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Take control of your content with OpenText Core applications

What’s the biggest business priority you’re focusing on to compete in today’s world of remote work? Streamlining paper-based processes? Delivering compelling digital experiences faster?  Or ensuring that your team can access and share content securely from anywhere?

If you work in a line of business inside an enterprise, you’ve likely had to advance all of these information management (IM) priorities and more over the past several months. Whether you’re in HR, finance, operations, legal, marketing or another department, chances are you’ve been challenged to rethink how you manage content and share it across the organization.

So here’s a question for you: Could you solve those big content-related challenges with a purpose-built application?

If you’re like most people in business, your answer is probably, “Yes… but my department doesn’t have the technical expertise to develop a solution.” That leaves you working with—and waiting for—others, including your IT team and developers, to help.

Let’s look at how OpenText SaaS applications can help you quickly and easily take business challenges into your own hands, and explore some common use cases for specific enterprise functions.

How can SaaS applications help?

OpenText Core software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications are purpose-built to solve your toughest information management challenges. They provide tools you can use out of the box and put to work right away.

Core applications let you easily address specific content-centric use cases by quickly implementing solutions tailored to your needs. For unique challenges, developers can access ready-made OpenText SaaS components—microservices and APIs, in developer terms—to create custom applications. This approach eliminates the lengthy waiting times and high costs of developing a custom app from scratch. And it ensures you get critical projects off the ground faster.

Address business challenges quickly and easily

Here are three common examples of how OpenText SaaS applications can address specific content-related business priorities:

Simplify document-heavy processes in HR and finance

Securely accessing and sharing digital and paper records and data have always been critical challenges in HR and finance remote work has only amplified the need for solutions that streamline document-heavy processes.

HR and finance teams can gain control and visibility over content by making documents and processes available from anywhere using out-of-the-box Core applications:

  • Improve the signature process for employees, customers and partners with secure electronic signing through OpenText Core Signature
  • Enhance file sharing on any device from a single content repository with OpenText Core Share
  • Easily ingest content from paper and digital sources using OpenText Core Capture
  • Get a 360-degree view of digitized employee documents and key employee data with OpenText Core for SAP SuccessFactors

Optimize marketing content and customer data

Effective marketing relies on sophisticated information management. Marketing teams need to expertly manage and analyze customer experience data to develop a deep understanding of their audience. And they need to achieve strong collaboration across teams through document-centric processes, including the development of creative materials and digital content.

Marketing departments can enhance their ability to manage insight-rich customer data and stay on top of content review cycles by implementing purpose-built OpenText SaaS applications:

  • Track and visualize the customer journey for deeper AI-powered insights into actions and behaviors with OpenText Core Experience Insights
  • Improve creative collaboration to securely share, review and approve digital content with OpenText Hightail

Streamline information for operations, maintenance and capital projects

There are ready-made Core apps for more specific or niche requirements, too. For example, when managing operations, maintenance and capital projects, teams have to stay on top of large amounts of information, deliverables and processes.

Whether you’re keeping track of contracts or managing project documents, you need to ensure control, collaboration and compliance across the board. Out-of-the-box Core applications can help engineering, procurement and construction companies meet those challenges quickly and easily.

The content solutions you need—all in one place

As information management challenges expand in size and complexity, teams across the enterprise need fast, effective and easy solutions to enhance critical business processes.

Developed with your needs front and center, OpenText Core SaaS applications are:

  • Purpose-built to solve common IM challenges faced by today’s enterprises
  • Ready-made and available out of the box so you can improve content-centric processes right away
  • Accessible, with no technical expertise required to implement effective solutions
  • Time- and cost-effective, supporting fast adoption and ROI

Ready to accelerate your journey to secure, accessible content in the cloud? Explore our overview of OpenText Core applications and services to learn more.

Lindsay Sterrett

Lindsay Sterrett is Senior Director of Content Services Product Marketing. With more than 12 years of experience as a software marketing leader, Lindsay leads a global team responsible for the product marketing strategy for OpenText Content Cloud, including OpenText Extended ECM, Documentum and Core Content, capture solutions, and diverse industry and business applications. Her areas of expertise include B2B and B2C marketing strategy, demand generation, partnerships, in-app product experiences and customer lifecycle marketing. She is based in Southern California and holds a B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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