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Announcing OpenText Developer Cloud CE 21.3

The new OpenText™ Developer Cloud continues to be updated with our new commercial North American availability zone.

Now an OpenText Developer subscriber can deploy their apps for their North American customers in the same high availability area as our Core brand of SaaS products are deployed. This is great news and the next step in the bigger OpenText wide vision: any service through a single gateway.

If you are just getting started with OpenText Developer’s Build and Test plan, we have expanded the metrics and enhanced the speed at which you have access to how many service calls you have made, with control of the time period that you are looking at. As you can see in the image, not only do you get metrics on how your use of the five current services, but you get the overall health of the services. This will save time when judging any issues or errors that you may be seeing for your customers.

As OpenText Developer Cloud continues to evolve and expand, if you have a yearly paid subscription, you will be able to see any new services that are newly available as part of your subscription within the console — no going to the website or having to wait for us to contact you; access to the service, the API specifications and the documentation is available on the day it is released.

To support developers, we have committed to creating How-To videos for every commercial service as it comes onto the platform. To date, we have 26 videos spanning all five commercial services. You can find a direct link to all 26 here: How-To videos on YouTube.

For more details and links to more information on all the features, services and documentation for OpenText Developer Cloud, please join our community (FREE!). We provide an opportunity to see releases on the day they are live, and a chance to interact with our developers and technical experts.

As we look to create a more interactive community, we have added a community Developer page on LinkedIn. This is just the first in a series of activities designed to foster a community: in the coming months we are looking at a potential hackathon, a whiteboard series, the EU data zone, more connections between our Core brand of products and the Developer services.

Our goal is to simplify IMaaS; Information Management as a Service. We want to make it trivial for any developer to build, connect and extend applications with information- without worrying about security of the services.

What to do next?

Interested but not sure where to start with the services? The team has put together this sample App and made the code available in GitHub. We are working on creating summary costs based on this sample code to help developers understand their cost per user.

I invite you sign-up for a free trial and try for yourself the sample code. You can download it without a paid membership. That gives you 90 days to test our services and understand how each service works and how that translates into your costs.

Not sure how to get started? Email us at

Chris Wynder

Chris is the Product Marketing Manager for Capture and ACM. He has a wealth of information management knowledge, particularly in highly regulated industries. He shares his deep belief in analysis and taxonomy as the basis of good information governance in his blogs.

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