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BYOS (build your own solution) at OpenText World 2023

Do you ever worry that your software doesn’t quite meet expectations? That users are never excited about the solutions that you build? Now is the time for limitless possibilities – scale creation at lightning speed and create new opportunities for growth – all with OpenText™ API services. Now is the time. OpenText World 2023 is the place to flex your muscle as an outside-the-box thinker.    

At OpenText™ World 2023 in Las Vegas, we’re focusing on APIs and Developers.  Join us as we connect the dots between our technical roadmap for OpenText Cloud Platform (OCP) and how you can create and execute your go-to-market strategy. OpenText developers and customers will share their real-world experiences with you on how OCP and our information management APIs can increase the value of your products. 

If six dedicated API/Developer sessions and 131 sessions related to APIs and integrations aren’t enough, you simply have to sign up for the Developer Lab – with a collection of nine sandboxes to play in, build, and bring your ideas to life.  

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:  

API Developer: Get the latest tricks and tips in surround sound 

There are more than 20 million developers in the world – many focused on building the world’s next killer product. As a software vendor, how do you rethink your go-to-market strategy to attract customers? The OpenText Cloud Platform (OCP) can improve the value of your strategy giving you the flexibility to improve your existing products or create your next solution. OCP has a full set of information management services available that are available through a single composite API. OCP offers peace of mind by providing a full set of security, administrative, and customer management features to manage any customer solution worldwide.  

Be sure to catch these sessions: 

API01  Round Table: Creating revenue-generating applications using OpenText Cloud Platform  

Hear, learn, and ask questions to fellow partner Kiran Thakar (CEO of Solu Soft) as he shares his real-world experiences on how his team successfully integrated OpenText’s cloud API services into their products and applications and launched new services to generate new revenue streams. A must-attend session for partners who also wish to drive new business opportunities. Search for and add it to your agenda here. 

API03  Top GTM tools for developers to achieve faster ROI  

In the cloud era, sales strategy is a key tool to move from development to market-ready solutions. Join us for an informative session where OpenText go-to-market (GTM) experts will cover everything related to API solution development. Learn how to define your market, invade that market, and create the right GTM plan to ensure product to market fit. This roundtable format will give you insight into OpenText’s product strategy for the OpenText Cloud Platform as well as learn how developers have created market-ready products during our recent hackathon. Search for and add it to your agenda here. 

Connect with OpenText and customer experts 

Get your questions answered. We will be hosting several interactive and engaging sessions designed to help you get the information you need in the format you prefer: 

  • Learn how to apply the latest information management and AI trends from industry thought leaders, luminary guest speakers, and OpenText experts and start to work smarter right away. 
  • Choose from 131 sessions related to APIs and integrations!  
  • Set up a one-to-one meeting to dive into your unique use case or join one of the scheduled meetups with other customers and OpenText designers, developers, marketers, and leaders. Discuss how to get more out of your investments and increase your information advantage. 
  • Meet with peers in your vertical to exchange successful strategies. Industry roundtables are specialized and interactive discussions in which industry experts present challenges, trends, and innovations in the sector, and customer and industry analyst speakers will add their insights as well.
  • Sign up for some hands-on labs: (choose one or all three) the Developer Lab, the Product Lab and the Innovation Lab, giving you the opportunity to check out the latest OpenText innovations—including OpenText Aviator solutions. 
  • Join our dynamic Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) to discuss business strategies and customer experiences, drive innovations that meet your unique needs in our Product Advisory Councils (PACs), and connect to learn about best practices and use cases in our User Groups.
  • And take advantage of being surrounded by people who go through the same challenges you do, and network, network, network!  

Join us at OpenText World 2023 

Explore the future of the API Developer at the ultimate information management conference. Join us October 11-12 at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas and connect with today’s leading experts.  

Chris Wynder

Chris is the Product Marketing Manager for Capture and ACM. He has a wealth of information management knowledge, particularly in highly regulated industries. He shares his deep belief in analysis and taxonomy as the basis of good information governance in his blogs.

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