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What’s new in OpenText Core Content

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OpenText™ Core Content is a fast-deploying SaaS content management solution that delivers simple, agile and secure cloud-based content management. It integrates into crucial business process applications, including SAP® S/4HANA Public Cloud, Salesforce® and Microsoft® 365 to maximize employee productivity, accelerate business processes and enhance governance. Check out the latest OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) announcement to learn more about the most recent release.  

February 2023: What’s new in OpenText Core Content CE 23.1

Enhancements to streamline modern work

This release enhances support for Microsoft Teams by allowing users to upload files into Teams chat and store the files into an attached Core Content Workspace. It also offers enhanced document review and private share capabilities and enhanced configuration and security controls. In the no-code workflow tool, we have added the ability to publish documents to other locations with a new ‘copy’ action. For developers, the release offers new recycle bin APIs and Integration Widget enhancements. Customers who choose Core Content to quickly address new departmental or industry use cases can now leverage OpenText’s global cloud partner ecosystem to purchase, implement and integrate a complete SaaS content services solution, enhanced with integration into other Core capabilities, including Capture, Signature and Case Management. 

October 2022: What’s new in Core Content CE 22.4

Updates for hybrid and remote work environments

This release enables users to edit and co-author Microsoft Office documents directly from their desktops via Microsoft Office Online & Office Desktop. It also simplifies the content production processes with the ability to enable Core Content as a storage provider in Microsoft Office, and offers a new regional deployment in Canada, enabled via Google Cloud Platform.

June 2022: What’s new in OpenText Core Content CE 22.2

User experience enhancements

Enhancements include integration with Microsoft® Teams to deliver the combination of information management, collaboration, business processes and compliance in one SaaS content services platform, as well as integration with OpenText™ Core Capture to provide a complete intelligent capture solution. This release also enables users to create a shareable link quickly and easily for external collaboration and adds the power to create, manage and apply centralized records policies across the organization.

February 2022: What’s new in OpenText Core Content CE 22.1

Secure e-signature capabilities

Recent enhancements include the integration of OpenText™ Core Signature with OpenText™ Core Content and OpenText ™ Core for SAP Success Factors®, delivering complementary e-signature capabilities to simplify complex business processes and keep approval workflows moving. Enhancements to OpenText™ Core Signature Service offer enhanced control over document forwarding, plus access to a rich set of APIs and tools to customize the user experience while retaining visibility, security, and control.

November 2021: What’s new in OpenText Core Content CE 21.4

Integration with Microsoft Teams and Salesforce

This release introduces integration with Microsoft Teams, giving users the freedom to choose how they want to collaborate on documents with their peers in Teams. It also introduces SaaS content management for Salesforce users via an integration to the Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud. Additionally, deeper integration with Core Case Management enables comprehensive business content management within a single user interface (UI).

April 2021: Introducing OpenText Core Content

Next-generation, SaaS content services platform

OpenText is pleased to introduce OpenText™ Core Content, a next-generation, SaaS Content Services Platform (CSP). Core Content helps organizations quickly manage the content lifecycle around their existing business processes while reaping the simplified deployment, management, and implementation benefits of SaaS.

The first release of Core Content builds on our long-standing, proven partnership with SAP, deeply integrating content management with processes managed in the SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud. Core Content is also able to extend and complement the renowned capabilities of OpenText™ Extended ECM, OpenText™ Content Suite and OpenText™ Documentum™.  

Additionally, users can now pair the comprehensive content management capabilities of Core Content with OpenText™ Core Case Management to accelerate decisions within workflows and capture outcomes using pre-configured templates for common case-based business processes.

Daniela Santarossa

Daniela Santarossa is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with responsibility for next-generation SaaS content services platform OpenText Core Content.

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