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Stratesys has been helping clients drive digital transformation, unlock new sources of business value, and facilitate growth for more than two decades. Since we opened…

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January 22, 20245 minute read

Stratesys has been helping clients drive digital transformation, unlock new sources of business value, and facilitate growth for more than two decades. Since we opened our first office in Spain, we’ve expanded into a leading international business with over 1,500 employees and operations on two continents. 

Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation for helping organizations in regulated industries operate effectively while maintaining a robust compliance posture. Our clients include enterprises in the energy, consumer goods, finance, healthcare, and life sciences sectors, where it is crucial to thoroughly document quality management processes. 

One of the key enablers of our success is our partnership with leading technology companies—and OpenText is one of our four strategic partners. 

Long-term partnership with OpenText

We first started working with OpenText 16 years ago, and ever since then the relationship has only become more important. That’s because many of our clients require rock-solid information management (IM) capabilities, and OpenText is the world’s leading provider of IM solutions. We also greatly value that OpenText has a close relationship with SAP, Microsoft, and Salesforce—our other top strategic partners. 

Fast forward to the present, and the need for regulatory compliance solutions has never been greater. So, when OpenText announced the launch of OpenText Cloud Platform Services, we were keen to find out how the new solution could help us streamline our software development process. 

Exploring OpenText Cloud Platform Services 

When the first beta of OpenText Cloud Platform Services launched, we had already been a member of the OpenText Solution Extension Program for some time. OpenText invited us and other members of the program to try out the new APIs at a hackathon competition at OpenText World. 

The rules for the hackathon were simple: use OpenText APIs to build an application or extension as quickly as possible. The hackathon event really highlighted for us just how intuitive, versatile and easy-to-use the new APIs are. OpenText has put a great deal of effort into documenting and building training resources for OpenText Cloud Platform Services, and it shows—the platform is extremely intuitive.  

Just an hour and a half into the hackathon, we successfully completed our app—and took home first prize for the event. From then on, we were confident that OpenText Cloud Platform Services was going to be a game-changer for our development process. 

Proving the concept 

As the final validation step, we asked our research and development team to take a deeper look at OpenText APIs. The team assigned one of our junior members of our developer academy to use the solutions to build a new digital service, and we were very impressed with the results. Even though our developer had only just started working with OpenText solutions, they completed the task very quickly—a testament to the usability of the new APIs. 

Since then, OpenText Cloud Platform Services has become an indispensable part of our development toolkit. Today, the new APIs are powering multiple solutions for our clients, including GxP Suite—a set of applications that help organizations implement compliant and cost-effective quality management strategies. We also use OpenText APIs to underpin Mamut, a solution that allows enterprises to make mass updates to their business data while maintaining a full audit trail of all the changes. 

Unlocking competitive advantage 

The combination of our highly experienced developers and ready-to-use OpenText Developer Cloud APIs helped us to cut the manual effort involved in building our new solutions by 25%, and reduced our costs by up to 35%. Adopting the new APIs means that we can innovate our solutions much more quickly and effectively, which is a powerful source of competitive advantage. 

Looking ahead, we’re very excited about deepening our partnership with OpenText. On our most recent visit to OpenText World, we were very impressed by the company’s next-generation AI offering—and we’re already exploring opportunities to infuse AI into our own solutions. 

Access the same OpenText Cloud Services that Luis and team at Stratsys are using to create new applications and customer solutions and the same APIs OpenText is using to power its SaaS applications.

About the author: Luis Fernandez- Sanguino is a seasoned executive with over two decades of experience in the technology industry. Currently serving as a Managing Partner at Stratesys (, a global technology solutions provider, he specializes in leading digital transformation initiatives and helping customers in all industries to use technology to provide value to the business. He currently leads the Content Driven Process Excellence Center and the Life Science Business Unit, and is the product owner of the Opentext Solution Extension applications that Stratesys has developed on top of the Opentext platform, branded as GxP Suite (

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