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At the core of every modern customer experience is personalized information delivered in the most optimal and timely way. Years of legacy communication systems and…

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November 28, 20234 minutes read

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At the core of every modern customer experience is personalized information delivered in the most optimal and timely way. Years of legacy communication systems and siloed business processes create a bounty of challenges for organizations looking to create impactful customer experiences. What if you could go beyond just the ‘status quo’ of customer communications to make smarter, engaging experiences your competitive advantage?

We are pleased to announce the release of OpenText Exstream CE 23.4 (Cloud Native) to help businesses:

An OpenText Exstream infographic contains four branches with images of office professionals at work with the words: Engage, Optimize, Scale and Deliver.
  • Engage customers through highly personalized content across their customer journey. 
  • Deliver targeted communications across all channels and devices. 
  • Use data analytics to optimize business decisions. 
  • Run anywhere and scale globally in the public cloud of your choice, hybrid, or off-cloud. 

November 2023: What’s new in Exstream 23.4

Experience Aviator for Gen-AI powered marketing

Exstream 23.4 offers Experience Aviator to help authors tap into generative AI to produce unique content to cover all touchpoints in the customer journey. Experience Aviators helps users create new communication content for customers and improve existing messages for greater simplicity, understanding, and empathy with customers.

Screenshot displays OpenText Exstream Communications Designer 23.4, with Experience Aviator using GenAI to help create content.

Unleash creativity and remove technical barriers with HTML5

Low-code HTML5 design empowers businesses to craft captivating, digital-first communications without the need for complex coding expertise. Create stunning personalized web communications, emails, and dynamic landing pages that resonate with your audience.

Screenshot displays OpenText Exstream Communications Designer 23.4.

Optimize your communication designs with many new ease-of-use features

Exstream 23.4 now supports Design Layouts, which allows for shared templates across multiple pages. Sections and Clauses can be used in the design tool to provide easier use of content layout for insurance or contract communications. You can also change the look and feel of your communications at runtime with dynamic switching of styles sheets to enable one design to be delivered in many formats.

Accelerate decision making with real-time job visualization and dashboards

Consolidated dashboards provide operations managers with real time status of Exstream jobs and provides an overview of information that will help organizations make data-driven decisions. The addition of job list widgets allows users to see a running list of jobs in progress and their status. Jobs in the list widget link directly to its status in the Job Monitor, allowing for quick access to any job that may need to be addressed. Filters allow for saving quick views of the most critical status types, such as jobs with errors.

A sample Exstream operations dashboard and some of the available widgets.

Operations managers can now quickly troubleshoot and take action on jobs in progress using visual flow model references in the job monitor. The interactive flow model allows users to click on orchestration nodes in the flow model to quickly drill down to which steps have errors that need to be addressed and take the appropriate action. Status counters on each node give users an additional layer of job monitoring.

A view of a job flow in the Exstream job monitor.

May 2023: What’s new in Exstream 23.2

PDF Design Import Tool

The PDF Design Import Tool is shown importing an application overview document into OpenText Exstream Communications Designer CE 23.2.

Whether running an older version of any OpenText CCM technology or looking to migrate from a competitive CCM solution, the PDF Design Import Tool can help reduce the scope, time, and cost of moving to Exstream Cloud-Native. It can:   

  • Assist in migrating from another system, quickly and easily into Exstream Communications Designer. 
  • Convert PDF into Exstream design editable pages/content. 
  • Allow for design contributions from alternate sources. 

Watch a quick demo of the PDF Design Import Tool

Operational dashboards 

The screenshot displays the new operational dashboard in OpenText Exstream 23.2

Speed up data-driven decisions with operational dashboards to help visualize and analyze communications performance. Quickly see what’s working, what’s not, and empower your operations team with data to inform content creation. This visibility allows for quicker awareness of issues, troubleshooting and faster time to resolution.   

Advanced approval workflows

Customers with more complex business approval processes for communications content can make use of enhanced workflows. We’ve expanded content author capabilities to better support the business user. Users can now define multiple approver workflows for greater regulatory control of business content and reduced errors. Multiple approver stages, different approving groups and variable approving users can be part of custom-designed workflows in a serial or parallel process.  

See how OpenText Exstream can help you deliver smarter experiences.

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