Announcing OpenText Developer Cloud CE 21.4

In OpenText™ Cloud Editions (CE) 21.4, the OpenText Developer Cloud has taken a wider view of APIs. CE 21.4 brings a lot of new features and new capabilities that enhance the experience of…

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November 16, 20213 minute read

In OpenText™ Cloud Editions (CE) 21.4, the OpenText Developer Cloud has taken a wider view of APIs. CE 21.4 brings a lot of new features and new capabilities that enhance the experience of managing the development process using our Developer console, and we have delivered new services to our Analyze capabilities and our Store and Manage capabilities. CE 21.4 also gives OpenText the first-ever Information Management as a Service platform, or IMaaS. Stephen Ludlow, SVP, Product Management at OpenText will provide an overview of this new direction in the Developer Keynote at OpenText World

For developers, it is now possible to manage information across the entire lifecycle from a single API. 

Other highlights of CE 21.4 include: 

Developer Experience 

  • The website has been updated to reflect the different needs of the different developers that are coming to understand our APIs for our products or make use of our cloud services (see for yourself). 
  • More direct access from the Developer console to other resources include the Admin Center for tenant and user management. (Come to the Dev 200 and Dev 201 sessions at OpenText World for a deep dive).  
  • Better organization of the different types of services to help reduce clicks to get to the information you need (see an example here). 

Cloud API services 

  • The new OpenText™ Magellan Risk Guard service is added to our IMaaS bundle of services. The team will demo how the new Risk Guard can be integrated into applications during the keynote. 
  • The API for OpenText™ Core Content has documentation for the new services to help developers understand how to build extensions. (Come to the Dev 106 session at OpenText World for more details). 
  • The API for OpenText™ Core Case Management has documentation available to integrate case management into your applications. (Come to the Dev 107 session at OpenText World for further information). 

Learning and developer enablement 

  • Updated documentation and tutorials to help get you started faster. Our Getting started guide and Demo App are great ways to understand the IMaaS bundle. 
  • More great video How-To content is added to our How-To channel every month. 
  • Expanded way to find our code samples and App samples on GitHub and Postman- with our commitment to keep bringing content to the tools that developers use! 

For more updates, please join us in the OpenText Developer Forum (sign-in required, but it’s FREE) or follow the OpenText Developer LinkedIn page. 

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