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Introducing OpenText Core Content

The next-generation, SaaS content services platform to power modern work

Information access, use and governance has always been a major challenge for organizations – that has grown exponentially with the increasingly hybrid workforce. As ECM morphed to Content Services, OpenText has been guiding customers to successfully modernize operations through deep integration of content to business process. But the rate of change is only accelerating, and organizations need to be able to pivot and adapt faster through technology solutions that are quicker and simpler to deploy, configure, manage and use. 

SaaS is the answer, but for mature organizations, moving everything at once to the cloud is just unrealistic. Adopting a hybrid approach is a better alternative to achieving success in the cloud. 

In order to help organizations undertake this evolving, vital journey to the cloud at a pace that works for them, OpenText™ is pleased to introduce OpenText™ Core Content, a next-generation, SaaS Content Services Platform (CSP). 

As the latest addition to the OpenText Core family, Core Content underpins these SaaS applications with robust content management capabilities. OpenText Core SaaS applications enable customers to quickly add new capabilities that extend and integrate with existing OpenText solutions. These applications are built to flex and scale with new user requirements and business use-cases while keeping data secure and centralized on one platform. The addition of OpenText Core Content builds on OpenText’s commitment to deliver a comprehensive suite of multi-tenant SaaS solutions to help organizations reach The Ultimate Cloud.  

With over 25 years of experience in content management, OpenText has deep insight into what works for organizations. Unlike other generic, SaaS, content services solutions, Core Content manages information using the proven OpenText business workspace model, embedding relevant content in the processes integral to value and service chains. Designed to tightly align to the needs of the business, employee productivity is maximized, processes are accelerated and insight to make informed decisions is always on hand.  

Core Content is a perfect fit for organizations who want a turnkey solution to quickly manage the content lifecycle around their business processes while reaping the deployment, management, and implementation benefits of SaaS. While Core Content is designed to rapidly address common content management use cases, it is also able to extend and complement the renowned capabilities of OpenText™ Extended ECM, OpenText™ Content Suite and OpenText™ Documentum™.  

Key capabilities of OpenText Core Content 

Purpose built for integration  

Core Content has been purpose built for integrations and its first release builds on our long-standing, proven partnership with SAP, deeply integrating content management with processes managed in the SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud. This integration is the first of many planned to bring OpenText strengths in combining content and process to SaaS. 

Accelerate business processes 

Core Content injects information when and where it’s needed. Users can pair the comprehensive content management capabilities of Core Content with the powerful process automation of OpenText™ Core Case Management, which manages dynamic and complex processes. By combining content management, case management and integration into lead applications, this solution delivers a unified approach to managing an organization’s content lifecycle in context of its formal and informal business processes. Learn more about the SaaS process automation solution Core Case Management in this blog. 

Maximize employee productivity by aligning content to business needs 

Users can eliminate inefficiencies by aligning teams, content and business processes. Core Content provides template-based business workspaces for team access to content. This enables users to keep everyone on the same page while boosting productivity and collaboration with features like viewing, annotation and workflows. 

Core Content features the Smart View UI with customizable widgets and dashboards to allow users to interact with content however is most comfortable for them.

Rapid provisioning and self-service configuration  

Core Content enables organizations to enjoy all the benefits of a SaaS application. Core Content is easy to deploy, maintain and update, requiring low-to-no IT involvement. With Core Content, organizations can leverage out-of-the-box, use-case templates that fit business process needs and create custom case flows with zero coding. 

Free up IT resources by empowering the business to configure applications 

Core Content’s role-based, Smart View user interface can be personalized by end users and configured to meet business needs. Business administrators can quickly and easily configure and customize pre-built business workspace templates, freeing up IT resources for more strategic work. 

Core Content separates system and business administration roles in order to free up valuable IT resources for more strategic work.

Enhanced control and governance 

OpenText is a trusted industry leader in records management and governance and we’ve brought that expertise to our SaaS content services. OpenText Core Compliance Services, powered by OpenText™ Core for Federated Compliance, provide automated, comprehensive content lifecycle management for Core Content. This provides an entirely SaaS solution to address governance needs across all corporate records and enterprise information holdings.  

For knowledge workers, Core Content features a single, transparent governance and compliance hub which removes the complexity and labor requirements traditionally associated with managing critical enterprise information.  

A new content services platform to meet changing needs 

The explosion of remote work and the evolving market have increased the demand for greater agility, speed, and flexibility from technology solutions. The future of workplace technology is cloud, but undertaking a wholesale move to cloud-based services is a daunting consideration for most organizations. Enterprises that adopt a hybrid approach and begin identifying areas which would benefit most from moving to SaaS gain a market advantage. 

With the addition of Core Content to our portfolio of Core applications, OpenText further enables organizations on their journey to the cloud by providing a simple, scalable path to immediately extend existing, on-prem investments and pivot to address new challenges.  

Interested in learning more about the next generation SaaS content services platform from OpenText? Register your interest here. Curious to see the product in action? Register for the webinar. 

Core Content is part of an industry leading, integrated portfolio of off-cloud and cloud offerings that offer flexible, hybrid solutions to both simple and complex content management challenges. Read more CE 21.2 highlights here

Daniela Santarossa

Daniela Santarossa is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with responsibility for next-generation SaaS content services platform OpenText Core Content.

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