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Secure company IP while supporting seamless remote access to information

How to make it easier for users to work in hybrid and remote work environments, while ensuring company information remains secure

By 2025, massive generational shifts will force 75% of organizations to adapt their hybrid work strategies to include demands for radical flexibility. Organizations need to develop balanced models focused on increased content collaboration through secure enterprise content management to access information from any location and embrace the future of work.

Employees need to have the flexibility to work on the go—from wherever, and whichever device they choose—and within business applications they are familiar with, keeping productivity high and user experiences frictionless. But when line of business (LOB) users need to access all these business apps, it can create silos of unmanaged content that needs to be stored properly to be findable, useable, and compliant.

Easily work with Microsoft Office documents directly within Core Content

Designed to power modern work, OpenText™ Core Content connects content with business processes in a highly available, scalable and secure SaaS-based content services platform. This latest Core Content CE 22.4 release enables users to edit and co-author Microsoft Office documents directly from their desktops via Microsoft Office Online & Office Desktop. This improves user satisfaction and facilitates seamless collaboration while reducing digital friction and enabling greater control of content.  

Simplify the process for saving and storing documents

Core Content CE 22.4 also introduces updates that further simplify the content production processes with the ability to enable Core Content as a storage provider in Microsoft Office. This allows users to access Core Content files directly from Office Desktop apps. Combined with the ability to edit and co-author, CE 22.4 supports better version control and real-time collaboration on Core Content documents.

A screenshot demonstrating how users can select "Add a Place" in the Microsoft Office menu to easily add OpenText Core Content has a storage provider.
Users can select “Add a Place” in the Microsoft Office menu to easily add OpenText Core Content as a storage provider.

Innovate with data and the cloud in Canada

Core Content CE 22.4 introduces a new regional deployment in Canada, enabled via Google Cloud Platform. Core Content continues to expand its global presence in partnership with Google Cloud Platform with increased regional availability coming in subsequent releases.

Gain the information advantage to master modern work

By helping organizations manage the information needed to enable distributed teams of employees, suppliers, contractors and customers, Core Content CE 22.4 delivers integration, collaboration, business automation and governance needed to master modern work. With the most advanced SaaS content services platform, organizations can gain an information advantage that not only supports operational excellence but helps organizations embrace new ways of work. 

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Daniela Santarossa

Daniela Santarossa is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with responsibility for next-generation SaaS content services platform OpenText Core Content.

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