The next digital transformation move for midsized companies

As the world becomes increasingly digital, midsized enterprises (MSE) are plotting their next moves to maintain momentum with company-wide digital transformation. It’s a smart strategy,…

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September 19, 20234 minute read

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As the world becomes increasingly digital, midsized enterprises (MSE) are plotting their next moves to maintain momentum with company-wide digital transformation. It’s a smart strategy, as those who invest in digital transformation initiatives experience several improved business outcomes, including:

  • 26% increase in employee productivity
  • 25% reduction in business risk
  • 23% improvement in operational efficiency[1]

With MSEs vulnerable to economic downturn, determining how to make the most of existing resources feels a bit like a chess match—strategizing where and how to invest to outplay the competition.

The answer might be right under your nose. Let’s look at how to leverage current applications to create a more modern work environment, improve the employee experience and drive digital business transformation for quick business wins.

Digitally transform current solutions   

If you’re like other MSEs, you’ve made some modernization gains, taking advantage of quick productivity boosts by deploying SaaS workplace tools, such as Slack or Microsoft® Teams. However, there are additional digital improvements to be found by modernizing applications already in place, such as Salesforce®, SAP® and Google Workspace.

By allowing such critical business solutions to operate at peak efficiency, MSEs can better support growth and boost operational resilience—experiencing the same digital transformation benefits as large enterprises, including:

  • Increased agility: Turning legacy technology into modern productivity solutions gives you the flexibility to tackle more business challenges more quickly.
  • Boost productivity: Integrating leading applications into existing processes eliminates the need for workarounds, giving employees improved access to needed information.
  • New opportunities: Deliver new ways of delighting customers and enable new ways of working, improving your ability to compete for prospects and talent.

Spur digital transformation with smarter information management

To help prioritize your next digital transformation move, look for opportunities to better manage the content that powers your business. Modernizing content services allows MSEs to master modern work by connecting content with the digital business to eliminate silos, provide convenient, secure access to information and gain new insights to work better across teams and departments.

A recent IDC survey of companies who had already invested (or are planning to invest) in content services, cited the top two drivers for doing so: technology modernization (including a shift to the cloud) and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations.[2]  

And those with a content service solution already in place are reaping the rewards of stakeholder satisfaction, with:

  • Increased employee satisfaction and engagement among 38 percent of upper-mid MSEs (1,000 to 4,999 employees)
  • Improved partner and supplier engagement across 39 percent of lower-mid companies (100 to 999 employees)
  • Better customer satisfaction and engagement among 41 percent of lower-mid companies[3]

By modernizing existing collaboration and productivity tools with SaaS content management, MSEs can recognize quick returns and fast business wins. Here’s how.

Fast, simple, secure modernization  

To navigate the current economic climate and rapid change, many organizations are embracing SaaS deployments, with a survey by 451 Research finding that 73 percent of respondents either somewhat (46%) or completely (27%) agree that SaaS is the preferred deployment model for new applications.[4]

Good news for MSEs, your next digital transformation move doesn’t need to be complicated. With a simple, agile and secure cloud-based content management solution that integrates into crucial business process applications, companies can accelerate digital transformation, uncover critical business insights faster and speed time to value, allowing you to:

  • Hit the ground running: Deploy rapidly and manage content easily with little-to-no IT involvement or heavy lifting.  
  • Simplify operations and optimize costs: Maximize investments in existing applications with content integration and improve content management across the entire content lifecycle.
  • Boost productivity and user adoption: Reduce the need to switch between applications, allowing users to work within familiar app interfaces they use today, such as Microsoft® 365, SAP, Salesforce and Google Workspace.
  • Seamless digital experience: Give teams simple, secure access to all relevant information—all in one place.

Think outside the box and discover how to power superhuman teams with smarter information.

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[2] IDC, State of Content Services Survey, June 2023

[3] Ibid.

[4] 451 Research, IT Turns Its Attention to Employee Productivity and its Preference Towards SaaS, 2021

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