engine to develop integrations with SaaS applications, supporting two use cases—import license consumption data and import user entitlements

Learn More 

For detailed information about OpenText SMAX CE 23.4 visit the ITOM Practitioner Portal.  

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